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"I can not say exactly what was signed "

Juan Juan Almeida says unaware of the contents of the letter signed against the Church
CE Drafting, Madrid | 27/08/2010

The Cuban dissident Juan Juan Almeida said on his arrival in Miami that his  stamped signature appears in a recent letter critical of the Church Catholic Pope Benedict XVI because he was not properly informed its content , reports the Spanish daily World.
"Absolutely  is a contradiction. I signed a thing [ but] not told exactly what was signed , "said the eldest son of the late commander of the Cuban Revolution Juan Almeida Bosque.
Juan Juan  Almeida, 44, a lawyer, arrived late on Thursday  Miami , fewer than 24 hours of departure from Cuba, at the request of Catholic Church interceded with the government of President Raúl Castro for medical treatment in the United States .
The Cuban opposition would not disclose the names of the people who instigated to sign the letter , but thanked the sponsors and manages of the Catholic Church . "I thank the media, the involvement of  the church , all figured in this release and also those who criticized me , "he said .
Last week, members of the Church dissidents accused of complicity with the Cuban Government Island , in a letter to Pope Benedict XVI , who was rejected by the Curia and a group of lay people.
In addition to Juan Juan Almeida, among the signatories of the letter include Martha Beatriz Roque , Jorge Luis García Antúnez "and Vladimiro Roca and Pedro Argüelles and Arnaldo Ramos , both belonging to group 75 opponents arrested in the so-called Black Spring of 2003 , who, also complained they were not consulted on the dialogue of Church and State , and demanded the "cessation of political support "of the curia to the Government.
" We disagree with the position he has Cuban had the church hierarchy in his speech by political prisoners, is regrettable and shameful fact , " the letter said.
By  the group, " a mediation on the issue right would have meant to hear claims of both sides [ government and opposition ] and reconciling " but that "the solution of exile only benefits the dictatorship. "
A  his arrival in Miami , Juan Juan Almeida accused Cuban President Raul Castro to be responsible for the refusal of his departure for seven years. "Absolutely , yes. You're not alone , but the biggest " said.
The Cuban opponent off the island on a temporary permit and  not rule out a return when he recovers his health. "On 15 July when  I began my hunger strike said that the end when I leave exit and return . And I am accustomed to deliver what we promise. "
Almeida  Garcia received on Monday the authorities to notify I could start the process to travel abroad , through Cuban Cardinal Jaime Ortega, the Archbishop's spokesman confirmed to The  Havana , Orlando Marquez.
Almeida 's family residing in United States had requested in a letter to the Archbishop of Havana, to intercede with the Government of the Island for his father could leave Cuba.
Since 2003, Almeida came requesting permission from the Cuban authorities to leave the country receiving treatment for a degenerative disease that is occurring and visit relatives in Miami.
In 2009 he tried out illegally on the island, but failed, was arrested several times after acts of public protest and for the past few weeks had  first found in fasting and after a hunger strike , demanding  that the Government would allow travel.
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