Friday, June 25, 2010

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Al Assad begins a tour Latin America

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DAMASCUS , 25 June ( Reuters / EP) -

Syrian President Bashar al Assad, begins this Friday a rare tour Latin America with which it seeks to expand its diplomatic and attract investment and it will take to visit Brazil , Cuba , Argentina and Venezuela, according to official media reported today . For the time being know the timing of his tour, but we know that this will Friday Venezuela.
According to diplomats in Damascus, Assad 's visit to Brazil will be focused mainly on bilateral relations and Syria hopes to attract private sector investments worth 44,000 million dollars over the next five years to improve infrastructure. This figure represents 80 % of the GDP of Syria.
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Russian oil firms strengthen their presence in Cuba

Havana, 25 Jun ( Notimex ). - The Ministry of Basic Industry ( MINBAS ), Manuel Marrero, confirmed today that Russian companies are exploring on land and sea regions of the island to search for oil.
Cuba and Russia on Friday consolidated their relations in energetic to be inaugurated on Friday an oil company office  JSC Zarubezhneft , which would enable the increase coming years production of oil and gas production .
`` In 2009, four were signed for the exploration venture , both on land and at sea, which are already in execution " assure Marrero to attend the opening of the office of operations  Russian oil company .
For his part, Mikhail Kamynin , Russia's ambassador to Cuba , I stress the Relations between Cuba and Russia and said negotiations with Cubapetroleo and Commercial CUPET show business confidence Russia in the capacity and professionalism of Cuban oil .
Last year, the State Cubapetroleo and a Russian group that includes  companies OAO Gazprom, OAO Lukoil and Rosneft Oil Co reached agreements search for oil in four of the 59 offshore blocks that is Cuba.
The president of Russia, Dmitry Medvedev , stressed the presence of Russian oil companies in Cuba, which seek  oil in the deepwater Gulf of Mexico off Cuba , build storage tanks for crude oil, modernize the Cuban pipelines and build on the remodeling of an old refinery in the city of the province of Cienfuegos.
Cuba announced in October 2008 that could have more than 20 000 billion barrels of extractable oil in their fields Marine , mainly from the Gulf of Mexico.
Since 1999 , the island opened to oil exploration companies foreign exclusive economic zone of 112 thousand square kilometers  in the Gulf of Mexico.
The area was divided into 59 blocks of two thousand square kilometers In this area continues to run the company Hispano- Argentina Repsol -YPF , Norway's Norsk Hydro , the Indian Oil and Natural Gas Corporation ( ONGC ), Petronas of Malaysia, and Venezuela's PDVSA Vietnamese PetroVietnam .
In 2009 and 2010 have been incorporated enterprises in Russia , China and Brazil.
Experts do not doubt that there are considerable reserves in the 112 000  square kilometers of the Gulf of Mexico that fall within the control Cuban.
The Caribbean nation last year drew two million tons 731 000 oil , a little less than three million collected in 2008,  According to reports from the National Office of Statistics .
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Fidel Castro says a U.S. attack and Israel provoke a war against Iran in Korea

