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Fariñas ha vuelto al hospital tras sufrir dos recaídas esta semana

Enter the opposition after suffering two relapses and we discovered a second clot in his left arm

Fariñas accused Zapatero of " paid to play 'of Castro to ignore dissent

Cuban journalist Guillermo Farinas on Tuesday accused the president of the Spanish Government , José Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, " given the game by Raul Castro regime by " ignoring " dissent and criticized the leaders of the PSOE no will meet with the opposition during his visit to the island.
The general secretary of the PSOE , Leire Pajin, and responsible for International Policy and Cooperation , Elena Valenciano, are planning to travel to Cuba on Tuesday and have already stated that in his agenda meetings are not provided with the dissent .

Speaking to Europa Press, Fariñas has said that this decision " a concession "to the Castro government also "contributes to the policy regime that seeks not to raise the profile of the opposition "in Cuba, despite " the facts we have seen recently "as the death last February of a political prisoner Orlando Zapata Tamayo , after more than 80 days of hunger strike, and " harassment "to the Ladies White .

"The Cuban regime's strategy has always been to ignore the validity of  the peaceful opposition and the Government of Spain has given to this game for the express request of the Castro government , " lamented the freelance journalist in early July that ended more than four-month hunger strike to demand the release of about 26 Prisoners of the Primavera Negra seriously ill.

According to Fariñas , Zapatero and Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation , Miguel Angel Moratinos, "are characterized by their ignorance to the (...) opposition and always appear as one factor and near influential "to the Castro government " perhaps to serve as intermediaries  to the EU . "

"It is unprecedented what has been achieved " the Church
The journalist of 48 years has recognized , however , the role played by the Catholic Church in the release of 52 prisoners politicians, 26 of which are already in Spain. "It's unprecedented what has been achieved , "he said , to emphasize that the Cuban clergy has been a "Valid interlocutor "in the release of the opposition.

But he made clear that the role of the Archbishop of Havana, Cardinal Jaime Ortega , was "only a facilitator , not mediator we must not forget that the regime has refused to sit negotiate with the opposition "on the island .

The Castro government " chose his ideological adversary is Church ( Catholic ) as a valid partner to mitigate the state of international opinion came after the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo, my hunger strike and attacks on the Damas de Blanco , rather than talk to his political opponents that we, as per this valid because we have released the prisoners , "he highlighted.

New relapse
Fariñas had to be entered twice in the last week after  suffering from severe vomiting and a fever above 42 degrees, being the first relapse is the dissenter after lay on 8 July the hunger and thirst strike that kept for 135 days.

Last Friday was admitted to a health center in the town of  Santa Clara, Villa Clara province (west), where he had stay longer than 24 hours under observation by the strong pains abdomen. Once you supplied the drugs was able to return to your home.

On Monday he had a similar relapse that forced him to return to the Hospital  Arnaldo Milian Castro of Santa Clara where, after making a ultrasound, was diagnosed with gallstones product of  problems faced in the digestive system during their prolonged fasting.

But doctors also found a new clot , this time in the humeral vein left, so he was forced to remain in strict  rest with the chance of having a thrombosis. " I can not use I have the left arm and food restricted by problems bile , "commented the opponent, from his home .

During the weeks he spent in hospital Arnaldo Milián Castro for the hunger strike , the researchers found a  thrombus in the left jugular area . " Now doctors fear that new clot push the other and the effects are worse than the expected " , he explained.

Licet Zamora , spokesman for Fariñas , he told the Europa Press independent journalist is "very frail "as a result of the hunger strike that kept number 23 for more than four months. "We are very concerned, " he expressed.

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