Sunday, August 29, 2010

To whom is the penetration ? Iran, Libya or Cuba? ...

A Cuban commander in Caracas has a book written by Fidel Castro

EFE, 28/08 22:27 CET

 A book written by former President Fidel Castro of Cuba , entitled " strategic victory " was presented in Caracas by Commander Guillermo Garcia Frias , considered one of the heroes of Cuban Revolution.
The text, which recounts the events that led to decisive triumph of Castro's revolution , was presented at a ceremony held at the Hotel Alba Caracas , attended by Venezuelan Minister Culture, Francisco Sesto , and Cuban Ambassador Rogelio Polanco.
Venezuelan state television VTV transmitted part of the event , which some told Garcia Frias Parts of the guerrilla struggle in the Sierra Maestra , which are described in the book of Castro.
Garcia Frias arrived in Caracas to present book after Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez , to undertake this week a surprise visit to Cuba where he met President Raul Castro and Fidel.
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