Havana , Jun 25 ( EFE ) .- Former President of Cuba Fidel Castro believes United States and Israel are preparing to attack Iran and that conflict in turn cause a war between the two Koreas , according to latest in his " Reflections " published today in the official media island.
How I would like to be wrong " is the title the last article by Fidel Castro , who said that since June 20 ships U.S. military sail toward the Iranian coastline through Suez Canal .
" Besides the Yankee naval vessels moving Israeli military with sophisticated weapons also inspect how much boat leaves for export and import products  commercial operation of the Iranian economy suggests " says.
Fidel Castro believes the United States and Israel " underestimate the million men of the armed forces of Iran and its ground combat capability , and air forces , land and sea the IRGC . "
" To these are added the 20 million men and women, between 12 and 60, chosen and systematically trained in various military institutions between  70 million people living in the country ( Iran) , "the the Cuban leader.
Castro acknowledged that he initially thought that race start by the Korean Peninsula and that this conflict would  immediately place a U.S. war with Iran.
"Now  reality changes things in reverse : that Iran will unleash the  Korea immediately , "the former president of Cuba.
The  escalation of tension in the Korean peninsula after the collapse of South Korean ship " Cheonan and the possibility that U.S. and Israel attacking Iran have been constant themes in the " Reflections " Fidel Castro in recent weeks .
As in several of its recent articles, Castro also mentions today that World Football in South Africa accounts for much of the attention of the opinion international public while these other events happen .
"It  is right that football fans enjoy at your leisure of powers of the World Cup. I meet only the duty to encourage our people, thinking particularly of our youth, full of life and  hope, and especially our wonderful children , so that  facts do not surprise us absolutely unprepared , "says Fidel Castro.
Fidel Castro since 2006 is away from life public by an illness that led him to cede power to his brother Raul , though it is the first secretary of the ruling Communist Cuba.

Fidel  Castro says U.S. attack and Israel against Iran will cause a Korean War
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Tourism in Cuba? ...

 Announcement celebration  Computing Cuba 2011

Friday, June 25, 2010
June 25, 2010 , 12:07Havana, 25  Jun ( Prensa Latina) Cuban tourism industry today has a strong impact  on the form of conferences, events and incentive trips , as shows the expectation that exists on Informatics Meeting 2011.

 During a meeting of the Cuba Convention Bureau this apparently strengthened , while spokesmen for the meeting on technology and telecommunications indicated details of the Forum and highlighted the great demand for participation in the world.

The head of the Commission Communication and Promotion, Odalys López , specifies that this meeting is one of the most attractive to the computer world , but also  come many people interested in Cuba as a destination for recreation.

The event, as such, is organized by the Ministry of Informatics and  Communications and will meet from 7 to 11 in Feb. Palacio de las Convenciones in Havana, and the Fairgrounds PABEXPO also the capital.S:PrensaLatina / traduceLPPNews
LA HABANA , 25 ( ANSA ) - Cuba and Russia strengthen its cooperation energy with the opening in Havana , an office Russian oil company JSC Zarubezhneft , which will increase oil and gas production in the coming years , reported local agencies.
There are currently running the four contracts for oil exploration , both on land and at sea, signed Russia last year , said Manuel Marrero, official Ministry of Basic Industry , during the opening of the oil firm office .
Another contract involves the recovery of reserves secondary site in the former Boca Jaruco in Havana province .
Among the agreements signed during visit to Havana Russian Vice President , Igor Sechin, in August, is the search for oil in deep Cuban waters in the Gulf of Mexico , an area where several foreign companies have contracts Navigation years.
Cuba drew last year 2.731 million tons of oil, 3 million below 2008 , according to the Office National Statistics (NBS ).
The country imports from Venezuela about 90 thousand barrels Daily oil.

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Raul Castro strengthens relationships with the governments of Iran and Syria, enemies of the U.S. light
"Friends of force "

The Prime Minister of Cuba, Raul Castro, seems to have taken up the top that says ' The enemy of my ` enemy is my friend . Or so one follows the following new developments, which have led European diplomats residents in Havana to highlight the increasingly fluid relationship Cuban authorities have with the governments of Iran and Syria U.S. enemies clear . Like the fact that it is the first time in Iranian history that a company has permanent representation in Island, the case of irrigation systems company Tad.Co. Or the Syrian President Bashar al Assad , has included Cuba in his first Latin American tour .

The Iranian company Tad.Co irrigation systems has opened offices in the Habana after seven years of equipment sales to the island is the first Iranian company has permanent representation in Cuba. The opening was attended by the ambassador of Iran in the Island , Mustafa Alaei , and has received wide coverage in Options, economic weekly newspaper Juventud Rebelde , the official organ of the  Communist Youth Union .

