Friday, September 3, 2010

The Cuban regime stops more dissidents in August of that released a total of 8 new political prisoners


Raul 's regime Castro stopped in the month of August at which freed dissidents , a total of 184 short-term arrests , eight of which are considered new political prisoners who were imprisoned and charged with " public disorder ", as reported by the Commission Cuban Human Rights and National Reconciliation ( CCDHRN ).
"For the first time in several years, the government interned as a number top of new political prisoners in a single month, " warns CCDHRN . Opponents are arrested Nestor Rodriguez , Rolando Rodriguez Manzanet Francisco , Enyor Diaz and Roberto Gonzalez, the Cuban Movement  Youth for Democracy , and Eduardo Perez Flores Luis Enrique Labrador Iroy Michel Rodriguez, Civic Resistance Front .
Speaking to Europa Press, the spokesman for the CCDHRN Elizardo Sanchez , explained that this is a "contradiction flagrant " of the Castro government "because release with one hand and imprisoned with the other. "
Flores Pérez , Labrador and Rodriguez were arrested on 27 August after making a " lightning rally "against the Universidad de La Habana, "in the same place where Fidel Castro gave his speech " on Friday , Sanchez stated .
The other five were arrested the same day in the town of Baracoa, Guantanamo Province in the east of the island, staging a " peaceful protest . " According to Sanchez, " a mob directed by the Political Police stoned his house " before the arrest.
They already have a police prosecution for " disorders public "and have been transferred to maximum security prisons , where were confined to " high risk " prisoners " have denounced Commission spokesman , unrecognized but tolerated by the authorities  of the island.
The seven released referred the part CCDHNR group of 52 opponents to the regime agreed to release , of which 28 have traveled to Spain, thanks to the mediation of Catholic Church and supported by the Spanish Government.
According to the CCDHRN , in Cuba there are about a hundred prisoners politicians. The figure has been declining in recent weeks with release of prisoners of the Black Spring of 2003, most  Castro regime 's crackdown in recent years .
the second month in August 2010 which recorded  greater number of short-term detention , with a total of 184 after February when about 235 dissidents were arrested, the most of them for participating in demonstrations and related events with the death of political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo.
"All this shows that there has been an increase repression " by the island's communist government has asserted Sanchez. "This is due to increased popular discontent , "he affirmed.
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