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Russia seeks spy swap for agents in U.S: lawyer

Passenger reads the Daily Telegraph newspaper, featuring a front 
page interview with the ex-husband of accused Russian spy Anna Chapman, 
on the underg Reuters – A passenger reads the Daily Telegraph newspaper, featuring a front page interview with the ex-husband …

MOSCOW (Reuters) – In an espionage drama worthy of the Cold War, Russia wants a spy swap to return home its suspected agents arrested in the United States last month, a lawyer involved in the affair said on Wednesday.
The swap plans include exchanging a Russian nuclear expert jailed for passing secrets to the West. They add a new twist to a cloak-and-dagger saga that both Moscow and Washington hope will not undermine improving diplomatic relations.
Russia wants to swap its national Igor Sutyagin, who was sentenced to 15 years in jail in 2004 for passing classified military information to a British firm which prosecutors said was a front for the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency.
"They want to exchange Sutyagin for one of those arrested in the United States for spying," Anna Stavitskaya, a lawyer acting for Sutyagin, told Reuters.
"It is a one-for-one exchange. So each of those detained in the United States will be swapped for one person from Russia."
U.S. counter-intelligence agents arrested 10 people last month on suspicion of being members of a Russian spy network that was trying to infiltrate policymaking circles in the United States.
In court documents that read like the spy novels of John le Carre, FBI counter-intelligence agents explained that many of the accused Russian agents were living under false identities and communicating with Moscow by concealing invisible text messages in photographs posted on public internet sites.
A spokeswoman for Russia's Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) declined to comment and no Russian official has yet confirmed that a swap could take place.
But Russia has always prided itself on bringing trusted agents back to Moscow at all costs and Washington has agreed to swaps before.
Despite steadily improving relations between the two former superpowers under Kremlin chief Dmitry Medvedev and U.S. President Barack Obama, diplomats say both sides continue to spy actively on each other for military and political secrets.
One of the most famous cases from the Cold War was in 1962 when the United States released Russian spy Rudolf Abel in exchange for Francis Gary Powers whose U-2 spy plane was shot down over the Soviet Union in 1960.
And a swap could prevent a long drawn out trial of the Russian suspects and avoid a possible row that both the White House and the Kremlin say they are eager to avoid.
The New York Times reported on Wednesday that the U.S. government was discussing a "broad and rapid resolution to the case" with lawyers for the defendants which could allow them to return to Russia.
News of the possible swap emerged after Sutyagin was suddenly moved this week from a prison in Kholmogory, in Russia's northern region of Arkhangelsk, to Moscow's high-security Lefortovo prison and allowed to see his family.
Sutyagin told his family, including brother Dmitry, of the plans to exchange him for the accused in the United States in a swap that would involve travel to Vienna and London.
Dmitry said that Sutyagin had seen a list of names of other people who would be swapped. One name on the list was Skripal -- a likely reference to Sergei Skripal, a Russian officer who was convicted of spying for Britain in 2006.
"Sutyagin agreed to the swap offer as he had no other choice left. He knew that otherwise his whole life would be broken," said Stavitskaya. "But he still insists he is innocent."
(Editing by Dmitry Solovyov and Michael Stott)

Cuba Communists want member expelled for essay

HAVANA – Local leaders of Cuba's Communist Party want to expel a prominent academic for an article decrying widespread corruption, but lower-ranking members have rejected the order pending an appeal, according to an associate of the writer.
Esteban Morales, a historian who has long written on race and relations with the United States, was ordered removed by a party committee in Havana's Playa district, said Pedro Campos, a former Cuban diplomat who once worked as a researcher under Morales at the University of Havana's Center for the Study of the United States.
But grass-roots party members in Playa said they considered the committee's action too harsh and rejected it, and Morales said he would appeal the sanctions, according to Campos.
Neither the party nor Morales have commented on the case, and it was unclear if Morales has been formally removed from the party yet.
It was also not clear if the municipal committee was responding to complaints from higher levels or acting on its own. Municipal committees report to provincial committees, which are overseen by the powerful Central Committee that meets only behind closed-doors.
Campos first posted word of action against Morales in an essay on, a left-leaning political website. In a subsequent phone interview with The Associated Press, Campos confirmed the facts published online, but refused further comment.
He also described the effort to dismiss Morales from the Communist Party on the English-language Havana Times website. He said he had known Morales since 1991 and described him as a committed communist.
At issue is an article Morales wrote in April that described corruption at the highest echelons of Cuba's government — not the meddling of a few opposition activists — as the greatest threat to the country's communist system.
Nearly as unusual as his public complaint was the fact that his essay was posted on the state-run website of the National Artists and Writers Union of Cuba. The article was removed a day after foreign media in Havana reported on it.
Morales' essay crossed a number of red lines in tightly controlled Cuba, including openly discussing corruption rumors surrounding the recent dismissal of a top aviation official who had fought alongside Ernesto "Che" Guevara and Fidel and Raul Castro in the 1950s.
"There must be some truth to these reports, because this is a small country where everyone knows each other," Morales wrote.
He also said some Cuban officials are preparing to divide the spoils if Cuba's political system disintegrates, like the shadowy oligarchs who emerged from the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990s.
"In reality, corruption is much more dangerous than so-called internal dissent," he wrote. "The latter is isolated ... but corruption is truly counterrevolutionary because it comes from within the government and the state apparatus."
Morales didn't criticize the Castro brothers, but said cronyism is rampant.
"It has become evident that there are people in government and state positions who are preparing a financial assault for when the revolution falls," he wrote. "Others likely have everything ready to produce the transfer of state property into private hands, like what happened in the former Soviet Union."

