Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Ask Interpol to arrest of Telesur newspapers for alleged links to FARC

A Colombian judge on Monday ordered the capture of Colombian journalist William Parra , member of the multistate chain Telesur for alleged connections with the FARC , the private radio station RCN reported quoting judicial sources .
Parra , a former press officer of President Ernesto Samper (1994-1998) , is required by a judge of the Anti-Terrorism Unit in Bogotá accused of crimes " terrorist financing "and" conspiracy to fund terrorism ' according to the report .
In addition, the judge asked to be issued an international arrest warrant by Interpol. RCN no immediate word on the location of the communicator.
Parra , who had been under investigation since 2006, Worked on his country with several major media.
In November of that year , agents of the Colombian intelligence service (DAS ) captured in Bogotá Colombia correspondent for Telesur , Freddy Muñoz, On suspicion of terrorism and rebellion , but was released days later.
Telesur , based in Caracas, is a television channel with public financing for Latin America in Castilian transmits 24 hours a day via satellite. The medium is funded by Argentina , Bolivia , Cuba , Ecuador , Nicaragua and Venezuela.
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