Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hot & Pepper...


By Aldo Rosado- Tuero

How Fidel Castro, or those who write their reflections , which lately are only copies of cables and things that publishes the press itself that he or they accuse of being instruments of the sponsors of World Government "- will explain the fact that New Mexico Governor Bill Richardson , a member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and therefore one of the puppets that works to implement world government , is now in Havana , talking and negotiating with authorities at the highest level of tyranny?
Notably, Richardson( pictured left ) has attended at least two annual conferences Bilderbergs . With matraquilla now in the mind of the National Loco , does anyone in Cuba has been in charge have to inform you that the "enemy within? Or is that everything is just one more play ?
Did Not Fidel Castro never learned , or already forgotten, that many of his closest friends and allies who provided the rise to power and helped keep former members of the CFR? To refresh your memory to Tirano Mayor, and for them to know that I write , we start Herbert MatthewsPerhaps the person most responsible for making the image of Castro in order to facilitate his rise to power. Matthews was an active member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR , for its acronym in English), as is the reporter Barbara WaltersAnd much more than that , his staunch ally (DE CASTRO ) the New York Rep. , Charles RangelIs also an active member of this nefarious organization
Herbert Matthews , Fidel Castro , Barbara Walters and Charles Rangel
Have they forgot that the change in policy towards Cuba, the establishement of the U.S. was based on reports from the CFR wise ?
What about his friend David Rockefeller , with whom he exchanged paintings collection, he will take for the first time and present it to the CFR and millionaires who did business during the war in Angola? Just to refresh your memory the dinosaur more and to show their hypocrisy here we will give some information on David Rockefeller, who joined the Council on Foreign Relations in 1949, at that time the youngest person to reach that position in history CFR . It is known that David has done imnumerables trips across the world, in his private jet to meet with Fidel Castro , Nikita Khrushchev, Mikhael Gorbachev and other Communist leaders, in their efforts to facilitate instituting world government now appears Castro " discovered " after having been for years a puppet of those purposes.
I could not ignore Fidel Castro, who was CEO of the Board of Directors of Chase Manhattan Bank from 1961-1981 , Chairman of the CFR from 1970-1985 , and founder of the Trilateral Commission in 1973 , is the same person you did business and relations has been so good all those years . I could not ignore , either, that David Rockefeller Fidel Castro attended the first Bilderberg meeting in 1954 and was one of its founders.
Knowing all this , is not suspicious and intriguing all the diatribes and "reflections" who has devoted , supposedly Fidel Castro in recent days to " discover " the frame behind the scaffolding from which to build world government ? Clearly, something smells bad in the mess , or to speak in Creole : This is dark and smells like cheese.
Debate challenge you to Cuba , the Castro Granma and spokespersons to deny us and clarify all this.
( 8-29-10-5:25 PM)
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