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CUBA | Letter to MEP 'popular' Carlos Iturgaiz...

Payá 's opposition joins calls for no change in the common position

Oswaldo Payá (c) muestra el premio del Parlamento Europeo en 2002. | ApOswaldo Payá ( c ) shows the award of the European Parliament in 2002. | Ap
The European Union should not change the Common position with Cuba because it "supports the rights and peaceful change themselves Cubans want and need and we make ourselves. " This  is the message that the activist José Payá Olwaldo Sarina has been transmitted through a letter to MEP 'popular' Carlos Iturgaiz, Who will read the letter in a statement to the plenary on Monday.
The Common Position is a work of the Aznar government document in 1996 that  calls for democratic transition and encourages dialogue with dissidents .
The Cuban dissident , leader of the Christian Liberation Movement and in 2002 received the Sakharov Prize Freedom of Conscience for the European Parliament says the EU should support civic initiatives , such as your ' Varela Project ', "Being consistent with the common position . "
Week one was a group of former Cuban political prisoners who asked the European Parliament to the EU do not listen to the Spanish Government, although he had contributed to their liberation.
Sarina Payá reiterated in his letter that the people of Cuba want changes, entered peacefully into a new stage of life , and remember that such changes are not made by decree. " But we need to respect for civil and political rights of citizens who have  free and democratic elections , there is freedom of expression and association, freedom to travel, work and participate in life economic, political and cultural life , without exception , "he adds .
Opposition leader in 2010 was nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize,  says that " changes are lacking rights and those rights in Cuba. " In the text acknowledges that the EU target is to improve the process transition to pluralist democracy and respect for rights human rights and freedoms , but insists that the transition will be peaceful " if the present regime were itself to initiate or permit such a process. "
Spain is committed to overcome this common position replaced by a bilateral relationship conducive to dialogue with all sectors of society Cuban dissidents including , without renouncing to require democratization of the island.
The next Council of Foreign Ministers of the EU, which held in October, could be on the agenda continued debate on relations with Cuba , which has been postponed several times ,  said earlier this month the EU high representative , Catherine Ashton, Efe reported .
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