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Pong's view of the release of prisoner of conscience Ariel Sigler

Venezuela's military ties with Cuba stir concerns

June 14 - The ties between Hugo Chávez and Cuba’s Communist leaders are plain enough: Cuba has thousands of doctors here, not to mention a smaller number of advisers who help on a breadth of issues, like agricultural engineering and even training Olympic athletes.
But the quiet expansion of Cuba’s military role here has raised a particular concern among critics of Chávez, who maintain that the military is being retooled — with Cuba’s help — into an institution that can be used to quell any domestic challenge to the president.

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One year after his arrest, Dr. Darsi Ferrer will finally go to trial

June 14 - Dr. Darsi Ferrer will go to trial on June 22, according to information provided by his wife Yusmaini Jorge Soca.

Dr. Ferrer was arrested in July of 2009 for allegedly having 2 bags of cement in his house.

Castro's Cuba is the only country in the world where a citizen can be sent to jail for having 2 bags of cement.

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Can you see the difference?

Here is a photo of Fidel Castro after his arrest in 1953, for leading an assault against a military garrison that resulted in the death of more than two dozen people, between attackers and government soldiers.

After the attack failed, Fidel Castro went into hiding.

He turned himself in after Santiago de Cuba's Archbishop, Msgr. Enrique Perez Serantes, guaranteed his life and a right to a fair trial.

He was sentenced to 15 years in jail, but was pardoned after only 21 months and 15 days in jail.

These are photos of Castro walking out of prison and being received by sympathizers at a railroad station..

Castro referred to his time in prison as a vacation at a  "country club," in letters that he wrote to friends while he was in jail.

When he left prison after being pardoned, he looked even healthier than when he went in.

Now lets look at these photos of Ariel Sigler Amaya the prisoner of conscience that was paroled yesterday by the Castro regime after 7 years in prison.

Ariel Sigler didn't commit any violent crime, as Castro did. He didn't cause any deaths, as Castro did.

His only crime was collecting books to open a Public Library at his home.

For that, Ariel and his brother, who still remain in jail, were sentenced to 20 years in Castro's Gulag.

Before Ariel Sigler Amaya went to jail he used to be a heavyweight boxer.

This is how he looked back then:

Now look at these photos of Ariel Sigler Amaya, when he arrived at his home on Saturday after 7 years in Castro's Gulag.

Can you see the difference between the jail of Batista, the "dictator," and the Gulag run by the Castro brothers, the torturers who the main stream media still refer to as the "former president" and "current president" of Cuba?

Cuban dissident wants Cubans in Miami to "keep their mouth shut"

June 12 - Cuban dissident and economist, Oscar Espinoza Chepe, one of the 74 masochists that signed the controversial letter asking for an end to travel restrictions and to provide credits to the Castro regime, told El Nuevo Herald that "There are people in Miami that would help us a great deal if they kept their mouth shut, because they are not helping us."

It seems that after living for 51 years in a country that doesn't respect freedom of speech, Chepe doesn't understand what it means to live in a free country where everyone is free to express their own opinions.

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Another "wonderful gesture": Castro brothers to parole one paraplegic political prisoner

June 12 - The Castro regime is to release a jailed paraplegic political dissident as a result of talks between the Catholic Church and Cuban dictator Raul Castro, the office of the Archbishop of Havana said.

The dissident, Ariel Sigler Amaya, 46, has been in prison since 2003.

Six other dissidents will also be moved to jails in their home provinces on Saturday to be closer to their relatives as a result of the talks, the archbishop's office said in a statement. Read the whole story at the realcubablog

In the Box...

Che Guevara: a "patriot" of utlilería. By Nicolas Marquez

Journalism of Truth: 15 June 2010
Royal Spanish Academy defines "patriotism" as: "A person who has love for his country and tries all his good."

