Monday, September 20, 2010

LADIES IN WHITE : the dictatorship is exercised " psychological pressure " AGAINST POLITICAL PRISONERS TO OPPOSE TO leave Cuba
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Las Damas de Blanco listas para iniciar su marcha dominical en reclamo de la liberación de todos los presos políticos, en La Habana, Cuba.
Las Damas de Blanco , movement of female relatives of the 75 Cuban dissidents jailed in 2003 , reported today that there " psychological pressure '' from the Government of the island on prisoners that group who refuse to be released and immediately transferred Spain.
Laura Pollan , female community leader , told reporters There are 12 of the 20 prisoners are still incarcerated group until now " kept saying not to go .''

''I do not know what will happen to them,'' he added , while reported the existence of " psychological pressure on them to '' desist from its refusal to invoke a process that releases so far has gone through the obligation to travel directly to Spain.
In this regard he cited as example the case of Eduardo Díaz Fleitas, "Which were one month in the hospital 's Combined ( The prison Havana) along with all those who were leaving for a retraction and said he was going ,'' and Nelson Molinet , who have done '' and had the same result ,'' referring to finally relented and will be among the next to travel .
Berta Soler , a spokesman for the Ladies in White , said the Government " has so far not released to those who want to know stay in Cuba ''and " these men have engaged in a ' pot pressure ' softening the brain to say yes (it will ) , then many are not thought out with this form of exile, but have accepted because the family has been very influential .''
Both Pollán as Soler said their husbands , Hector Maseda and Angel Moya , who marks 20 years in prison, say they do not accept the condition of being released from prison and leave the country .
The Archbishop of Havana on Friday announced the next release of Nelson Molinet Espino , Héctor Raúl Valle Hernández, Miguel Galván Gutiérrez and José Miguel Martínez Hernández , who conveyed directly to Spain with his family in no time specified , depending on the speed of the procedures and availability of flights.
Under the agreement reached last May between the government of Raul Castro and senior Cuban Church hierarchy , supported by Executive of Spain , 52 dissidents would be released within four months from July 12 and sent to Spain their families.
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