Monday, September 20, 2010

Psychological pressure to leave Cuba prisoners

Las Damas de Blanco denounce the pressures of the Castro dictatorship to redeem release for deportation to Spain.

HO EDITORIAL.- Laura Pollan , leader of the umbrella organization Wives of jailed dissidents , said that they are pressured by the government of Raul Castro to accept convicts moved to Spain.
Pollan has told reporters that There are 12 of the 20 prisoners the group that undertook the Castro dictatorship and to liberate still jailed because until now " kept saying he would not leave. "
" We do not know what will happen to them, " he added , while reported the existence of " psychological pressure " on them to desist from its refusal to invoke a process that releases conditions to those released to travel directly to Spain .
Berta Soler, spokesman for the Ladies in White said the government of Raul Castro "as yet releasing those who know they want to stay in Cuba " and " these men have engaged in a ' pressure cooker ' softening the brain to told to leave. "
Both Pollán as Soler said their husbands , Héctor Maseda and Angel Moya , who marks 20 years in prison , say who do not accept the condition of being released and left the country .
The Archbishop of Havana announced last week that released next Nelson Molinet Espino , Héctor Raúl Valle Hernández , Miguel Galván Gutiérrez and José Miguel Martínez Hernández conveyed directly to Spain with his family .

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