The definition is a comment after new award which he won Ernesto Guevara de la Serna, "Che", who was officially appointed by the President Cristina Kirchner (as part of the official entertainment Bicentennial) as "Latin American Patriot" while the president  ordered it to hang a picture with his likeness with that of Heroes Simon Bolivar and Jose de San Martin in the "Gallery Latin American Patriots "located in the Cabildo. Bolivar, among others several achievements contributed to emancipate Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru  and Venezuela. San Martín in turn liberated Argentina, Chile and Peru.
Do not be too put Guevara on a par with sizes worthy men? They asked a lot. What did the "patriot" Guevara in his homeland maybe?
Well, as a tourist wandering teenager and then received doctor at the National University of Buenos Aires. There ends sharply throughout its link with Argentina, since after obtaining the college degree at the age of 25 years Ernesto Guevara left his country journey through Latin America in 1953, until he met by chance  young Raul and Fidel Castro in Mexico, who was sympathetic and  embarked on the expedition leaders (Cuban exiles at the time in the Aztec country) had been preparing to return to Cuba and give battle against the government of Fulgencio Batista.
In 1956 Fidel, Raul, Che and about 80 men arrived in Cuba in the famous yacht "Granma" and began the rural guerrilla iconographic from Sierra Maestra to do battle against a government arbitrary, corrupt and discredited.
While the sergeant Batista ended his term as President February 1959 and had been substantiated in November election 1958 to elect successor, the U.S. took the decision that Batista  give up early leaving the field clear for the brothers  Castro and his cohorts take state power, which are exerting iron hand since then until today.
Inmdiato Che became a Cuban citizen "of birth" and only once returned to his native country only a few hours remaining incognito meet with President Arturo Frondizi in 1961.
One might argue that no public and political participation Guevara in Argentina is not a sufficient condition for no honored with this distinction, that has gotten the title is awarded "Latin American Laddie" and therefore we have located not only within regional vernacular.
Well, Che in Cuba managed two concentration camps and extermination of dissidents and homosexuals ("The Cottage" and "Guanacahabibes" respectively), occupying bureaucratic positions then two (Chairman of National Bank of Cuba and Minister of Industries).
Then his guerrilla exploits in the region were limited to treating to carry out two coups against democratic governments.
The first against the Argentine President Dr. Arturo Illia, managing  from Havana to a quota coup that installed in the mountains Salta in 1963 and had the local chief agent Jorge Castro Massetti.
The experiment was a failure and three years later, Guevara himself after spoiling militarily in the Congo to carry out a coup attempt etat against President Rene Barrientos in Bolivia, which had  been popularly voted in elections in their country in 1966.
It was in the country of the Altiplano where Guevara and the Cubans who accompanied killed 49 bolivianos (between soldiers and peasants) As we all know, Che was arrested and subsequently executed by order of the authorities of the country invaded and  assaulted.
In short, the only relatively successful venture that can awarded to the legendary Che Guevara have supported Fidel Castro his Cuban project. But Guevara was nothing but a loyal accompanist Commander Castro business because there is hardly any information to us Che realized that his column has won an important battle  or personally killed an opponent in a guerrilla conflict.
Yes, according to Guevara himself admits in his personal diary Sierra Maestra, he shot 14 Cubans physically shackled by indiscipline. Then also was known for his involvement in the village of Santa Clara in late December 1958 (the Cuban revolution and was virtually consummated) when a train betrayed Guevara shielded in which soldiers traveled Batista who had agreed on the accountability and this betrays the agreement burning and derailing the train, commanding 300 soldiers shot by the guerrillas who were under his command of which Che himself personally executed 23 of them  .
Now as head of the concentration camp of "La Cabaña" (post served over 1959) Guevara himself confessed to the agent Felix Rodriguez had ordered the 1500 shooting of which he participated triggering with his own hand in 175 homicides. Truculent Episodes that Guevara himself shamelessly justified the December 11, 1964 to the Assembly of the UN: "Shootings, if we executed, shoot them and continue shooting "
But beyond that some parishioners Guevara (rightly  of course) justify and defend these adventures, the question arises:  What freed Guevara to Cubans? What a corrupt government and arbitrary its withdrawal from power in February 1959 to impose a  change-one months before Batista perpetual out-totalitarianism  which endures to this day results in sight?.
Does any country in Latin America owes something to the idolized Ernesto  Guevara?. Finally ask: President Cristina know Kirchner, who was the real Che Guevara?. We emphasize the latter question since in the very act of ceremony where Che (with other exponents of Latin America) received grandiloquent words, the President Kirchner snapped "All of them the last 200 years paid with their lives and American ideals a More democratic South. "
One of two, or the President resorted to his usual custom direct lie or completely ignores the action and the thinking of honored in question. In fact, given the limited attention to the books Nestor Kirchner's wife, it is likely that this unknown The syllabus of the character that was rewarding and that really did  but to use his figure by making use of his frequent moves dyed veneer demagogic ideology.
For one thing worth mentioning the testimony of another woman who very closely met Che Guevara and of course more than Cristina Kirchner dominates the subject. We're talking about Juanita Castro, sister of the dictators Fidel and Raul, who is to be reported the Mexican press said: "It's a shame that Che they have been here in Mexico instead of doing all the damage they did to us in Cuba ... it was a type that have been detestable  on a pedestal and not because they want to see the real Che in true dimension ... Che arrived in Havana on January 2, 1959, took possession of the fortress (The Cottage) and then immediately began to shoot people, there were no kangaroo or anything, so all that existed was the voice of Che, Che order to pass through perceived enemies weapons because there were many innocent people who do not should have been shot as it was by order of Che, terror I began to establish himself in Cuba Che "

