Monday, October 21, 2019


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Scarborough's role in the Cuban missile crisis revealed

Cuba’s communists should realize by now they can’t jail free speech

Cuba to let citizens buy imports with foreign currencies

US Levies New Sanctions on Cuba Over Human Rights, Venezuela

In show at St. Olaf, artist Coco Fusco confronts Cuba's past, and tries to shape its future

LPP ARCHIVE =Two Men Arrested in Café for Allegedly Impersonating FBI, CIA, and Homeland Security

A Cuban Asylum-Seeker Died Of An Apparent Suicide After Spending Months In ICE Detention

Spain confirms king to make historic trip to Havana in November

Where Three Women's Journey from Cuba to America Left Them

Fidel’s Cuba is long gone 

The Diplomatic Gambit That Opened Cuba Up to the World

Looking for CIA Agents? Try Coffee Shops and Diners

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“Ojalá Cuba no sea hostil con Colombia”: Carlos Holmes Trujillo

En paradero desconocido artista cubano independiente Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara

EE.UU. exige al régimen cubano liberación “inmediata” de José Daniel Ferrer


Movimiento San Isidro inaugura exposición La Bandera es de Todos

Tribunal cubano niega solicitud de Habeas Corpus a José Daniel Ferrer

Para Alicia Alonso, funerales bajo estricta vigilancia y con poco público

Fernando González, preso cubano en EE UU: "Los años en prisión hicieron más fuertes mis ideas revolucionarias"

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Exiliada política expulsada de embajada cubana en Washington

Italiana documenta decomiso de su familia en Cuba

Camila Cabello revela el “Behind the Scenes” del video de Liar

Meme Solís celebra 60 años de carrera artística

Libro revela condenas a muerte ordenadas por Frank País

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Bahía de Cochinos: La historia de la invasión cubana (Spanish Edition)


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Wednesday, October 16, 2019


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Venezuela Ditches Cuba-Style Controls, Helping Companies Survive

Russia, Cuba sign memorandum on security cooperation

Thirteen October days of missile crisis

Havana: Man suing airlines for using his airport without asking

Cuban Healthcare System Kills One-Year-Old Girl, Admits 24 in ‘Critical Condition’

Let's work together to produce vaccine, says Cuban envoy

Cubans' resilience sorely tested as US oil sanctions bite

Twitter blocks accounts of Raul Castro and Cuban state-run media

More oil traders, vessel operators shun links to Venezuela’s oil

EFT ARCHIVES = Cuba plans rodent and ostrich farms to combat food shortages

LPP ARCHIVES = Fidel Castro Jr: How ‘Fidelito’ could not escape living – and dying – in his father’s shadow

AFT ARCHIVES = Rum joint venture defies US sanctions

He arrived from Cuba with virtually nothing; now he owns the Triangle's largest janitorial company

New restrictions on U.S. travel to Cuba

President speaks out for boosting Moldova’s relations with Cuba

 Cuba awaits new vision of its future

Zika virus fumigation may have caused 'Havana Syndrome': Leaked study

  More oil traders, vessel operators shun links to Venezuela’s oil

Cubano envía mensaje a Díaz-Canel: “Ave, César, este negro que va a morir no te saluda”

«Es Ud el mejor resultado del experimento… eres lo que quieren que seas» 

EFT Archivo =
El lado débil de la oposición cubana

La Guardia Nacional frena la nueva caravana de emigrantes cubanos y haitianos

Madre cuenta cómo murió su hija en Cuba sin un diagnóstico convincente

LPP ARCHIVES = El plan de una “mafia internacional” encabezada por Cuba para ocupar Venezuela

Las casas abandonadas del Residencial Tarará de La Habana

EFT ARCHIVES = Cologio de delatores...

Ingreso masivo de niños colapsa el Hospital Pediátrico de Holguín

Ola de arrestos contra activistas pro derechos humanos en Cuba

¿Dónde está José Daniel Ferrer?

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Iron Spy: The True Story of the Greatest Double Agent in World War II (Espionage)


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Saturday, October 12, 2019


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What Did John Brennan Secretly Gift Our Terror-Sponsoring Communist Enemies?

Cuba reshuffles to improve governance, old guard removed from council of state

Government employee free in America after escaping Cuba 25 years ago

More Cubans are being deported under the Trump administration

 UPDATE 2-Russia’s Medvedev slams U.S. for Cuba embargo during Havana trip

‘Plantados’ tells the story of political prisoners in Cuba

In Its Fight with Venezuela, the Trump Administration Takes Aim at Cuba

What does the Thomas Cook collapse mean for flights to Cuba?

