Thursday, September 2, 2010

He arrived in Spain a new dissident released by the Cuban Government

  • Prospero Garcia met in Cuba a sentence of 25 years
  • It is the first of a group of six new prisoners to come to Spain / AGENCIES- MADRID 02/09/2010 - 15:54 hProspero Gainza Agüero , a new Cuban political prisoner has arrived in Madrid Thursday accompanied by several family, Among whom was his wife , Mary Esther White and his son.
Gainza, 53, is the first prisoner of a new group of six dissidents who released the Government of Cuba.
He has flown to Madrid on a regular flight of Air Europe, which has landed at 15.23 hours at the airport Barajas .
A team psycho -social care of  Red Cross was waiting in the lobby of the airport authorities  remove to a hostel, where they will spend the first days in Spain.
The former prisoner , serving a sentence of 25 years , is a member of the illegal movement of civil resistance "Pedro Luis Boitel .
With the arrival in Madrid of Gainza, and there are 27 Cuban political prisoners who have traveled to our country framework of the releases which gave rise to open dialogue between the government of Raul Castro the hierarchy of the Catholic Church in Cuba, which is supported by the Spanish government .
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