Saturday, September 11, 2010

10.09.2010 / 19:40 h

Vienna , Sep 10 ( EFE ) .- A delegation of Cuban opposition met today in Prague ( Czech Republic ) with officials of the Czech Foreign Ministry , as well as several deputies and senators those who moved about the continued repression in Cuba.
"We came to the Czech Republic as we went to Hungary, Poland and to Berlin to report that continues the repressive situation against the opposition and the regime is simply to clean your image, "he said by telephone Janisset Efe Rivero, of the Cuban Democratic Directorate organization .
"We deliver updated information about what is happening within Cuba. In order for a criminal dictatorial regime such as Fidel and Raul Castro, a regime that killed Orlando Zapata Tamayo, and many others, no sanctions will be removed , "he said .
Rivero is located in Prague with Silvia Iriondo , president Mothers and Women Antirepresión by Cuba ( MAR ) and Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta , who traveled to Spain in July with 51 other former political prisoners.
The Czech Republic is a country that has traditionally been more critical of the Castro regime in the European Union (EU).
"The reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. The Government and the Czech people have always been very sympathetic to Cuba, with our suffering , because they themselves went through it and fought against a system totalitarian , "said the reaction of the Czech authorities.
For his part , Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta, who was imprisoned almost 13 years in Cuban prisons, believes the recent statements Fidel Castro, where he admitted that " the Cuban model is no longer works, " are nothing but a smokescreen .
" Economic openness will not be any , nobody 's Hostel little hope . Currently Castro sent a delegation China military to provide you with the means to police repressive. To intensify the repression , "he told Efe.
"Castro should be judged by an international criminal court crimes against humanity. I'm accusing because I am a victim of his torture and because I have 43 stitches on my body, " concluyó.
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