Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Cuba accuses Obama of applying the economic blockade " in full force "and not promote any change

The embargo has cost the island some 578 000 million euros


The government of Raul Castro accused the U.S. president , Barack Obama, to apply " in all its intensity and rigor " economic blockade that Washington has for almost five decades, despite the beginning of his administration promised to ease some of these policies to promote rapprochement.
"The blockade has been tightened , fines, penalties and persecution of Cuban financial transactions are still applied " on Wednesday denounced Cuba's Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez in Havana to submit his report shortly before the UN General Assembly .
The economic embargo has cost Cuba some 751 000 million ( EUR 578 000 million ), according to figures provided by Rodriguez, who presented some of the consequences that this new approach had on the inhabitants of the island. The impact is "large , produce shortages and difficulties, suffering people, the health of children, "he lamented.
Obama " has fallen far below expectations for his speech offered "during the presidential campaign and the beginning of his term in January 2009 . Their actions , however , have shown " the opposite " because the laws of the embargo still in force and apply " in all its intensity and rigor , "said the chancellor.
" He had promised a new beginning with Cuba to respect international law, to hear the views of its allies , but there is a gulf and an essential contradiction between President Obama and his actions with Cuba , "he said .
The document will be delivered to UN secretary general , Ban Ki Moon , when missing a few weeks to resubmit the General Assembly voted a resolution demanding that the White House to lift the blockade against Cuba, in October last year was supported for the eighteenth consecutive year for a total of 187 countries.
Rodriguez acknowledged that Obama " can not alter " the rules prohibiting trade with Cuba and sanctions to third countries to do so , but said he has " administrative powers " that would allow progress on reform , as did the now former President Bill Clinton (1993-2001) when he created "special categories of travelers to Cuba. "
Obama "may well invoke the national interest of the United States to modify the application of aspects of the embargo "promoting " violations of Cuban society , "suggested Rodriguez during the press conference .
"I'm sure that in an effort of this nature , the president would not only receive the overwhelming support of American society , including Cubans resided in the United States, but even the majority of both houses of U.S. Congress , "said .
Cuban Foreign Minister to the economic blockade is a failed policy for 50 years and any policy that fails in that time should be reviewed. "
Thus, the view that the U.S. president can " flexible measures such as using the dollar in international transactions with Cuba, credit cards or checks by U.S. and authorize the import of medicine. "
The U.S. Congress overturned in April last year the measures taken in 2004 by the Government of George W. Bush , who set a series of restrictions on remittances to the island and travel by Cubans residing in the United States to strengthen the economic blockade that the White House maintains on Havana since 1962 .
Cuban-Americans could only go to the island once every three years , provided that they had family members and only allowed a maximum daily spend $ 50 ( 39 euros). Now the family visits are unlimited, without discrimination on kinship and the possibility of spending up to $ 179 ( 139 euros ) per day. They are also allowed to carry a maximum of 3,000 euros (2,340 euros ) in cash for delivery to their families.

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