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Faes con los demócratas cubanos

Faes with Cuban democrats

05/17/1910 - MADRID. The president of the Foundation for Social Studies and Analysis FAES, José María Aznar, has vehemently demanded the arrival of freedom for Cuba in an act of homage to Cuban democrats held today Monday, May 17, by the Foundation which has also defended the EU Common Position on Cuba.
"Cuba is a prison"
Former Spanish President José María Aznar said that if you change the position of the EU common  Cuba, the Union will be "complicit in the abuses, repression and terror "dictatorship of the Castro brothers  
Former Prime Minister José María Aznar assured today that if you change the EU's common position regarding Cuba, as in his opinion the Spanish government will seek in a few weeks, the Union will be "complicit in the abuses, repression and terror "of the dictatorship of the Castro brothers.
Aznar has said these words during the act the Foundation for Analysis and Social Studies, which he chairs, has organized in Madrid to coincide with the Summit EU-Latin America, something that "no accident", as acknowledged by the  Former Prime Minister.
In the company of former heads of government, as the Peruvian Alejandro Toledo, president of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre; of Former Cuban political prisoners and politicians in exile, Aznar criticized that the Executive José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has who "persist in holding that the common position is obsolete."
While he lamented that the Government wants go from "nothing without dissent" to "all without the dissidents', former Prime Minister said that attempts to change the common position will cause that the Union "plunged into the condescension "with the Cuban regime and that it only" benefit  the Castro. "
"That would make the EU complicit in the abuses, of repression and terror "of the dictatorship on the island and would cause "serious damage" to the fight for freedom, he added.
Aznar, who recalled the figure of the former prisoner Orlando Zapata, died from the effects of a hunger strike, has assured that the Government of Raul and Fidel Castro's days numbered. "
But this end, as it is the community internationally, will depend on the firmness, never the "appeasement or complacency, "they go down this path, he said, it is always answered with  "Wave of repression" by the dictatorship.
Aguirre, meanwhile, has deemed "necessary"  the voice of Cuban democrats is heard at the summit of these days, especially, he added, when the Minister of Foreign Affairs Miguel Angel Moratinos, says that the common position no longer offers results.
In response, said: "Perhaps the minister forgets that the main lesson of the twentieth century is that the firm appears to be the only way to fight tyranny "based on" fear, repression and lies. "
In his view, on the island, citizens living condemned "the silence", and if not, "the captive" because they, and "prison or exile," are the "only alternative" to the President Raul Castro and his brother Fidel earlier reserved for Cubans.
Meanwhile, relations coordinator PP International, Jorge Moragas, has joined the requirement of Madrid president. "It would be a shame to leave the Summit silence ", has apostille.
Orlando Zapata has been present in almost all interventions, particularly in the dissenters gathered. The FAES general secretary, Jaime Garcia-Legaz, has been defined as "a martyr of democracy and freedom. "
Among the international celebrities, Wilfred Martens, president of the European Popular Party, lamented that relations with Cuba have not been a priority of the Presidency Spanish in office.
In a speech delivered entirely in Castilian, has call for unity of the Cuban dissidents and has invoked "the unshakable commitment "of the EPP with the struggle for  democracy on the island.
In addition to Toledo, former president spoke of Bolivia Jorge Quiroga, both to defend the arrival of democracy  Cuba. S:

CUBA: THE POLICY sergeants Castro

By Juan González Febles
Freelance journalist.

Lawton,  Havana, May 13, 2010, (PD) Some things never change or change only slightly. The sergeants were political presence folk in the democratic republic. They were the link between people current and politicians of the time. Were reflected in the vernacular theater, music, and in almost all disciplines representative of popular art.

During the clearing of national traditions and values brought forward by the Castro regime in  desire to perpetuate the political sergeants at that time were demonized or described their worst colors. The 'scholars' and organic intellectuals of the regime to defy joined this group  mixed.

Fidel Castro appeared as a national savior someone swore that never again would have to vote for a bed in a hospital to a political Sgt. Nothing, until an excellent humorous 'San Nicolas Peladero', he delighted a generation enjoyed the unrepeatable Enrique Santiesteban, Agustín Campos Enrique Arredondo, among other idols of the stage of Cuban humor, which  politicians representing those sergeants, cheats, womanizing, earthy and outrageous.

The politicians have sergeants budded its laurels. Revived under the guise of 'factors community '. The factors or political sergeants are Castroism most corrupt element of the already corrupt government Castro.

