Monday, September 13, 2010

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Rick Robinson in the Daily Caller: Castro chic
Sept. 11 - Like ugly, paisley-print, wide ties, Cuba’s Fidel Castro seems to wander in and out of political chic every few years.
After writing an article on the Middle East, Jeffrey Goldberg of The Atlantic got a call that Fidel Castro would like to talk to him. Goldberg went to Havana and spent a couple of days with the old coot.
Goldberg’s series of well-written articles are being posted on The Atlantic website and are worth reading. Castro met with Goldberg for a series of interviews. The aging dictator provided so many shocking quotes that the series could easily go on for a week and still make national headlines each day. Read more at the realcubablog

Jeffrey Goldberg: Fidel Tries To Wiggle Out of One
Sept. 11 - According to CNN, Fidel Castro is claiming that I misunderstood his statement, "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."
I'm sorry to say it, but I think the expression, "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore" means, "The Cuban model doesn't even work for us anymore."
Fidel says that his answer meant "exactly the opposite" of what Julia Sweig and I heard him say. Just as a language experiment, here is what the opposite of his statement would sound like: "The Cuban model works so well for us that we want to export it." But he didn't say this. What he said was -- well, you've read what he said. I'm not sure how this statement --accurately quoted, according to Fidel -- could mean anything other than what it means. The Atlantic
French government: Castro's comments about Roma "holocaust" show his ignorance of history
Sept. 11 - France says comments by Cuban dictator Fidel Castro about its treatment of Roma migrants are unacceptable and show his ignorance of history.
Castro accused Paris of carrying out a "racial holocaust" over its expulsion of members of the Roma community.
"The use of 'holocaust' by Castro demonstrates his ignorance of history and disdain towards its victims," said French foreign ministry spokesman Bernard Valero. "Such words are unacceptable."
In a clear reference to Cuba's treatment of dissidents, Mr Valero added: "That Fidel Castro shows an interest in human rights is truly revolutionary."   Read more at the realcubablog
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