Cubans storm public transport to get to work

LPP ARCHIVES = Dominican Republic sends McAfee to Britain, without guns or yacht

Politics are often rooted in Cuba when Hialeah goes to the polls on election day 

Trump ramps up deportations to Cuba

He fled Castro on a cargo ship and became a political player in Miami’s Cuban community 

As expected, Cuban National Assembly reappoints Miguel Díaz-Canel as president of Cuba 

Cuba’s historical generation leaves top legislative body 

RZD signs Cuban railway upgrading agreement

Cuban Prisoners Defenders denuncia al régimen cubano en Ginebra por el caso de José Daniel Ferrer

Escándalo en Cuba por vacuna en mal estado: madre denuncia que le mataron a su hija

Entrevista exclusiva con la madre de Paloma: "Me la mataron con solo un añito"

Médicos cubanos irían a Francia a prestar servicios de maternidad

Vecinos de doce edificios de Santa Clara reciben el agua contaminada con heces fecales

Filman en Miami película sobre presos políticos cubanos “plantados”

FBI envía un mensaje claro a Cuba: estamos vigilando a los espías cubanos infiltrados en el país

Presentan en Miami proyecto de ideas para una Cuba sin dictadura

Se triplica el número de cubanos que piden asilo en la frontera sur de EE UU

Observatorio de Derechos Humanos acusa a ONU de ignorar represión en Cuba

La gracia de los cardenales

“Aquí no hay elecciones, llevamos 60 años de dictadura”.   

Dafnis Prieto y su banda, único ganador cubano del Premio Grammy 2019

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The Last Great Spy Story of the Cold War


In 1978, CIA maverick Jack Platt and KGB agent Gennady Vasilenko were new arrivals on the Washington, DC intelligence scene...CLICK HERE

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Thursday, October 10, 2019


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Tougher U.S. sanctions make Cuba ever more difficult for Western firms

Exclusive: As Trump grows frustrated on Venezuela, U.S. to 'squeeze' Cuba, scrutinize Russia

US star Pulisic confident in form despite Chelsea benching

 Amnesty calls for release of leading Cuban dissident

LPP ARCHIVES = Cuba travel ban affects 500 Turks

Cuba to Open Embassy in Morocco

Italian tour operators hosted by Cuban Ambassador

God’s eye view: HEXADOR and the very high resolution satellite

Cuba’s Abandoned Nuclear City Is a 90s Time Capsule

EFT ARCHIVES = Bolton: No 'apologies' for U.S. policy on Cuba

Amnistía Internacional exige la libertad de José Daniel Ferrer, líder de UNPACU

Elliot Abrams: EE.UU. prepara nuevas sanciones contra La Habana

EE.UU. impone sanciones a la empresa Cubametales por apoyar a Nicolás Maduro 

Activista de UNPACU: “Responsabilizo al régimen de lo que pueda ocurrirme”

Entra en vigor la limitación de los envíos de remesas a Cuba desde EEUU

Estados Unidos incluye a Cuba y Arabia Saudita en la lista de los peores países por tráfico de personas

Vienen nuevas sanciones de EEUU contra La Habana

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Saturday, October 5, 2019


Wednesday, October 2, 2019


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GE to Pay $2.7 Million Over Cuba Sanctions 

Cuba's foreign minister says warmer relations with U.S. are 'irreversible' despite Trump policies

Cuban hitchhiking scheme is worth picking up

Visa Actions Against Cuban Officials Exploiting Cuban Doctors

Crypto in Cuba Faces Challenges Despite Growing Adoption, Overview

At UN, Cuba slams US ‘criminal’ practices undermining country’s development 

LPP ARCHIVES = Brazil's ban on Cuban cigars leaves leftwingers fuming

UPDATE 1-Quad/Graphics pays $9.9 mln to settle U.S. bribery, sanctions charges

Cuban Citizen Sentenced for Making False Statements on an Application for Lawful Permanent Residence and for Theft of Government Funds

The Havana Syndrome: Why Canadian diplomats have accused their government of abandoning them

American Airlines is latest company sued for operating in expropriated property in Cuba

Title III Lawsuits Are Coming: Is Your Company or Client Ready?

EE.UU. sanciona a Raúl Castro y sus familiares por "violaciones y graves abusos de los derechos humanos" en Venezuela

Los hijos de Raúl Castro que no pueden entrar a EE.UU.

Cubanoamericano demanda a Expedia por “traficar” con propiedad en Varadero

Proyectan en Nueva York documental cubano Conducta Impropia

Cuatro años más de condena para un cubano por negarse a ser informante de la Policía

Por mentirle a las autoridades de inmigración, exagente del régimen cubano enfrentaría una larga condena 

 Crean petición para retirar residencia a "influencer" cubano simpatizante del comunismo

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  After Howard Greenfield's routine business trip ends with a reckless night of passion, he ends up with a gun and a mission. CLICK HERE

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Thursday, September 26, 2019


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American Airlines, Latam Airlines Sued Over Seized Cuban Airport

American Airlines is latest company sued for operating in expropriated property in Cuba

Thomas Cook holidaymakers and crew 'trapped' in Cuba

Cuba won’t negotiate on Venezuela, but Russia might, senior U.S. official says 

UPDATE 3-U.S. slaps sanctions on firms moving Venezuelan oil to Cuba

Cubans storm public transport to get to work

At UN, Trump slams Maduro as 'Cuban puppet' while Venezuelan representative casually reads book

Trump says US watching situation in Venezuela 'very closely'

Why Is Twitter Censoring Raúl Castro?

