Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Chavez announced after a meeting with Jews who asked not to vilify Fidel Castro

Caracas, Sep 8 ( EFE ) .- Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez announced today that it soon will meet with Jewish community Venezuela, a day after it became known that the Cuban leader Fidel Castro asked the Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to "stop defame the Jews. "
While making the announcement did not mention expressly Castro or Ahmadinejad , who believes "father and brother, respectively, revealed that President Chavez of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez expressed his happiness for that meeting.
Fernandez is , "Chavez said as he toured an international fair in Caracas tourism , which this year is held in tribute to Argentina, "very happy because I 'm meeting with the Jewish community , in hours prior to Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement . "
"They tried to make a little campaign that I am Jewish, enemy of the Jews in (...); truth, respect and want the Jewish people , "he said .
"In Venezuela is a respectable Jewish community " and the president Argentina , "which has always been concerned because he knows that to me say tyrant , murderer , dictator , anti-Semitic , but she knows it totally false , as almost everyone knows (...), learned that meeting " and expressed his happiness , he reiterated .
Chavez broke diplomatic relations with Israel after the January 2009 attacks against the Palestinian Gaza Strip, and then demanded that retract those within his country 's blamed attack a year earlier , the Tiferet Israel synagogue , the Main Caracas.
Having established that the attack was mobile theft and anti Israel slogans painted on their walls tried to mislead police , Chavez called leaders recant opponents, media directors and Jewish personalities responsibilities attributed to the fact.
" Do not be so shameless and irresponsible ! "he said after accusing them of seeking " a kind of religious war criminal media "in Venezuela.
The U.S. Government, annually analyzing the world situation relation to the persecution and discrimination on religious grounds said last October that religious freedom is "widely respected " in Latin America, " except " in Cuba and Venezuela included among the countries accused of impeding freedom of worship.
Chavez announced after a meeting with Jews who asked not to vilify Fidel Castro

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