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Fidel Castro assumes the blame for the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba

In the 60s many were exiled, others were sent to agricultural work camps

09.01.1910 | 11:55 pm INFORMATIVE TELECINCO

More 40 years Fidel Castro has been waiting for accounts with history and  with his conscience. The leader of the Cuban revolution has recognized that be responsible for the persecution of homosexuals in Cuba in the 60s. His remarks , obtained by the newspaper Mexican ' The Day 'have been echoed in many ways , because the ex- Cuban leader even described the events of "injustice , a  injustice. "
"If someone is responsible , it's me . " So admitted what he meant to many homosexual exile or is required to spend time in agricultural labor camps, Where the revolution supposedly rehabilitated their ' deviation '.
Castro, not blamed the Communist Party for sexual discrimination,  explained that socialist society demanded much attention and care I could hardly care what happened to homosexuals.
"It is true that at that time I could not take care of this matter...  I was surrounded primarily by the October Crisis ( 'crisis  of missiles " ' between the U.S., the Soviet Union and Cuba in 1962 ) of war, political issues , "said Castro in the second foresee, given the delivery of the newspaper.
The historic leader of the revolution acknowledged that even many of them were branded "counterrevolutionaries " also  the negative impact that marginalization was homosexual for the image of the Revolution in various sectors , especially in Europe.
" Yes, were moments of great injustice, a grave injustice! ,  has made it to anyone. If we did, us. Am trying to define my responsibility in all this because, then personally I have no such prejudices"He said.
The relationships between same- sex were decriminalized in 1979 in Cuba and  now the daughter of current President Raul Castro, is director of  National Sex Education Center , and maintains a strong fight to favor of the gay community.
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