Thursday, September 2, 2010


The cynicism of Fidel Castro

Fidel Castro declares now that is not homophobic , but his speeches expressing the opposite
Celebración del Día Internacional contra la Homofobia en Cuba
International Day Against Homophobia in Cuba.
In an interview granted to the Cuban dictator journalist Carmen Castro Lira Mexican pro -director of the leftist daily Aztec La Jornada, and who has more than once  subservience and devotion demonstrated by the old tyrant ( and tyrant old) , this, while taking responsibility for the persecution  homosexuals in Cuba during the 1960s, disclaims skillfully that responsibility , arguing that " in those moments " could not " take care of these issues. "
One of the sites  that homosexuals were sent to the UMAP was ( euphemistically called Military Units to Aid Production , but in fact labor camps that existed in Cuba since 1965-1968 ). Following Castro's statements to Lira - published by parties La Jornada and, indeed , with a writing full of typos and solecisms - not a few media have been associated with  the UMAP only homosexuals. We should clarify that the 22,000 human beings who were taken to labor camps , only 20 percent were homosexual "detected " by the bodies repressive . The rest of the "troops " was composed of religious different doctrines , Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholics, Adventists seventh day , evangelists and others , as well as young (and not so young ) who had no permanent job or that deviated in some way conception of the New Man convened by the communist revolution.
But the most contradictory statements made by the tyrant to fan Mexico are the causes and dates that states to exempt while ago mea culpa. The  more intense persecution of homosexuals began in 1964 , two years after the October Crisis and other events Antillean argues despot to be not aware of the situation that they were suffering . However, in a speech that the madman pronounced nuclear the March 13, 1963 , said: "Many of these Pepilla vague, middle-class children , are walking around with a few shorts  too close ( laughter from the audience ), some of them with a guitar attitudes ' elvispreslianas ', and have taken their debauchery to extremes of wanting to go to some sites concurrency organize public shows feminoid for self ". Feminoid,  said the satrap and the audience laughs. And that does not stop , " Twink aspiring to that? No! ' A tree that grew twisted ...', and the remedy so easy. I'm not saying we're going to drastic measures against these twisted trees , but young aspirants, no! " . Homophobic great cunning in Biran : homosexuals , according to apparently , are " crooked trees . " But still :
 There  a few theories , I am not a scientist, I am not an expert in that matter ( laughter from the audience ), but always noticed one thing : that the field was not the byproduct . I always watched that, and I have always very present . So to the great homosexuals are obsessed by-productthat  thank God, " was lacking in the field. " It must be, perhaps, perhaps who knows, because he was born in the countryside. The audience to whom it was directed  that speech , euphoric as obvious allusions to , at some point  will confirm to shout to the big male farmer : " The loose leg Fidel! "," gay ! " . He asks his listeners view the stallion illustrates : "What say you, comrades ? What is our youth strong , enthusiastic , energetic , optimistic , striving for a future, willing to work for that future and die for this future? What do you think of all those evils ? " . The response of the public  Needless to say it.
Well, this is enough to get an idea Just who planted the animosity in the "masses "against homosexuals. And a fair idea that the newly resurrected murderer lies about the dates on which he was engaged in "other things" .
Already  know that the peasant in Biran go down in history as that paradoxically , destroyed the field , the city and the lives of many generations. Carmen Lira , if anything happens to the story, or less remains in the memory of a few, will be like someone folded ,  assume that personal interest , one of the worst cruelties which has been made in Latin America.

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