Friday, August 27, 2010

"There is progress "in case of U.S. contractor arrested in Cuba ( governor)

Date: 27/08/2010
The governor of New Mexico (south ), Bill Richardson, said Thursday that " no progress " in the case of U.S. contractor arrested in Cuba since December, after requesting his release to Havana at the request of President Barack Obama.
"After my speech a little bit of progress in the case "but "do not know how soon it will be resolved, " Richardson said at news conference in Havana.
The governor said addressing the issue with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez and Deputy Foreign Minister , Dagoberto Rodriguez.
" The Obama administration asked me to bring the case of Alan Gross at the highest levels (in Cuba ), "" I've done and I hope to see progress in this case, " added the governor.
Gross, 61, was arrested on December 4 when providing laptops to phones and Jewish groups on the island , employed by a subcontractor by the Department of State.
Havana accuses him of committing crimes "grave "to serve "the U.S. subversive policy .
Richardson, who is on his fourth visit to Cuba, said that Rodriguez told him that if the contractor " is a very sensitive, in terms of its investigation and its legal process. "
Speaking to CNN, said, " convinced that Gross is innocent, " his case " is not political "but "humane "and reiterated that his " aim is to try to free him . "
He stressed that "the environment "between the U.S. and Cuba has improved, with the announcement of the release of 52 political prisoners from Havana.
Richardson also pointed out that Obama is preparing to announce measures to facilitate travel of Americans to the island for academic , cultural or sports .
Washington, no formal relations with Cuba for more than half a century, lifted restrictions on travel and remittances imposed by the Bush administration and resumed migration talks and initiated direct postal exchange with Cuba.
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