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It will examine "case by case" ...

More than half of former Cuban prisoners in Spain want to go to U.S.

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   The U.S. Embassy in Madrid has asked the 25 former political prisoners who have arrived in recent weeks to Spain after being released by the regime of Raúl Castro to make him get a list of relatives with whom they would like to move U.S. territory, although they have not been given any deadline for that to happen, have told several of them to Europe Press.
   "The Embassy has asked us a list of family members who want to travel with us to the United States," said Manuel Ubals, a former prisoner, who this week moved to Sigüenza (Guadalajara) with his family. According to Hernández, "we have no time" and have not put any limitation on the number of family members who may accompany the United States.
   On Monday, U.S. State Department study had reported that "piecemeal" the possibility that some former prisoners arrived in Spain to move to the United States. His spokesman, PJ Crowley, acknowledged that "some of which have made the trip from Cuba to Spain have been informed about the possibility of coming to America. " "We evaluate each situation case by case," he said.
   According to the information to be able to gather over Europe Press half of the 26 former prisoners of the Black Spring arriving in Spain who want to move with their families to America.
   According to Hernández, who arrived in the first group and has since remained at Hostal Welcome Vallecas (Madrid), besides himself - who already has a permit to travel to the United States for himself, his wife and daughter, but not for other family members - two of the three former dissidents who are still there, Julio César Gálvez and Mikhail Bárzaga also developed a list of relatives.
   In a similar situation is Arturo Pérez de Alejo, who already has permission to travel to America with his wife and daughter and, as explained, hopes to do "in the first half of September" because the air tickets who will pay the International Organization for Migration (IOM) has explained to Europa Press. In his case, sent a petition to the embassy to that in the future to move to the United States his nephew, wife and son, who came with him to Spain, have applied for international protection and are presently assisted in Malaga.
   According to data that have some ex-prisoners, would like to travel in the future to the United States Jesus Mustafa Felipe, Antonio Díaz Sánchez, Antonio Villarreal Acosta, José Luis García Paneque, Omar Ruiz Hernández, Jorge Luis González Tanquero and Blas Giraldo Reyes .
   Also, several of the six former prisoners arrived last week at Madrid want to travel to the United States with their families, according to Europa Press explained Efren Fernandez. It would be Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, Fabio Prieto Llorente and Juan Adolfo Fernández Sainz Fernández besides his own.
   For this ex-prisoner, the fact that so many who want to travel to the United States is because "many have relatives there." However, he assured that since coming to Spain has received a "wonderful treatment, I had never known anything like it", but admitted it had been "a very sharp change for our families and us, we left filthy."
   In your case, explained that if you can not travel to the U.S., where he has several uncles, would not mind to move to Canada, although at the moment is not aware of the procedures that would be required to do so.
   So far they have come to Spain 26 former prisoners of the Black Spring of 2003 after being freed by the Cuban government under the mediation of the Catholic Church on the island, although one of them José Ubaldo Izquierdo, traveled with her family to Chile since then.
   On Tuesday, the Archbishop of Havana announced the upcoming release and transfer to Spain of six of the 52 prisoners who President Raul Castro promised to release in four months Palz on 7 July. This is Victor Arroyo Carmona, Alexis Rodríguez Fernández, Leonel Grave de Peralta, Alfredo Domínguez Batista, Prospero Gainza Agüero, Claro Sánchez Altarriba.
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