Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Obama proposes a new director for Radio and TV Marti

Carlos Garcia- Perez, a Cuban-American lawyer based in Port Rico and member of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF ) has been elected to the post
El abogado cubanoamericano Carlos García-Pérez.
The Cuban-American lawyer Carlos García- Pérez.

President Barack Obama has proposed to Carlos Garcia- Perez, Cuban-American lawyer based in Puerto Rico, to direct Stations Radio / TV Marti broadcast to Cuba, said on Tuesday sources familiar with the appointment process.
García -Pérez  a member of the Cuban American National Foundation (CANF) organization that has criticized government stations U.S. and has been consulted informally on Cuba by current Administration reported El Nuevo Herald.
Both stations , whose goal is to break the information monopoly of the Government Cuban broadcast news and entertainment to the Island Havana block the TV signal gets more effective than radial.
Critics of the stations have said for a long time have a negligible audience , are politically tendentious , suffer from cronyism and have wasted about $ 500 million from the U.S. administration over the years.
García -Pérez  was proposed by Obama but it has to be confirmed by the Board Management of Broadcasting ( BBG) , said three people requested anonymity because they are not authorized to discuss the  subject.
The BBG, composed of nine members , oversees the stations  radio and television of the U.S. government , including those of Radio and TV Marti , the Voice of America , Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty , Radio Free Asia broadcast networks and the Middle East.
A BBG spokesperson declined to comment on the nomination. The assistant Garcia- Perez in Puerto Rico told El Nuevo Herald I was busy with a court case.
García -Pérez  replace Pedro Roig , a lawyer for 69 years and registered Republican ,  who resigned Aug. 27 after seven years in office .
The  CANF president Francisco " Pepe "Hernández, wrote in February that " today, Radio and TV Marti are not up to its mission original objective to disseminate news and information to the Cuban people . "
"The  nepotism and cronyism have governed the process of making decisions, " Hernandez wrote in a column published in El Nuevo Herald, and added a call for " immediate and effective restructuring "of the stations.
Roig,  in a column a week later, denied the allegations CANF and criticized for not interceding with Congress to avoid a budget cut that forced him to laid off 35 employees , the 22 % of staff.
García -Pérez is a shareholder in the Department of  Litigation and Trials of Goldman Antonetti & Cordova , one of the largest law firms in Puerto Rico. His practice focuses on laws trade , according to the website of the firm.
The page further states that represents clients in the acquisition franchises in the United States and Latin America , as well as negotiations for distribution and franchise agreements in Latin America.
García -Pérez graduated in 1985 from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh , specializing in Economics and Industrial Relations International and the School of Law at Hofstra University in Hampstead , New York, in 1988. He was admitted to the Bar Association Puerto Rico in 1990 and Florida in 1997.
The Senate confirmed last week to Dick Wolf , 73 , a journalist Tampa Cuban origin , as head of the International Office Broadcasting , which provides programming services and transmissions  BBG stations . Wolf was head of Radio and TV Marti during the administration of President Bill Clinton.
Radio Marti  was founded in 1983 and broadcasts in shortwave frequencies and AM. TV Marti, who was followed in 1990, broadcast from the Florida Keys , and through a commercial satellite .
During all these years, several governmental oversight panels have reported that stations did not conform to journalistic standards required and were too politicized.
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