According Alaei , " establish the office is not the goal , but a new step. After this , we need many more efforts to keep trying their capabilities and potential, for the sake of quality in Cuban agricultural development .

Before installing your delegation to the island, was about seven Tad.Co years of marketing its products in the Greater Antilles , where  already been installed about 3,000 systems across the country , 2800 including irrigation systems for orchards and 369 sprinkler for intensive orchards .

Good relations between Iran and the island probably will satisfy no  U.S., but the emerging economic alliance that seems to consolidate , since even small numbers that it also includes the creation of two joint ventures, one concentrated in the manufacturing of refrigerators and another dedicated to rail components . Both activities have had an initial soft loan provided by Iran about 680 million. A number well above 30 million average dollar that has marked the past three years, trade bilateral between the two countries .

What does not appeal to certain politicians in Washington are smooth relations between Havana and Damascus. Syrian President Bashar al Assad , has decided to include Syria in the first tour place in Latin America since taking power.

The tour will take Bashar al Assad , in addition to Cuba, Venezuela , Brazil and Argentina, according to official sources have said  Syrian government. Then at the end of this tour the Arab leader could make a stopover in Madrid to return home , but still has not been confirmed by official sources.

According to the agency has said Syria's official SANA, Bashar al Assad has expected to sign a series of cooperation agreements with the governments of the countries visited , in order to strengthen links diplomats.

This is the first visit of the Syrian president made to Cuba. Former President Fidel Castro visited Syria in May 2001, shortly after  that Bashar al- Assad relieve his father Hafez , who died in June  2000.S: LPPNews


Cuba cigar industry running out of puff

June 25, 2010
SMOKING bans and the recession are hitting Cuba's cigar industry, signalling a hostile era for a product whose mystique once captivated the likes of Winston Churchill, John F. Kennedy and Fidel Castro.
The latest harvest of 22.4 million leaves was 14 per cent down on last year, according to figures published this week, continuing a decline. The number of cigars produced for export plunged from 217 million in 2006 to just 73 million last year.
''There was a reduction in planting due to limitations in resources caused by the economic crisis,'' reported Guerrillero, a Communist Party newspaper in the tobacco-growing western province of Pinar del Rio. The amount of land devoted to tobacco fell 30 per cent last year.
A drop in the number of airline passengers has hit duty free sales, which comprises a quarter of the market. Anti-smoking laws have also cut sales. Spain, the top export market, banned smoking in offices, shops, schools, hospitals and on public transport in January. Smoking-related illnesses kill about 50,000 Spaniards each year.
Habanos SA, a joint venture between Cuba and the British company Imperial Tobacco Group, registered an 8 per cent fall in overseas sales last year, said Simon Evans, an Imperial Tobacco spokesman.
''This was largely due to the impact of the global recession on consumers,'' he said.
''There has been an impact following the introduction of smoking bans, but this tends to be an initial dip in consumption which ameliorates over time.''
Cuban premium bands such as Montecristo, Cohiba and Partagas dominate world market share with 70 per cent of sales. In the US, which has banned nearly all trade with Cuba since 1962, Cuban cigars find a way in.
Pinar del Rio's humidity and slightly sandy soil proves an ideal environment for the kinds of tobacco used in Cuban cigars. Leaves are fermented at least twice and aged for months, even years. Two types of leaves used in Cohibas, a flagship brand founded in 1966 at Dr Castro's behest, are fermented a third time.
Connoisseurs say Nicaraguan and Honduran cigars, which emulate Cuban hand-rolling techniques, can be equally smooth, but lack the romanticism of those from Cuba.
Churchill, a fan of Romeo y Julieta, had a long, fat variety named after him in 1947. Kennedy was so partial to Petit H Upmanns that he sent his press secretary to get 1200 of them before imposing an embargo.
Dr Castro, who famously survived a CIA assassination plot involving an exploding cigar, liked to be photographed with a cigar clamped between his teeth, but he quit in 1985 for his health.