Almost all are members of the ruling Communist in charge of betrayal at the neighborhood level. On many sometimes develop rich illegal economic activities that count with the complicity of the criminal police in charge of order public or state security police, guarantor of order and political repression.

Traffic in welding rods,  tended steal electricity from the public or for-profit buildings personal, liquefied gas, pipelines, components for electrical installations  home, cockfights and bet dogs included, materials construction, exchange and allocation of houses, mobile, support social and, finally, all that the poor citizen needs to drag the miserable existence in Cuba.

The sergeants political or Castroism manengues maybe even bribe the police. This is something  that conditions defenseless citizen who lives in Cuba,  difficult to prove. There are no mechanisms for the civil society issues at the authorities from the point of view institution, much less from the position of the average citizen.

The  Castro manengues or factors are at the base said to promote the rampant corruption that the regime says it wants delete. According to the excellent relationships they have with police blue, dedicated to preserving the social order could thought that might keep a similar relationship with bribery other police dedicated to preserving the political order. After all,  police and police are all in the end are the same.

Therefore, dirty after so much water passed under the bridges, you can remember nostalgia to those manengues guayabera, honesty and values family. At least those were why the Cuba of today and of all times defined with one word: men. These were men their concept, these, not even they know that they really are.

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Mariela Castro efforts silenced by the official Cuban press
HAVANA, Cuba, May 17 (Laritza Diversent, National Center Sex Education (CENESEX) from Cuba, a program of activities in Cuba to commemorate the International Day against Homophobia. The main event will be today, Monday 17, "The Mejunje"Santa Clara. The note was published by  EFE, May 3.
The Cenesex also launched a propaganda called  'Gay friendly'. However, propaganda billboards of the city  are filled with revolutionary slogans and anti-lock American. So far the official press has not touched the subject.
The head of this government agency, Mariela Castro, told international media that there is debate about sexual diversity in Cuban society. It recognizes, however, existence of prejudices and opinions derogatory against labor  performed.
Since Raul Castro took power, his daughter focused their efforts to show the world an image of tolerance government toward homosexuality. Apart from the official celebration  Day Against Homophobia, the government did authorize the reassignment.
According to their statements, a decision of the Ministry Public Health, adopted the practice of these interventions surgical procedures as part of medical care to transgender, since June 2008. He did not give figures.
Castro works in the presentation of several Legislative initiatives: a decree law on gender identity which allows transsexuals to formalize the change of sex, without  surgery and a draft law amending the Code of Family, legalizing gay civil unions. He acknowledged no have made progress so far.
Last January was held on the island on Fifth Cuban Congress on Education, Therapy and Sexual Orientation. Participated at the inauguration, the President of the National Assembly and member of  Political Buro, Ricardo Alarcon. The event was reflected in the daily Spanish 'El Mundo'.
The daughter of President of the Councils of State and Ministers, on that occasion, stated that he intended to direct a letter to the leadership of the Communist Party (PCC) to accept in its ranks to homosexuals. Granma, official organ of the PCC,  made no reference to the congress, or the Parliament Speaker participation therein, or the legislative proposals of the offspring of Raul Castro.
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Cuba denies "moral authority" to the EU to speak human rights in your country

The Minister Moratinos and his Cuban counterpart, Bruno Rodriguez

MADRID - Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez said this  Monday that his government did not recognize the European Union (EU) "no moral authority "to talk about human rights in Cuba and that common EU position preventing normalization of relations.
"While  Such a common position there, you can not fully restore  relations between Cuba and the EU, "said Rodriguez Telecinco.
The  "Common position" conditions since 1996 the EU political dialogue with  Havana regarding the rights and freedoms in the island, but Spain, which holds the rotating EU presidency during this semester, wants to replace this position through an agreement cooperation.
"Cuba recognizes the Spanish presidency of the Union  A true European partner, "said the minister, adding that "Cuba is a sovereign country, like Spain, which does not recognize the Union European no moral authority to address issues of rights Cuba's human. "
The Spanish Foreign Minister, Miguel Angel Moratinos, said last Friday that maintaining common position was masochism. "If the common position to be effective, would  the first to want to keep, but a position that does not work  is something masochistic, is to maintain a position that is useless, " said.
"If the mechanism we have not been achieved (Progress in Cuba), will have to find other tools to improve the relationship to strengthen relations, "he said Monday Moratinos, at the start of the Euro-Latin American summit in Madrid.