(*) Journalist, Advocate, Writer.
Last book by the author "The Canalla - the true story of Che. "

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Includes the United States to Cuba and the Dominican Republic Blacklist trafficking
International - Monday June 14th (13:00 hrs.)

  • They assert that these countries not cooperating fully with the minimum standards
  • They analyze the situation of 177 places

Washington, June 14 .- The United States today included Cuba and Dominican Republic in the "black list" of 13 countries that have insufficient efforts to combat trafficking.
The countries listed are those whose governments "no cooperate fully with the minimum standards, "said Department of State in his report that reports each year.
The list is also integrating Papua New Guinea, Iran, Saudi Arabia  North Korea, Myanmar, Kuwait, Sudan, Congo, Mauritania, Eritrea and Zimbabwe.
The report, which analyzes the situation in 177 countries and this first year included the U.S., said that those countries are not making significant efforts to combat this problem.
He noted that Cuba is the main source for sexual exploitation children within this country and it is difficult to measure its magnitude by "Closed nature" of the government and the lack of an independent report  or nongovernmental.
He acknowledged that Cuba has shared information on trafficking people, but has not banned the practice has not been tested to prosecute offenders or to protect the victims.
With regard to the Dominican Republic, said it is a source country and  and transit and destination of persons subject to prostitution forced and bonded labor.
F: elfinanciero.com.mx (With information from Notimex / CFE) / LPP results

'I accuse the Cuban government' demands the "immediate and unconditional release" of the 200 prisoners political

MADRID, 14 June (IRIN) -

The platform 'I I accuse the Cuban government 'on Monday demanded the regime led by Raul  Castro's "immediate and unconditional release" of the nearly 200 political prisoners on the island as part of the process dialogue between the Catholic Church and the Executive which has caused the release of an inmate and the transfer of another 12 to prisons near place of residence of their families.
"We can support any process that results in the improving the living conditions of prisoners of conscience or parole of a few, but we will not allow these processes replace or undermine the efforts for the release immediate and unconditional release of all ", contains the statement released to the media.
In this sense, the organization said that "to continue this  pace, "the final release of political prisoners of the regime Cuban would be extended about 15 years, a span of time called "Unacceptable to the vast majority of domestic opposition, exile Cuban and democratic nations. "
Thus, after the recent release of the prisoner Ariel Sigler Amaya and transfer to their home provinces from six other political prisoners on Last Saturday, the platform said that "the week beginning be decisive in determining the scope of the releases that  is willing to make the government of Raul Castro. "
"It is up to send a clear signal about their intentions. Without substantial progress in the releases and organizational need for their immediate future, our only alternative will redouble the effort, "the statement said.
The campaign, 'I accuse the Cuban government "began last month February after he died a prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata Tamayo and the journalist Guillermo Fariñas began a strike hunger and thirst that continues to demand the release of all political prisoners of the regime, or at least of the sickest.
To date the initiative has collected more than 49,000 firms, of which about 2,000 are from the island, "hundreds of public figures who have put their national recognition and for this international cause. "platform next week will announce the final results of the campaign.
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France again requesting the release of Cuban prisoners of conscience

