Friday, August 27, 2010

Pedro Roig resignation to the direction of Radio / TV Marti

Pedro Roig, the director of Radio / TV Marti , resigned Friday effective date Septembre 1, after more than seven years as head of the stations , some sometimes controversial , which broadcast to Cuba.
" Through this I present my resignation as director of the Office Cuba Broadcasting (OCB ) , effective September 1, 2010 or until the Board considers it appropriate, " Roig wrote in a letter.
El Nuevo Herald obtained a copy of the letter of Jorge de Cardenas , an executive public relations and friend of Roig. Other sources confirmed the resignation.
The Broadcasting Board of Governors , the government agency of the States overseeing United Radio / TV Marti, expected to announce the resignation to the staff of stations on Friday afternoon.
S: El Nuevo Herald / translation results LPPNEWS Front Line

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