Friday, September 3, 2010

Spanish Socialists meet with Cardinal Ortega

They expressed their gratitude to the Archbishop of Havana for their role in the process of release of prisoners
El cardenal Jaime Ortega camina junto a Leire Pajín, secretaria de organización del Partido Socialista Obrero Español (PSOE), poco antes de una reunión en la sede del arzobispado de La Habana
Cardinal Jaime Ortega walks with Leire Pajin , secretary of organization of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE ) , shortly before a meeting at the headquarters of the archdiocese of Havana.
Spanish Socialist leaders Cardinal Jaime Ortega thanked for the efforts that led to the release of Cuban dissidents , while held meetings with Communist Party officials to strengthen relationships .
Led by Secretary of organization of the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE ) , Leire Pajin, the delegation began its agenda on the island on Wednesday with a meeting with his fellow Communists, which addressed the situation of the island, including possible reforms in the model announced by President Raul Castro, who last month said it will adjust the country's economic system to current conditions .
The trip "is intended to accompany the government's foreign policy (Spanish ) ... and that goes to maintain cooperative relations with the authorities of the island and the Communist Party of Cuba, "said Pajín during a meeting with reporters.
Pajín Then , accompanied by the secretary of international politics and cooperation of the PSOE , Elena Valenciano , went to Cardinal Jaime Ortega. "We want to express thanks and recognition to the role of his eminence in the process of release of Cuban prisoners , "said Pajín .
Ortega negotiated with the Taiwan authorities for the release of 52 dissidents imprisoned since 2003 (initially it was a score of 74 but had been released for health reasons over the last seven years ) , of which 26 have already visited Spain .
The announcement of the releases occurred precisely during a visit of Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos in July, when he met with Castro and Ortega.
New releases are expected dissidents and travel to Spain in the days ahead .
Pajín recognized that both the Socialist government as the Church received criticism from other dissidents , including some of those released expressed his displeasure on the ground that were not all that deserved to get to Madrid, and other political parties for mediation.
These comments seek to " wear "the government said the leader.
"We know this type of process is usually not pleasant ... but despite this we believe deeply that deserves punishment , " Bowyer said.
The delegation will stay in Cuba until Thursday.

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