06.14.2010 / 13:30 h
Paris, June 14 (EFE) .- France said today that the Cuba's Government decision  to free the dissident Ariel Sigler was necessary from a humanitarian point of view and again asked the country Caribbean to the release of all prisoners of conscience.
The French Foreign Ministry also recognized "The efforts of the Cuban Catholic church in favor of prisoners politicians "and hoped that this institution is "Fully heard" by the government of the island.
"France renews its insistent call to the Cuban authorities for the release of all prisoners of opinion and conscience priority to those whose health is seriously degraded, " said a spokesman for the gala diplomacy.
Cuba's Government  releases dissident on Saturday Ariel Sigler, one of the sickest political prisoners who, despite serious condition, reaffirmed its commitment to freedom and democracy on the island to reunite with his family. EFE
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Growing threat of dengue in Cuba

The days of heavy rainfall ahead on the island and with it the Dengue prevail in areas across the country
Despite preventive efforts by the Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP) grows the possibility that there is a new epidemic of dengue, because risk factors are recurrent in  various parts of the country, the newspaper reported Monday Youth  Rebel.

Consequently, increasing the threat that  dengue will become endemic to Cuba. Cities like  Guantanamo, Santiago de Cuba, Santa Clara, Camaguey and Havana are considering the higher risk areas based on what happened in years above, states a report in Spanish newspaper The  World.

The problem lies in the mosquito Aedes aegypti the which is abundant throughout the tropical and subtropical belts of the planet. This specimen is much more resistant and does not require deposits be dirty water to fill their larva.
Currently, more 30,000 people work in various sectors to prevent dengue from the epidemiological study on the population to deployment health checks as fumigation and review of deposits  water in homes.
Dengue continues to be manifest in unrevised places like construction sites and even small water vessels used for use on Afro-Cuban religion.
Alina  Perez, an official of the National Monitoring Directorate and J explained PreventionRebel outhThe biggest problem with dengue is the very presence of risk factors which are "impossible to eradicate."
The control manifestation of dengue "is to maintain at levels not represent a danger of an epidemic ... but it is in this line that have presented the main difficulties of the campaign. "
According to investigations of 2009, the country is estimated that nearly 75 percent of  mosquito breeding sites were reported not only in housing but  in your environment.
In 2009, the Ministry of Public invested 100 million  CUC in the implementation of controls for mosquito control Aedes. But according to Dr. Sixto Estevez says official MINSAP prevention depends on a community effort and education.
"No is easy to make people understand their responsibility in Prevention of Aedes, when he sees in his community as piles up trash, or a leak of years of drinking water or sewage, "explains Estévez.
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The EU postponed the review of its policy toward Cuba

