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Criticism due to the persecution of homosexuals...

Fidel: 40 years ago no outbreak homophobic values in Cuba

Carmen Lira Saade

(The  Jornada) .- Although there is nothing to denote him any discomfort , I think that Fidel is not going to like what I have to say : - Commander , all the charm of the Cuban Revolution , recognition, solidarity  a good part of the universal intellectual , the great achievements of  people against the blockade, in short, everything , everything was due to pipe persecution of homosexuals in Cuba. Fidel does not reject the subject. Or denies or rejects the claim. Just takes time to remember, say, how and when the prejudice unleashed the revolutionary ranks.

P.  Five decades ago , because of homophobia, were marginalized homosexuals in Cuba and many were sent to labor camps Agricultural military , accusing decontrarrevolucionarios .
R. Yes , "she recalls , were moments of great injustice, a injustice! "He repeats emphatically , " has made it to anyone. If we us , we ... I'm trying to narrow my responsibility all this because, of course , personally , I have no such prejudices.
It is known that among his best and oldest friends are homosexuals. But then , how this hatred was formed differently?
He thinks that all was occurring as a spontaneous reaction in the revolutionary ranks , coming from the traditions . In Cuba This does not only discriminated against blacks : also discriminated  women and , of course , homosexuals ...
"Yes , yes. But not the Cuba of the new morality , which the revolutionaries were so proud of inside and outside ...
- Who was therefore responsible , directly or indirectly , that not put a stop to what was happening in Cuban society ?  Is the Party? For this is the time when the Communist Party Cuba noexplicita their statutes banning discrimination on sexual orientation .
"No," said Fidel . If someone is responsible , it's me ...
"It is true that in those moments I could not take care of this issue ... I was surrounded primarily by the October crisis , the war, political issues ... "
"But this became a serious and grave political problem , Commander.
I understand ,   I understand ... We did not know it value ... systematic sabotage ,   armed attacks are happening all the time : we had so many terrible problems , problems of life or death, you know, you do not pay enough attention.
"After all that , it became very difficult to defend the Revolution abroad ... The image had been damaged forever  in some sectors, particularly in Europe.
"I understand , I understand , "he repeats , " was just ...
" The persecution of homosexuals could be less or greater protest anywhere. Not in revolutionary Cuba "I say.
"I understand : when the saint is like sin , right? ... It is not the same as sin the sinner , right?
Fidel outlines a faint smile , then get serious again :
"Look   you think how our days were in those early months of the   Revolution: the war with the Yankees , the issue of weapons and almost  simultaneously with them, plans of attacks against my person ...
Fidel   reveals that influenced him tremendously and what they altered their Life threats of bombings and attacks themselves that was Victim:
"I could be nowhere , I had no where to live ... " The betrayal were the order of the day, he had to go to break kills ...
"Escape to the CIA , who bought so many traitors , sometimes between same people for one, was not a simple thing , but in the end anyway  if you have to take responsibility , I take mine. I'm not going to throw the  blames others ...", says the revolutionary leader .
Only regrets not having corrected then ...
Today , however , is facing the problem :
Under the slogan "Homosexuality is not a threat , homophobia is "was held recently in many cities by the third Cuban Day World Day Against Homophobia. Gerardo Arreola , a correspondent for The Day in Cuba, timely accounts of the debate and the struggle that takes Later in the island by the respect for minority rights sex.
Arreola is referred to Mariela Castro, a sociologist at 47 years -daughter  Cuban President Raul Castro , who heads the National Center Sex Education ( CENESEX ) , an institution which , she says, has managed improve the image of Cuba after the marginalization of the 60s.
Here are the Cubans and the Cubans , to keep fighting for inclusion, so that it is the struggle for all and all for the sake of All and all, said Mariela Castro opened the day , escorted by transsexuals who held a Cuban flag and a multicolored gay movement .
Today in Cuba , efforts by homosexuals includes initiatives such as change of identity of transsexuals or civil unions between same sex.
Since the 90s, homosexuality is decriminalized on the island , although no longer having  of all cases of police harassment . And since 2008 practiced free operations sex change .
In 1962 the United States imposed a blockade against Cuba. It was a fierce attempt to commit genocide ... as he called Gabriel García Marquez , the writer who best chronicle the period.
" The period that lasts until today , "he says Fidel.
"The   existing lock is now more than ever, and with the added , these moments , that is constitutional law in the United States because vote that the president, the Senate vote , the House voted Representatives ... "

