Monday, September 20, 2010

September 20, 2010

Half measures are not enough, paper says; Cuba must first make fundamental reforms

Fidel and Raúl Castro ("the gerontocratic rulers of Cuba") are launching a series of "economic half measures and political feints in the hope of patching their regime without having to change it," begins an editorial Monday in The Washington Post.
The gradual release of political prisoners is another tactic, the paper says.
Calls in the United States for a lifting of the embargo and the end of travel restrictions are "part of the Castros' strategy [that] the Obama administration will respond and that a wave of American tourists will arrive with desperately needed dollars."
A liberalization of travel restrictions "may be the best response to the Castros' half measures," The Post says. But "fundamental changes of U.S. policy toward Cuba should await fundamental reforms by the regime.
"When average Cubans are allowed the right to free speech and free assembly, [...] it will be time for American tourists and business executives to return to the island."
To read the entire editorial, click here.

September 19, 2010

Basic Industry chief fired for 'deficiencies'

Yádira García Vera has (fot2) been removed as Minister of Basic Industry because of "deficiencies in the direction of the organization," a news item on the Saturday evening newscast said.
The announcement said that the Council of State, at the initiative of Raúl Castro, had decided to "liberate" García  from her post because those deficiencies were "particularly reflected in the weak control over the resources set aside for the investment and productive process."
First Vice Minister Tomás Benítez Hernández will replace García "on a provisional basis," the TV announcer said.
The Ministry of Basic Industry oversees three sectors of the economy: energy (oil and electricity), geology (mining) and chemistry.
García, 55, had held the post since October 2004.
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