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The amazing story of Cuban exile , a survivor in Fidel 's Cuba

Havana, on the right a discretamemente policed .
No need to escape on a raft and sail to the Florida peninsula to the risk of being eaten by a hungry shark to be a Cuban exile . Also "may" be an exile on the island itself . MDZ invites you to travel for a few minutes to Havana to learn about hidden who dares to think differently from Fidel Castro.

Travel to Cuba is like a desired destination for many Argentines. The Caribbean island is a symbol of Latin America. Castro's revolution and its hero the Argentine Ernesto " Che "Guevara are the most burdensome motivations to travel to the island.
But hidden and strict surveillance of the native state becomes suffocating. A first-person testimony of Mendoza that she experienced pins and testimonies of two Cubans who dare to question the government and survive Castro in Havana is the engine of this report.
These sequences occurred less than a month. More precisely on 11 August in the middle of Havana. The experience lived a Mendoza that brought us the videos with the testimony of two Cubans living in exile in his own country. The conditions under which the comments were recorded and the accounts of Rafael González Ruiz ( picture below) are as interesting as the same story of the inhabitants of Fidel 's Cuba .

At the same time , our reporter 's testimony makes clear casual level of implicit fear that is installed between the islanders when referring to the state and its main players : the Castro brothers.
The first contact with Mendoza that he was in the island last month for tourism was González Ruiz who attended our friend in his unsuccessful battle to communicate over a public telephone with relatives in Mendoza. That first meeting took place during the first days of August. Then our " correspondent " continued his tour around the island resort and after 10 days returned to Havana and occasionally returned to the place where he met Rafael.
It was the same who recognized the Mendoza Cuban tourist. And it was he who was accompanied with three other men who invited him to discuss "sharing "as the Cubans.
He drew attention to how the three who were with who later was reported as disappeared from the scene, according to the story of our friend tourists. "For a while the talk has become a kind of story in reverse, he would ask me Argentina over Cuba and appeared on that train the police ... "recalls the tourist resort who transforms her story into a narrative about an episode espionage occurred on a hot night in Havana.
When the police came to ask for identification and to verify that Mendoza had the status of tourist cash is focused on his compatriot . He called over a radio González Ruiz 's background and identified with his background and immediately came of the Argentine was described as "siege "by the officer .
It turns out that Gonzalez Ruiz has been politically active and have been encouraged to question the government and therefore has suffered persecution and has been in jail for that, and according to our "sent "after this process has some protection in the United States within the same island through the Swiss embassy. These explanations are necessary to entedrr why Gonzalez remained at large in that encounter with the police even if he wanted to stop .
" As soon as the police wanted to take him prisoner and I tried to explain that he was not doing anything wrong, but I heard the police , he took from his back pocket a paper and said loudly : 'You know what this is? It is the Universal Declaration of Human Rights , tell me where is written here that says I can not talk to a tourist in Cuba . " That was one of the hardest moments I lived there. It was impressive to see him standing in front of the police calling for their rights. While the police received an order from the central Cuban did not stop and spent the first shock , "said Mendoza, who gave us the videos on condition of anonymity .
That bump with the police changed the tone of the conversation between the tourist and the Cuban. The island and talked about his situation and asked his interlocutor to listen and take note of what also happens in the mythical island to the world also learned of this and did not need to escape the island on a raft feel exiled from Castro's Cuba .
Our friend chose to film the story. " He should never have done on public roads , be true now. The conversation continued but the police returned . And this time and went to Argentina and rebuked him because I was recording the conversation. "We are looking for security cameras that I am informed from the central I will have to give the camera because you can not shoot here , "said the uniformed imperative .
" I refused the camera had kept in his pocket and said I was not recording. I insisted and police remained in position , I offered to review my bag where I had the camera. That slowed him down and tried to defend myself and González Ruiz yéndonos all over the place, " first-person account of Mendoza.
Anyway, the record of testimony had been saved. The men agreed to meet the other day to keep talking about this Cuba hidden. The tourist was admitted that all those hours in fear and hesitating whether to return to meet with Cuban dissident . That morning of August 12, threw a coin as if it were an excuse ( one of three Cuban pesos, which uses only the islanders, who on one side has the effigy of Che and the other the shield of Cuba). " currency Che 's face showed so I decided to go to the meeting . I told Rafael that was honest with me because I was in Cuba as a tourist and just wanted to help. He told me that everything was under control, then ended up in a house where we find in July . There we shot the other testimony , "he concluded our friend while he reviewed the images that marked their Caribbean vacation .
Look and listen to the testimony .

Tomorrow the second witness . Tamayo Julio Antonio Ferrer , another Cuban in Havana itself pursued his experience will live on the island .

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