Monday, September 20, 2010

Washington Post: Cuban regime seeks only to perpetuate themselves in power

The Associated Press

Economic reforms in Cuba recently announced only seeking keep in power the communist government , which was forced to take them because their model has failed , the newspaper said on Monday Washington Post.
The decision to remove half a million employees of the state payroll it is only because "the regime Gerontocratic "of Cuba "is in trouble "and" only kept afloat by millionaires grants from the erratic Hugo Chavez, " the paper said in a editorial published on Monday.
The Cuban government has "no intention of allowing greater political freedom "and therefore both launches " halfway economic measures and political maneuvering , with the hope to patch the system without having to change it, " adds publication.
The paper rejects the hypothesis that Cuba is directed to a system like China or Vietnam, where allows the free market but with a strong political control.
"In Castro brothers actually seem to be trying to implement measures such as emergency reforms implemented in the 1990s after the collapse of the Soviet Union ... The government will impose strong regulations and taxes to the private sector without providing capital or access to raw materials or foreign investment , "says the paper.
The Post argued against lifting the embargo to the island : "Any fundamental change in U.S. policy toward Cuba must wait until fundamental reforms by the regime. When the Cubans have the right to freedom of speech and assembly ... will be the time that tourists and U.S. businesses can return to the island. "

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