Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Open Letter to President Obama

John J. Suarez from Notes from the Cuban Exile Quarter has penned an open letter to President Obama regarding the Cuban 5.
Dear President Obama,
Gerardo Hernandez, Ramón Labañino, Rene Gonzalez, Antonio Guerrero and Fernando Gonzalez are currently serving prison sentences for acts of espionage and what amounts to state terrorism against US citizens. They plotted to sabotage planes, set warehouses on fire, and discussed in their coded communications sending a mail bomb to a South Florida resident with the goal of causing their death. None of these men have demonstrated any remorse for their actions.
Then on February 24, 1996 the murders of Armando Alejandre, Carlos Costa, Mario de la Peña and Pablo Morales, condemned by the United Nations Human Rights Commission, the United Nation’s Security Council, the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights along with many others gave proof to the deadly seriousness of their planning.
Despite regime claims Brothers to the Rescue, infiltrated by Cuban spies, never advocated violence. On the contrary the organization had a close relationships with the Martin Luther King Jr. Institute and the Albert Einstein Institute and organized teach-ins on nonviolence.
You can read the entire letter and add your name HERE.
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