Cubans forced to wait hours in gas lines as fuel shortage bites

Cuban man who stowed away on plane that landed at MIA reunited with family


Eduardo Cardet queda en libertad definitiva tras cumplir condena

Procesión en Cuba de la Virgen de las Mercedes, Patrona de los Presos

EEUU sanciona a empresas que dirige un hermano de López-Callejas por llevar crudo venezolano a Cuba

PDVSA aumenta exportaciones de petróleo a Cuba pese a sanciones EE.UU.

Elliot Abrams: Cuba insiste en apoyar a Maduro y “se hundirá con el barco”

Cuba: Ratas negras amenazan a la economía

 Los hijos de Raúl Castro que no pueden entrar a EE.UU.

Policía política acusa de desobediencia a pastor evangélico santiaguero

Seis meses a prisión en Miami a exjefe de la Seguridad del Estado cubano


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The Cleaner (John Milton Series Book 1)

 John Milton is an assassin for the British government, but he’s old and tired and wants to quit. Unfortunately, that’s impossible.  CLICK HERE

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Sunday, September 22, 2019


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Cuba’s Campaign Against Artist Luis Manuel Otero Alcántara

Former Miami mayor Tomás Regalado resigns as head of Radio and TV Martí 

Amid crippling sanctions, Cuba deploys oxen, wood-fired ovens to overcome fuel crisis

Required Departure of Cuban Diplomats from Cuba’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations

Trump administration expels two Cuban diplomats

WATCH: Why Cuba's streets are flooded with classic cars

CuCu Diamante’s love letter to Cuba

Outrage after Cuban communist regime blocks opposition activist’s planned UK visit

Convicted Tax Preparer Asks To Travel To Cuba 

Cuba's 'sonic weapon' may have been mosquito gas

Neurotoxin may have caused diplomats’ illness in Cuba: study

Cuba oil shortage forces the communists to reconsider Maduro

Cuba to respond to US expulsion of its UN diplomats, says FM

U.S. Expels Cuban Diplomats for Threatening National Security

Cuba: diplomat expulsions, gas crisis part of US offensive 

U.S. Boots Cuban Diplomats for Running Spy Ops on American Soil

Defense Dialogue Highlights Vietnam-Cuba Military Ties 

Nueva campaña que exige protección a las activistas políticas en Cuba recibe apoyo de Estados Unidos  

Régimen cubano expulsa del hospital a periodista Guillermo del Sol

Activista de la UNPACU denuncia tortura por parte de la Seguridad del Estado

Diplomáticos cubanos expulsados de la ONU llegan a La Habana

Cuba denuncia presunta ofensiva de EEUU en su contra

Las colas por la gasolina reflejan la nueva "coyuntura"

Periodistas bajo amenaza en Cuba: 'La única forma de estar a salvo es abandonar el país'

 Cubano arrestado en Moscú acusado de asesinar a empresario ruso

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The Institute: A Novel

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Stephen King, the most riveting and unforgettable story of kids confronting evil since It. CLICK HERE

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Monday, September 16, 2019


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US expels two Cuban diplomats to the UN citing national security threat

International Day of Democracy

Cuba's acute fuel shortage begins to bite

Outrage after Cuban communist regime blocks opposition activist’s planned UK visit

Swede has arm amputated after Castro’s crocodile bit him

Watch: Catholics and Yoruba unite to celebrate Cuba's patron saint 

Cuba's President Warns That Energy Cutbacks Are Looming

Canadian detained in Cuba following boating death allowed to return home

Treasury Issues Changes to Strengthen Cuba Sanctions Rules

Cubans Are Turning to Bitcoin to Access Global Economy: Report

The Fight for the Latino Vote in Florida

A Graphic Novel Looks at the Limits of Freedom in Revolutionary Cuba

Crypto News From the Spanish-Speaking World: Sept. 8–14 in Review

Policía cubana libera al artista Luis Manuel Otero luego de más de 72 horas desaparecido

Tania Bruguera, una artista que disiente

Un cubano quiso bañarse en Varadero… y se encontró con la Policía

Una campaña exige 'garantías para ejercer los derechos a las libertades de prensa y expresión en Cuba'

 Medidas coyunturales; mayor retroceso económico

El periodista independiente Guillermo del Sol se debilita tras 38 días en huelga de hambre

 Joven cubana desaparecida desde el domingo 8 de septiembre

Detenido y 'desaparecido hace ya más de 24 horas' el exprisionero político Ángel Moya

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Forgive No More (James Blake Thrillers Book 3)  

No more running, no more hiding – it’s time to fight back.


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