Friday, August 27, 2010

sow poison is the madness of the tyrant ...

Fidel Castro said that "Colombia is a country become a base for U.S. military

The former President of Cuba Fidel Castro warned on Friday of the threat of U.S. military bases in America  America and noted as a prime example of American influence in the region in Colombia , which stated that "it is a country that had become base. "
During their meeting in Havana with the Russian writer Daniel Estulin , author of the trilogy ' The Club Bildeberg ' thought Castro about the danger posed to international peace and security subcontinent the existence of U.S. military bases in several of their countries.
"In a matter of hours put troops in any country, "said Castro , who warned of the increased military presence U.S. in the region. "As a direct basis , are those of Guantanamo and the Falklands. Colombia is a country become a base, " he said.
So , he said, quoted by the official press , which  "The others do not have in appearance but in fact it . Costa Rica, do not, but there are 40 ships with aircraft carriers and helicopter carrier , helping ' noble 'to Drugs ", which  he called " a total cynicism . "
However, the Cuban revolutionary leader expressed confidence that " the empire ( United States) will fall " but ruled out  going to be through a war , because " if someone does not happen not pull the trigger and is now in the hands of (Barack ) Obama is not warmongering . "
In addition , the former leader also referred to the election upcoming parliamentary September 26 in Venezuela, in which expected  his friend, President Hugo Chávez, unsuccessful in renewing its majority in the  Legislature.
"Chavez is optimistic, " said Castro praised while  the efforts of his Venezuelan counterpart to normalize relations with Colombia after he denounced before the Organization of American States (OAS ) the existence of 1,500 guerrillas in the neighboring country with the consent of the Government. "Work on the peace process Colombia, without resting. Get some sleep by day and working all night "  said.
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