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Comes the " other " phenomenon at the Big Top

Again, Aroldis Chapman put on a red cap with a " C " white . But now he is of the Cincinnati Reds uniform instead of of the Cuban baseball team .
A year ago, as the lefty defected from Cuba, leaving his family and experiencing a radical change of course in his life.
After  several months in advance , the launcher is already with the team Cincinnati largest and is expected to make its debut at the Grand Chapiteau in this week.
And for the Reds in 2010, pointers Central Division National League , Chapman could be extremely importance pitching from the bullpen.
When boarding Chapman August 31 , Cincinnati can include it in its roster for playoffs, and the young could be key in the aspirations of sort by Reds first time since 1995 .
It is recalled  the case of Francisco Rodriguez , who was raised as just in time rookie in 2002 to help the Angels to win throughout the year. And two years ago , Tampa Bay called , and as David Price today in day- to throw from the bullpen, and lefty shut victory the Rays in Game 7 of the ALCS American League  against Boston.
Chapman Could play a role as important this year for the Reds ?
' We  represents a quality left-handed for the final sprint , " said manager  Cincinnati manager Dusty Baker. "If he's throwing strikes, no matter how left or right. I do not think that a lot of lefty vs . right. That boy  knows pitching. You can take anyone. "
It's been a long way to Cincinnati to Chapman. Defected from Cuba during a tournament Netherlands international , and five months later he signed a contract six years and $ 30.25 million with the Reds.
Off the field , has grown from humble circumstances to become millionaire and drives a Lamborghini.
Within the field, continues to develop and make adjustments.
"It  ideal body for a pitcher , "said development director Cincinnati players and international eavesdropping equipment. "His material is outstanding. The main thing with him is to be a professional, on and off the field. As for talent, is within the first five or 10 of the game. The other thing has to be taken into account. "
For Chapman, the "other "has to do to cover first base , shifting to first, to bunt , run the bases and get to the stadium on time. Chapman may have an arm worthy of Hall of Fame , but sometimes still behaves like a boy his age, or even younger .
"The simple fact of living in the United States represents an adjustment , "said Reynolds. "What we did not even think , as governed by a schedule or be on your  account, is a change for him. Has improved. "
Far from the pressure of majors, Chapman was allowed to grow in the minor leagues , both as a pitcher as a person.
Now we see the fruits.
Chapman  made his first 13 presentations as Triple -A Louisville opener with 1-1 and 1.29 ERA in four starts in April and then 4-1 and 5.47 in May. He struck out 55 but took 25 walks in those first two months , and had problems with the command. In June recorded 0-4 with ERA of 5.84 and was moved to the bullpen.
This change of role was just what  needed. went 2-0 in July and 1.50 in relief , and this month finished with 2-0 record and 1.35 ERA , plus seven games saved in 13.1 innings pitched.
" Get to the stadium every day thinking that has the potential to pitch , "said pitching coach for the Reds , Bryan Price. " We present the challenge of pitch from the bullpen, and has done very well, especially as closer lately. "
In his last eight presentations in Louisville , Chapman did not allow a hit and had 0.83 ERA in their last 20 games . He went 9-8 in save chances.
In a general sense in the minor leagues this year , finished with 9-6 and 3.57 with 125 strikeouts in 95.2 innings.
In  Chapman ever reopen , but for now work at the bullpen has allowed him to concentrate on his fastball and slider. Also has a change, but mostly uses that when you open or when launched several entries in relief , facing several rights.
But speaking of the fastball has been measured at up to 105 miles per hour.
" For  we do not like to face J.R. Richard "Baker said , referring to the pitcher the Astros high 70s and early 80's . "It was so long that threw this hard from what appeared was 50 feet. ( The Hall of Famer Nolan ) Ryan had better J.R. control You could rest assured there against J.R. It is similar with Chapman. "

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Aroldis Chapman estuvo dominante como relevista con Triple-A Lousville.

Aroldis Chapman was dominant as a reliever in Triple -A Louisville . | AP

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