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Fled Cuba and They Were Kidnapped by traffickers in Cancun

There are six Cuban Sought to escape the Castro Regime. When They Came to Mexico Were Arrested for Alleged drug traffickers. The country AIMS to intensely Fight against Organized Crime

Six  undocumented Cubans held hostage for about a month in the Mexican resort of Cancun until they were rescued by police, but the captors fled.

The regional police director , Enrique Alberto Sanmiguel , said the operation was performed last night in one of the Cancun neighborhoodsIn the Caribbean state of Quintana Roo.

"When  the police arrived at home, the Cubans left running  doors and windows , five men and one woman , had no weapon, " explained .

The kidnappers fired it several times against the officers and escaped. The area was patrolled by the military after participating in a nationwide campaign against organized crime.

Of  Preliminarily, the police identified as Lazarus Cubans  Alveja Hernandez , 34 ; Eusebio Galas Sobrino , 46 , Dandi Camber Acosta , 24; Edel Eimes Gama, 22; Janiel Cardo Rodriguez , 29, and Acosta Surami Camber, 23.

Each one left Cuba at different times and were abducted at various times but over a month ago, Said the Cuban authorities.

They further noted that several armed men guarding them all time, and constant change of address , while calling for 8,000 to $ 10,000 to relatives in Miami.

The  six were referred to the Attorney General of the Republic ( PGR ) to clarify their legal status in the country , officials said.

The rescue came days after 72 migrants from different countries were killed in northeastern Mexico by alleged drug dealers. Officials said foreigners were killed for refusing to work with offenders Although there are indications that migrants were being held hostage for blackmail .

The  Mexican government said yesterday that there are flaws in your system ensure the security and human rights of undocumented  across the country with the desire to reach the United States.

The  Cuba and Mexico authorities indicated that there is increasing traffic of Cubans to the United States via Mexico, which reaches up Islanders 10,000 a year, they pay between trafficking networks 5000 and $ 10,000.

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