 La Tala de los Robles


News Pines  were as José Martí would have said , but the continued sacrifice , dedication to a cause they defended until the last breath turned them into oak trees, symbols of resistance has exceeded all expectations and countless vicissitudes.
The oaks are falling. For years the darkness comes to loom over a forest of men and women in the best moments of their lives chose the hard way , which as you know is the line of duty.
The scythe is making a crude harvest of death and inexorably , as with time, you are no longer years, more will integrate the past, even those who survive want to keep seeing the present.
Half a century of confrontation , tenacity and perseverance have imposed a price. They never imagined that premiered adolescents in the fight against totalitarianism and who survived his cruelties , that the process would be so heartless and cruel . The reality upset their hopes and dreams . No imported sacrifices or efforts. The result exceeded their life.

The life of the road traveled aware they were due. The adversity was overcome by belief. Certainly taking the rest of the family , children and grandchildren , but never left the road. They remained committed. There were seduced by a life in which their obligations to the land they were born were not present.

The frustrations and disappointments did not stop until the last breath to continue looking into the sun and demanding for others what they yearned for them. They chose their destiny and how to live and to die at peace with itself , a condition that demands extreme moral integrity .

It was Cronos , rather than the dictatorship and his ferocious thugs who beat men like Reinaldo " El Chino " Aquit Manrique , Jose " Pepe " Fernandez and Rigoberto Vera "The Whip "Acosta and the many that preceded it and the many that will follow in his footsteps .
Reinaldo Aquit was made of wood of the heroes and martyrs. Courage to face any trial and even to fight the minotaur. He fought against the dictatorship and was dying on the wall several of his colleagues. One of those killed was his brother Diosdado , murdered in the Isle of Pines prison .

Their rebellion was inexhaustible . failures did not matter . In the prison in Santa Clara tried to escape . Years later I would do with success in the Isle of Pines prison . He stayed in hiding for months, trying to leave the country several times until he was betrayed by the Mexican ambassador in Cuba. He returned to prison but not defeated . Faced retaliation. I plant to forced labor .

In exile no beat less rest and retirement. He studied, worked. Parallel to the home life continued the struggle for democracy in Cuba. Formed groups and were contrary to Castro in solidarity with all those who took the confrontation as a means to overthrow the dictatorship.

Rigoberto Acosta was an uneducated peasant who knew how to defend their rights with more courage than the best lawyers. simulations faced shootings , served many years in prison and practiced with his fellow fraternity unlimited captivity .

The cruelty of the enemy hardened his soul. friends tended to the sick, was able to feed them, to ensure their dreams, and care as the most committed nurses.
Leaving the prison in Cuba traveled to the United States. He joined the struggle in exile. No thought of the consequences , simply did what his duty imposed on him because he was always willing to pay the price.

His fight against Castro- was not limited to Cuba, so do not hesitate to travel to Nicaragua with arms in hands sandinocomunismo combat . He traveled in secret , without help from any government and always paid the price for defending their ideals.

The first crack in the heart of Rigoberto Acosta took place in Nicaragua. In the mountains a companion was injured, took him behind his back and climbed mountains to climb down them and put them back up to Costa Rica. There he failed the first time a heart that was too small for the greatness of his soul.

"Pepe "Fernandez Vera, was a pioneer in the fight against Castro in the mountains of Escambray. A tireless talker , while supplies last stubborn rivals. Sure of himself . Firm in his convictions. Endowed with a prodigious memory and a sympathy contagiosa.Su pride was being born in Trinidad. His " peasants "had no defects and elevations of Escambray were the bravest men who were born in Cuba.

