Saturday, September 11, 2010

Would receive a prize of IPI...

Cuba denied Yoani Sanchez  permission to travel to Vienna

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MADRID , 10 Sep. (EPress)
The Cuban opposition blogger Yoani Sanchez may not be present on Friday in Vienna on the spot where the International Press Institute (IPI ) would recognize as the Hero World Press Freedom for his " harsh criticism of life Cuba " through his blog ' Generation Y '.
Sanchez reported through their network account 'Twitter ' , " the bureau of immigration and foreigners tell me to come back next Friday. Goodbye to the ceremony in Austria. "
The blogger had come to this dependence on the Cuban government in search of an answer to his request for an " exit permit " to Cuba. According pointed out shortly before today had its " final opportunity to be on time for the ceremony of the IPI in Vienna . "
This body had appointed last week as the 60th Hero World Press Freedom Day. According to IPI , the blog launched in 2007 Sánchez Account currently has more than one million readers "and recalled that since 2008 not available to Cubans for the actions of the authorities.
This has led to Yoani Sánchez, notes IPI to "resort to extreme and creative measures to keep alive his blog " as posing as a tourist to be able to access the Internet and submit their entries by mail to friends outside the country to can impart .
In addition, the IPI alleged that the Cuban government has refused to leave the country to the blogger at least six occasions in the past two years, despite the international recognition his blog , "which has received numerous awards, and has undergone the latter to " harassment. "
" tremendously important work of Sanchez offers a look at what would otherwise be a closed world , " highlights the acting director of IPI , Alison McKenzie Bethel . "We are proud to know Yoani and give this prestigious award, " he added.
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