Thursday, September 16, 2010

September 16, 2010

Canadian editorial: Castro still surprises

An editorial published Thursday in the Canadian newspaper The Edmonton Journal.He's (fcr2) baaack! Fidel, that is.
Tuesday, Cuba's first jefe declared that French president Nicolas Sarkozy is "too crazy to be trusted with the launch codes of nuclear bombs."
Looking a tad loopy himself, Castro asked: "Suppose Sarkozy suddenly goes crazy, as appears to be happening. What would the U.N. Security Council do in that case with Sarkozy and his briefcase?" He went on to condemn the recent French decision to deport 1,000 Hungarian and Bulgarian Roma as "racial holocaust."
Interesting, that Castro failed to mention the imposition of the highly questionable French anti-burka law that went into effect this week. What are the odds that the Cuban government would have tolerated observant Muslims emigrating to the island nation to begin with? Would Fidel have really welcomed boatloads of "gypsies" sailing into Havana Bay seeking a better life and free health-care? And who would fancy brother Raúl Castro carrying nuclear codes in his saddlebag?
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Ros-Lehtinen: No word on Cuba changes

Representative Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-Fla.) met Wednesday with Peter Brennan, coordinator of the office for Cuban affairs at the Brn State Department, but said Brennan gave no indication of when – or if – the administration will roll out changes to its U.S.-Cuba policy.
Ros-Lehtinen, who said she was joined by Mario Diaz-Balart, said she had requested the meeting with Brennan, who is new to the post, because of worries about reports that the administration is considering easing travel restrictions to Cuba. (Word was it would happen before Congress returned to Washington this week, but it did not.)
Ros-Lehtinen said the two Miami Republicans told Brennan they're opposed to softening restrictions and believe it would only help the Cuban regime. She said Brennan, a career diplomat, has experience in several Latin American countries, but that she suggested a better model for his Cuba gig.
"North Korea is a better model," she said of Cuba.
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