Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Ban Ki -moon urged rich countries to fulfill their promises...

In Venezuela and Cuba to reach the Millennium Development Goals , say in UN
Wednesday September 22, 2010 , p. 29

New York, 21 September. In  the headquarters of the United Nations Organization (UNO ), where debate on the Millennium Development Goals, the voices are not heard 380 million slum dwellers very poverty. There the secretary -general, Ban Ki -moon , urged countries rich send a strong message of hope and keeping promises.  The issue of access to development generated debate at the summit, where Germany stressed the need for good governance in the countries poor, while Cuba , Venezuela and Iran attacked the model capitalist and justified their own progress . past president  country complained that his speech was censored .
The president of Bolivia, Evo Morales, went further with its proposal to create a global bank of the southern regions of America, Africa and Asia , including China added to start fighting , to end the blackmail of the International Monetary Fund (IMF ), calling it economic instrument of imperialism.
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said that the targets set in the Millennium Development Goals have been met in their country, despite the embargo  imposed by the United States. Alerted the international community a possible military attack against Iran, which could cause million deaths and exacerbate hun President Jose Manuel Barroso urged donor countries not to use economic crisis as an excuse for shirk their responsibilities to the poor.
The Bolivian president criticized the IMF intervention Bolivia hurt the country's economic development , but when he assumed the presidency in 2006 began free of the entity and to grow.
The heads of state and government agreed to consider  it is still possible to achieve the Millennium Goals, but still needs to be done .
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