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"FIDEL CASTRO is a  diabolical SUBJECT that  HAS DONE MUCH DAMAGE TO CUBA" said Major Huber Matos  

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More than half a century that Huber Matos, the only historical commander of the Cuban revolution in exile, stopped believing in Fidel Castro, whom he now considers "a diabolical subject has done much damage to Cuba.''

At 91 years, Matos still retains the enthusiasm that once pushed him to lie on his shoulder a rifle to fight against the dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista (1952-1959), as demonstrated today in Madrid, where he met in the Cuban Hispanic Foundation with prisoners aware of their country released recently arrived from Spain.

By Pedro Alonso / Reuters


''Today I am happy because despite the tragedy of our country, when one meets with Cubans, that gladdens the heart,''he told Efe in an interview a former officer of the Rebel Army of Cuba.
The old companion in arms of Fidel and Raul Castro, "Che''Guevara and Camilo Cienfuegos in the struggle to overthrow Batista, lives in exile in Miami (USA) since 1979, when he left prison after serving 20 years behind bars ideological differences with Fidel.
Like other fellow exiles, Matos dreams of the fall of the Castro regime and thinks that "change is coming, we are closer to the outcome in the Cuban nation,''because it is already a total tyranny in bankruptcy has no way to survive ' '.
Castro''is not recognized, as he said recently there, they do not even work with them the economic system, which is an expression of defeatism,''but that "the Cuban reality shows that tyranny has been long time in power and, inevitably, the people recover their sovereignty.''
In his view, the regime has survived in recent times by the support of the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, and by "people who from different countries, contributes indirectly to the Castros, because they are still allies.''
The former commander has no doubt that the key to topple the Castro Government is that "the Cuban people has just become aware that it can bring down the regime,''and" it can with the cooperation of the military.''
''We believe that the outcome comes with the involvement of the military,''the former leader Castro insists that he clarifies that does not refer to a "civil war''or a" foreign military intervention,''it calls for a change "peaceful''and''openness to democracy."
Asked about when in sight of these new winds blowing in the island, the former guerrilla is cautious: "It would be very smart," he replied that a date, because we Cubans have been wrong many times.''
Despite years of military fatigues he shared with Fidel Castro, Matos, who leads the movement in Miami Independent and Democratic Cuba (CID) can not avoid speaking with disdain of "the bossy that''Fidel, who qualifies as a "fake''and''a diabolical subject has done much damage to Cuba.''
His voice is still strong does not hide his disappointment with the Commander in Chief of the Revolution, but comes to humor to comment on the "resurrection of Fidel''after his convalescence from recent years:" If the Cuban problem was not so intense drama "he says, I burst out laughing limited to the recurrence of Castro.''
"Besides," apostille''gives the impression of being a repentant when he complains (as it did last August Fidel) from the persecution of homosexuals. It was he who personally led the campaign ahead.''
Suddenly, a question arises that lets you thoughtfully: Is there anything of the revolution for which you risked your life?
After a pause, he replied: "What remains of the revolution is to make the commitment violated and betrayed. We fight against dictatorship that lasted seven years. And now there is a terrible dictatorship, totalitarian last fifty years.''
That commitment was "to regain rule of law in Cuba, the Cuban people feel happy by choosing their leaders.''
However, Matos does not regret having fought in the ranks of the rebel army, although it regretted "the use that gave my sacrifice and the sacrifice of many people who died alongside our thinking that the slogan of the revolution, 'freedom or death 'was a serious thing.''
At 91 years, Huber Matos does not forget the past but look to the future with a fixed delusion, the return to a free Cuba, "I am convinced," she sighs that I will see change.''

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