Friday, August 27, 2010

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Ariel Sigler Amaya was a guest last night on "A Mano Limpia" on Channel 41, Miami
Aug. 27 - Former Cuban prisoner of conscience Ariel Sigler Amaya, appeared last night in A Mano Limpia on Channel 41 in Miami, only hours after being discharged from Jackson Memorial Hospital.
When asked if he was in favor of the negotiations between Cuba's Cardinal Jaime Ortega and the Castro regime, he said "absolutely not."
He also said that Ortega had called his brother Guido, who is still in jail, to tell him that he would be freed if he was willing to accept exile in Spain. Guido's rejected Ortega's proposal, telling him that he was not going anywhere and if that was the condition for his release, he was willing to stay in jail.
A doctor, who treated Sigler since he arrived from Cuba and also appeared in the program, said that doctors are optimistic about Ariel's chances to be able to walk again, but that it would take at least 4 months of daily therapy before they can know for sure.
During last night's program Ariel remained confined to a wheel chair, as a result of the malnutrition and lack of medical care he suffered  in Castro's Gulag.
A small bomb exploded in front of the building where Cuban doctors live in Caracas
Aug. 27 - Venezuela's news channel, Globovisión, is reporting that a "small explosive device" exploded outside the residence of Cuban doctors in Chacao, a suburb of Caracas, the Venezuelan capital.
No injuries and only minor damages was reported.
The explosion occurred around 12.02 am on Friday at 1st First Avenue de Campo Alegre, near the Baden Powell Plaza.
According to the Globovisión report, Chacao Police and effectives of the Bolivarian Intelligence Service (Sebina) were in the place conducting an investigation.

Mailbox: Reader from Germany wants to know why "we hate Cuba and Venezuela"
Aug. 26 - I got an-email from a German reader asking me why I "hate" Cuba and Venezuela and why I don't write about Colombia.
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