Monday, September 6, 2010

Cuba seizes 1.6 tons of drugs in first half

  • 12 foiled international drug trafficking operations
The Cuban Interior Ministry , said authorities arrested 12 couriers and seized over one ton of drugs

HAVANA, CUBA ( 06/SEP/2010 ) .- The Cuban authorities seized 1.6 tons of drugs -cocaine and marijuana " , arrested 12 couriers and discovered a drug network that used an agency parcels and remittances of Miami, reported Monday the Ministry of Interior.

"In the air border operations were thwarted 12 international drug trafficking , which secured 7.1 kilos of drugs, arrested 12 foreigners , "the report quoted by the official newspaper Granma, without specifying nationalities.

The newspaper quoted only a Dominican who bore in his body 951 grams of cocaine , destined for the United States, and an Ecuadorian who was traveling to Russia and who had surgery for emergency expelled less than half of the 84 capsules ingested.

" It was discovered a network of organized drug trafficking from the United States , which used their agency involved parcels and remittances in Miami to try to introduce marijuana concealed in containers of cereal, " Granma said , without specifying details.

The police also arrested a boat with 541 kilos of marijuana from Jamaica and the Bahamas, and arrested its three crew Bahamians .

According to the Ministry of Interior, drug seizures dropped to 1.6 tons , cocaine and marijuana , in the first half , about 2.2 tons seized in the same period of 2009. " Diminishing the numbers, not threats , "said Granma.

Cuba is on the route by sea and air of drugs between South America and the United States , usually carried in aircraft and released north of the island, which is picked up by speedboats.
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