Thursday, September 2, 2010

could have left a stain of 1.5 Kms

Exploits another oil rig in the Gulf of Mexico

An explosion has destroyed an oil platform Thursday in the Gulf of Mexico, sea throwing 13 people are located , one of whom was injured , said the Coast Guard. An oil slick over 1.5 kilometers long was visible on Thursday after the explosion, although according to the correspondent of the COPE in the U.S. , citing the U.S. Coast Guard , to be confirmed if it comes from this latest explosion or on the contrary is adrift after the catastrophe caused by the flight of BP for four months and that both events have taken place relatively close. Late in the Coast Guard ensured that the fire had been extinguished, and not show any traces of pollution in the area.
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Authorities received the first wake-up call around 9:00 local time ( 15.30 CET in Spain). It warned of a fire at a facility south of Vermillion Bay , about 148 kilometers from the coast.

The platform had 13 employees, of whom all but one have been located , reports the Fox Nine helicopters were sent to the platform located 130 miles south of Vermillion Bay in Louisiana, he said, adding that it is not clear the extent of injuries to the injured person.
A spokesman for the company that owns and Mariner Energy reportedNo one principle that there was no sign of contamination after the explosion and fire, although hours later the U.S. Coast Guard claimed , citing employees of the platform, you could see an oil slick more than 1.5 kilometers. Be confirmed if it is from this explosion or a few months ago caused the BP platform .

This platform is located about 130 km south of Vermilion Bay, Louisiana, And operated in shallow water (135 mt) .

The accident occurred more than four months after the explosion and subsequent sinking of the platform Deppwater BP Horizon - also located on the Gulf of Mexico - in April, which caused 11 deaths and the worst oil spill in U.S. history USA.
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