The world of the future must be common and  human rights must be above individual rights ... And there will be a rich world, where rights are just the same for everyone, said Fidel Castro. The image, during a  Cuban leader's appearance on the 22nd at the televisiónFoto Reuters / Revolution Studios / CubadebateEl number of votes and application can greatly relieve or not the situation. But there is ...
"Yes , there is the Helms -Burton law , interventionist and annexation ... and  Torricelli law , duly approved by the U.S. Congress USA.
Senator Helms remember well the day in 1996, which was adopted his initiative. I was elated , and repeated to reporters the core of their claims :
"Castro must leave Cuba. No matter how I leave Castro country: whether vertically or horizontally , that is a matter of them ... But Castro must leave Cuba. "
siege begins
"In 1962 , when the U.S. imposed a blockade , Cuba was found suddenly with evidence that he had nothing more than six million  determined Cubans , in a bright and unprotected island ... "
Nobody no country could trade with Cuba , with no one could buy or sell, and from that country or company! not caught in the uprising U.S. trade decree . Always struck me that CIA boat patrolled the waters to make few years , to intercept ships carrying goods the island.
The biggest problem , however , was always to medicines and  food , which remains to this day. Still not allow any food business to trade with Cuba , even the importance of the volumes that the island would gain or because it   is always required to pay in advance.
Facing starvation, the Cubans had to invent life again from the beginning, says Garcia Marquez.
They developed a technology need and a shortage economy , reports : an entire culture of loneliness.
Not   is a gesture of regret, less bitterness, when Fidel Castro supports neglect that left the island much of the world . On the contrary ...
"The   struggle, the battle that we had to make efforts led us to higher than we might have done it without blocking , "says Fidel.
Recalls   with a sort of pride , for example , the gigantic operation masses who carried out five million boys , grouped CDR . Only a day of eight hours achieved a vaccination mass throughout the country , with which eradicated diseases such as polio and malaria.
Or when more than a quarter of a million literacy - hundred thousand of them children burst into the hills literacy for most of the adult population of the country not  could neither read nor write.
But the leap is given, no doubt, in medicine and biotechnology :
"There's talk that Fidel himself commanded to form a team in Finland of scientists and physicians who would be responsible for the production of medications.
"The enemy used against us war agents. "He brought here the Dengue virus II . The pre Cuba revolutionary was not known nor I. Here we showed the Second , which is much more dangerous because it produces a dengue hemorrhagic attacks on  especially children .
Came by Boyer . They brought the counter , the same who were with Posada Carriles, Bush pardoned those same , the same that led to sabotage the plane in Barbados ... The same people given the task of introducing  the virus, " Fidel complaint .
" They blamed Cuba because, they said , there were many mosquitoes on the island "I say.
- How   would not having to fight if needed Abbe and Abbe  we could not get: nothing else produced in the U.S.? - reveals.
The commander's face darkens :
We began to die children, recalls. " She could not treat the illness. Nobody we wanted to sell the medicines and equipment with which eradicates  virus. One hundred and fifty people died from the disease. Most were children ...
We had to go to the shopping smuggling, although it was expensive. Wherever banned until bring . Once , out of mercy , bring a little left .
For mercy , said the strong man of the Revolution. I confess my confusion ...
Not   precisely for mercy, but in solidarity, came some   friends of Cuba. Fidel mentions, for Mexico, the Echeverría : Luis and Mary Esther , although they were no longer in government, could get some equipment which can overcome to some extent the epidemic.
"Do not ever forget , "he says shocked.
- You see ? "I say. Not all has been bad or unfortunate character of power relations with Mexican ...
"Since   Certainly not, " he says before we conclude the conversation , interview and let's go to lunch shared with his wife , Dalia Soto del Valle.
From   the outer terrace where stands to watch and analyze the world,   Life ... Fidel queen makes a toast to the future world we a single country.
"What is it that some are Spanish , some English, other Africans ? " And some have more than others ...?
"The world of the future must be common, and the rights of human beings  humans must be above individual rights ... Y going to be a rich world, where rights are just the same for everyone ... "
- How are you going to get it , Commander?
" Raising ... educating and creating confidence and love.

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