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by The Roommate Sea December 18, 2007 2:39 pm
The Chivato is by nature a psychopath:

"Psychopaths can not empathize or feel guilt , so they interact with other people as if they were any other object , use them to achieve their goals. "

Profile of a Chivato
Nickname : Felo
Age : 78 years
Chivatón work : 45 years of service to the Chivateria
Current Status : Retired from the Ministry of Interior
Address: Belfry between Carmen and Flea Market. Municipio Centro Habana

Post- Retirement Activities Chivatoides: Active element in the " Force 70 " Commission established by the regime to combat "illegal." In his stable sneak dedicated to all those who see TV of the enemy. According to reports Cubanet Felo is so fun "TV Martí which the Discovery Channel. "

Victims of Felo Chivateria: Deck entrepreneurship was a satellite dish card and got 35 neighbors but as users, who paid $ 10 CUC a month for the service.

Chivatoide Modes: A load was Chivato Felo , fortunately or unfortunately as the signal connected to all these neighbors came for reasons customers an entire perimeter electromagnetic extensive, including those sneak houses like Felo , who did not pay for it.

As active Chivatoide , Felo was given the task to 'investigate' and determined it had left, and those who were connected to the signal.

Felo quickly mobilized a cargo of Chivas , all part of the so-called ' Force 70 ' which alerted police

The reluctance of neighbors to Felo: As Felo was a type as "popular "neighbors on the block to get the police they said these "will not pay any attention to this old "

Felo Today is the most popular type of your building and neighborhood , the neighbors call him " snitch "and the son of put ~ "

Felo 's family : Felo 's daughter , ashamed wants to leave the neighborhood, trying to get to Alamar swap or whatever away.

Felo : a tough guy in Centro Habana
Juan González Febles

" The bads do not succeed , but where the good are indifferent. "
José Martí

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