Friday, July 26, 2019


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U.S. tells Cuba to back off in Venezuela or face more sanctions 

Mystery of Cuban "health attacks" grows with study of diplomats' brains

Russia Pledges More Military & Economic Support To Cuba Against "External Threats"

Exiled Venezuelan Spy Chiefs Speak Out About Corruption, Cuban Ties

Cuba says fuel shortage, blackouts are temporary, being fixed

Trump threatens ‘full and complete embargo’ against Cuba for meddling in Venezuela

Read more here: takes first step in railways upgrade with Chinese, Russian help

Cuba takes first step in railways upgrade with Chinese, Russian help

Ghana: Cuba to Train 40 Medical Students a Year From Zongo and Deprived Communities

Bipartisan Group of U.S. Lawmakers Introduces Legislation to Allow All Travel to Cuba

Read more here: scans of US embassy staff to Cuba may show abnormalities

Cuba dismisses findings of 'sonic attack' study

Meet the Jews of Havana: The Small but Thriving Cuban Community You Didn’t Know Existed

Russia sends a warning to US with armed warship in Cuba

Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega, leading political figure, dead at 82

Cuban migrants found at sea in 'hazardous' vessel

U.S. bans cruises to Cuba in bid to pressure the island’s government out of Venezuela 

Return to Cuba: Everything and nothing has changed 

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Thursday, June 20, 2019


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Russia's Most Modern Warship And Its Escorts Have Entered The Caribbean Sea

Carnival shares sink as cruise operator downgrades EPS guidance

Cuba is driving dissidents off island with threats of violence and jail, report finds

'100% Republican' — Cuban Americans high on Trump as 2020 ramps up in Florida

Díaz-Balart seeks to ease consular services for ‘non-regime’ Cuban nationals 

Norwegian Cruise Line says Cuba travel ban to hit 2019 earnings

U.S. cruise operators stop sailing to Cuba, travelers vent anger online

Cuban artist creates drawings underwater

Cuban economist describes current financial situation as tense

Key Moments in the Cuban Missile Crisis

U.S. builds fan base in Cuba, aims at regime change 

Robert Charles: Time to close Guantanamo Bay? Democrats will say yes but I say, don’t even think of it

Cuba’s Intelligence Masterstroke In Venezuela – Analysis

The Havana Biennial and Its Discontents

The Cuba myth

Amid US-Cuba Tensions, Cimafunk Bridges a Cultural Divide

Why Cuba’s zip lines and B&B’s have fallen on hard times 

Cuba faces the next migration crisis

How the Elderly and Travelers with Disabilities Can Still Visit Cuba

Canadian spy service destroyed secret Cold War files on former Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau

U.S. Citizens Can Still Freely Visit Cuba With Intrepid Travel

Expedia Will Pay $325,000 To Settle Cuba Travel Allegations

Roger Marolt: Feeling like the last Americans in Cuba

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The Last Resort

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Thursday, June 6, 2019


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Trump Administration Clamps Down On Travel To Cuba, Bans Cruise Ships

How can you still go to Cuba despite new U.S. travel restrictions?

This man dressed as Fidel Castro and walked around Hialeah and MIA. Here’s why he did it 

Cultural impact of Cuba travel restrictions

Gay rights march halted by Havana police 

Claims under Cuban seized-property law are fewer than expected

US government further limits non-family Cuba travel

U.S. Implements Travel Ban on Private Flights To Cuba

Royal Caribbean Comments On Cuba Travel Policy Change 

If You Want To Go Diving In Cuba, You Won’t Be Able To Take An ‘Educational Trip’ Anymore

Report: Cuban Spy Documents Target Miami Airport Security

Canada’s Trudeau Government Puts Squeeze on Cuba

Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Statement on Cuba

Cuba's Internet Restrictions Continue to Crumble as It Legalises Private Wifi and Imported Routers

Fresno Grizzlies made a huge mistake with AOC video. Now the team must make things right

U.S. Ends ‘People-to-People’ Educational Travel to Cuba


Trump’s immigration policies keep more than 20,000 Cubans in limbo 

Yang Jiechi Meets with Foreign Minister Bruno...

US Cuba Policy: EU and Canadian Firms to Suffer? 

Cuba legalises Wi-Fi routers in private homes

Cuba and U.S. scientific and medical cooperation declines under Trump

Castro Makes Fools of Obama & Co.

Cuban Ambassador reacts to Trump's embargo threat

The Real Story Behind the Havana Embassy Mystery

Trump administration announces travel restrictions to Cuba going into effect Wednesday 

Carnival to stop sailing to Cuba after new travel restrictions

US Cuba cruise ban: Tourists and locals react

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Sunday, May 19, 2019


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Cuba still welcoming tourists despite Trump restrictions

Massive Digitization Effort Is The Latest Plot Twist For Cuban Radio Soap Operas

Jeff Bezos pays tribute to his Cuban father’s journey to Miami in Instagram video 

The hidden world of the doctors Cuba sends overseas

Decades after failed invasion, Cuba still eyes Venezuela

Cuban Interior Commerce Minister on Food Rations: ‘Majority See It as a Good Thing’


No Democrat Presidential Candidate Will Beat Trump, Predicts “Shark Tank’s” Mark Cuban

Report: Venezuelan Oil Tanker Captain Refused to Ship Gasoline to Cuba

Crash on Havana’s seafront boulevard kills 3, injures many

Striking a Deal with Russia on Spheres of Influence

Dirty money is the reason Venezuela's president Nicolas Maduro survives

Review: ‘El Cimarrón’ Weaves Politics and Music in a Runaway Slave’s Tale

Cuba launches widespread rationing in face of crisis

Rick Scott wants the U.S. Navy to block Cuba and Venezuela’s oil trade

How I went from political refugee to a Texas police chief

US imposes sanctions on shipping firms, tankers tied to Venezuela

US Foreign Policy as Bellicose as Ever

Cubans dismayed Canada halting visa processing in Havana

Trump Administration Cuba Restrictions May Scuttle Cruise Ship Calls

Cuban LGBTQ activists defy government, hold unauthorized pride march

Cuban police break up unauthorized LGBT rights march in Havana

Cuban LGBT activists hold pride parade in open defiance of government

Cuba police arrest gay rights activists

How Venezuelan Democracy Lost the Battle Against Castro—An Interview with Orlando Avendaño

Cuba: landmark gay rights march planned despite reported threats

Can Cuba be part of the solution to the political crisis in Venezuela?

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