Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The UN Summit will hear today on Iran , Venezuela and Cuba

United Nations , Sep 21 ( EFE ) .- The UN Summit today celebrates the second day of discussions on the Millennium Development Goals ( MDGs ), with the most important interventions in Iran , Venezuela and Cuba.
Leaders around the world participate in this summit convened by the United Nations from 20 to 22 September to review and expedite implementation of the commitments made ten years ago to among other objectives , to eradicate extreme poverty and seek innovative solutions to development aid .
Beyond the Summit is also held Tuesday a meeting of the Middle East Quartet , comprising the United States , United Nations, European Union and Russia , to address the ongoing direct negotiations between Israelis and Palestinians.
The speech of Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad Of particular interest to the United Nations after the international community last June impose a fourth round of sanctions on Tehran for continuing to pursue its nuclear program , which they suspect could lead to use clandestine military .
Admadineyad recently invited the U.S. president , Barack Obama, to a direct encounter in the framework of the UN to discuss nuclear dispute , but has not yet been an official response from Washington.
The intervention of the Venezuelan Foreign Minister Nicolas Maduro is also one of the most anticipated in the absence of the president, Hugo Chavez, who decided to stay at home while campaigning for next Sunday's parliamentary elections , considered a test for the Bolivarian socialist project .
Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, shall represent their country in this summit which is also the Head of State , Raul Castro , who rarely attend international meetings.
The president of Nicaragua, Daniel Ortega, announced Monday he will not go to the UN and instead will Nicaraguan Foreign Minister Samuel Santos.
Interventions planned for today also those of Russia, Germany , Afghanistan and Haiti.
On Monday in New York held a special meeting on the reconstruction of Haiti, which was attended by UN special envoy , Bill Clinton, and a dozen foreign ministers to assess the financial assistance to the country devastated by the earthquake of January.
MDG Summit precedes the annual debate of the UN General Assembly from 23 to 30 September, which brings together heads of state and government and foreign ministers of 192 countries, and serves as a framework to discuss current international events.
The UN Summit will hear today on Iran , Venezuela and Cuba
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