The 27 are designed to favor the mediation of the Church for political prisoners

D. Basteiro BRUSSELS. CORRESPONDENT 15/06/2010 00:20 Updated: 15/06/2010 02:25
Miguel Ángel Moratinos.

Miguel Angel Moratinos.D. Basteiro

Foreign ministers of the 27 decided yesterday European blockade maintain relations with Cuba. The Presidency Spanish European Union (EU), and in particular Minister Foreign Affairs Miguel Angel Moratinos, attempted to eliminate Common Position led by former Prime Minister José María Aznar, who for 14 years prevents the development of relations normal diplomatic with the island.
Faced with the refusal of several countries and due to the initiation of dialogue between the Cuban authorities and the  Catholic Church, the 27 have decided to postpone to September review  Common Position, which is usually in June.
The text makes any breakthrough in relations, trade talks including, for improving the situation of human rights Cuban citizens. The strategy, fiercely defended by the EU the past 14 years has not worked and kept for several countries their own good relations with the authorities of the island.
During  the weekend, Havana dissident freed Ariel Sigler Amaya, who in his seven years in prison by a paraplegic neuropathy.  Sigler is part of the group of 75 prisoners at Spring  black 2003. The Government also announced the transfer of six political prisoners to jails in their provinces.
For Moratinos, mediation of the Church could mark a before and after. "For process to be successful, I asked my colleagues not to adopt positions and give us a reasonable time to judge the results. "
In addition, Moratinos informed of his recent meeting with  Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, and received a mandate from their colleagues to "dialogue" with Cuba "to establish a new relationship bilateral "if they improve things like the rights of prisoners, expression or political participation.

Decision "Prudent"

Secretary of Policy PSOE International, Elena Valenciano, considered "prudent" the 27 decision, arguing that "not been positive" for dialogue between the Government and the Church which 27 expressed a harsh condemnation of the human rights situation. Jorge Moragas, which occupies the same position on the PP, stressed that the Spanish Presidency has not  managed to raise the common position as expected. "Democrats and Spanish and Cuban dissidents should be happy that the EU did not yield to pressure the Castro regime, "he added.
S: Publico.es / translate LPP / 

Papal envoy to mediate for dissidents

The Vatican's envoy, Dominque Mamberti will lead a Mass, during his visit to Cuba. REUTERS
  • Dialogue with the Government of Cuba
Dominique Mamberti up today Havana spend three days to mediate between the Government and  Cuban dissidents
LA HAVANA, CUBA (15/JUN/2010) .- The visit to Cuba that begins today  Vatican foreign minister, Dominique Mamberti, then generates excitement the central role played by the Church in mediation with the Government for freedom of political prisoners.

The Church of Rome has been advanced that the presence of Mamberti help strengthen mediation between the Cuban church and the government of Raul Castro.

"Although  the efforts have been made between the State and the Cuban church, the Monsignor Mamberti visit, coinciding also serve to either Generally, one can always improve things, "said president of the Episcopal Conference, Monsignor Dionisio Garcia Archbishop of Santiago de Cuba.

Monsignor Mamberti night will come  and tomorrow will meet with Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodriguez, but not is discarded, according to church sources, which is received by the President Raul Castro and other high-level authorities.

Mamberti  travel to Havana to commemorate the 75th anniversary of relations between Cuba and the Holy See, and participate in the X Catholic Social Week,  which starts tomorrow.

The visit of the Vatican foreign minister performed at a time when the Cuban church plays an unprecedented role interlocutor and a half to secure the release of political prisoners.

The  Saturday, the government freed Ariel Sigler, affected with paraplegia  and transferred to 12 other prisoners to jails near the site of families as a result of this mediation.

Spokesman Archbishop of Havana, Orlando Marquez, said that improvements to prisoners are managing the Cuban church, "independent" Mamberti trip, although new government gestures are "welcome before, after or during "the visit.

Skillful diplomat

Dominique  Mamberti

The archbishop, is the current secretary Relations with States of the Roman Curia for the Holy See.

Born  in Marrakech, Morocco in 1952, Dominique François Joseph Mamberti was named pastor of Ajaccio, France, in 1981.

Enter your Assignments long career, highlights mandated by the Papacy  John Paul II, who appointed him titular Archbishop of Sagona and nuncio apostolic apostolic delegate in Sudan and Somalia, in 2002.

Also  Sagona was ordained Archbishop by Cardinal Secretary of State Vatican, Angelo Sodano, the same year. In 2004 he was appointed nuncio Apostolic Eritrea and Somalia.

Its current secretary for Relations with States, was prescribed by Pope Benedict  XVI in 2006.

This office is generally regarded as that of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Holy See.

Since Raul Castro took office in February 2008, replacing his brother Fidel, Cuba has visited the secretary of state, Tarcisio Bertone, the Vatican and other dignitaries.
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