He shared several of the legendary leaders Escambray guerrillas . He was a companion of the commanders Osvaldo Ramirez and Julio Emilio Carretero. He served years in prison. Never doubt the cause or evaded responsibility. He suffered forced displacement. He was in the captive people . Never give up and death to bring him down had to take him by surprise.

Many oaks have fallen. Eusebio Peñalver , Mario Chanes de Armas, the indefatigable Rolando Borges. Many have departed. The death they won the game but not decorum. Who will be the next without ever starting up?

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Pedro Corzo
July 2010 .
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By ROBERT A. Solera , editor, , July 5

"I do not take off or put the King, but helped my lord, " famously uttered by the Frenchman Bertrand Du Guesclin in the civil war between Pedro I " the Cruel "( the Just , for Philip II ) and his bastard brother Enrique of Trastamara . Both fought in mortal combat . Pedro was triumphant and his brother was on the floor beneath him , when he intervened Bertrand, against all rules of chivalry and moral , and pronouncing this sentence, he turned to the contestants , so that Henry ended , by his own hand With the life of his brother , became king, bastard branch of the Castilian monarchs descended (and Spanish ) later. Do not forget that Bertrand and his " White Company "were virtually mercenaries . "
Some Cubans, a few hundred , went to the U.S. Congress asking him not to lift some prohibitions in place to prevent spending - not to travel as erroneously says in a trip to Cuba , as well as the authorization to sell subsidized - to the long - with the finances of the citizens of this country.
We Cubans , we skip the national boundaries ... when it suits us . And then we complain that among us there Plattist , looking north, violent and brutal ! .
If I wanted , and as I million American citizens would have the right for my nationality acquired to do the same , but not so for the Cuban signatories , who will ask a foreign country to take measures that we consider fair but entirely outside our charter of Cuban citizens.
We accuse the U.S. of intervening in our internal political affairs and then ask them to do so. That is endemic . Not only do Cubans living in Cuba, but many who live in exile.
We look to the North to solve our "problems" and then we complain of interference.

Do not get me wrong , on one hand support the inalienable right of every human being to move to where you want ... come on up to Hell . On the other hand, do not support the Cuban misrule taps into U.S. dollars with one hand and the other is used to hit that feed them ... But there is a big but ... I feed the Cuban government 's justification is to "help" our relatives . Alike, recognize the right of living on this side of Florida to " throw " their dollars to the " black hole " because Cuban dollars ultimately go to the coffers of the Cuban government, which pillaged for passengers and shippers "help" families, in more than a thousand and one way ... all their " heads delusional and jesting " will allow them to do so.
We like "Eat the cake and keep it , too . " You can not blow hot and cold and chest -banging as pure and clean white lilies from every stain . Or we take one path or another.
Like Duguesclin apologize saying that "neither remove nor put King ... "but that do not believe or Pogolotti. " semos Semos or not . " (Sic )
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Carlos Alberto Montaner: "The Heart of the Spanish Left is with Dictatorships "

carlos-a-montaner-aThe Foreign Minister Miguel Angel  Moratinos, travels to Cuba to meet with fellow Cuban and president STI  of the Cuban Episcopal Conference, to support the management on Behalf  of Political Prisoners and human rights. But Moratinos visit has ruled notebook Cuban dissident Guillermo Fariñas. Above all it has spoken in " The Lantern " , the journalist , author and Cuban dissident Carlos Alberto Montaner. Montaner has Passed " Lantern " of the COPE and , Among Other Things , Moratinos said the Fact That Precisely Within days trip to Cuba  of the end of the Spanish EU presidency : "There is a kind of Commitment Rather Moratinos maniac trying to solve a problem. It is Cuban Both democrats in Thought But problem solving to the Cuban Government, Which is not shown on this visit, Which We Should Be Grateful , But is Demonstrate in the That the constant insistence remove the U.S. position are Political HAD Pressure on the Dictatorship to try to make the Cuban Government does Not abuse dissidents . " Also the writer spoke about the failure of Zapatero and Moratinos to Ensure That the EU does not changed historical position: "For no reason the Spanish Foreign Ministry. What I say Some Foreign Ministry funcinarios Is That What is Being done is to nonsense from the point of view of Diplomatic and Objectives in Spain Also a total LACK of Solidarity with the democrats . Moratinos never take Into account the Opposition Democrats, and paper is trying to help  out the Dictatorship of a problem , to Improve STI image, Which Is an absurd position. "
Therefore, you Stressed That Montaner all country clubs are very strong on support to Achieve Democracy in Cuba, except Spain , Which Supports the Dictatorship : "It's something no one explained. "At the conclusion of all this , I assured that "and has-been an Opportunity lost as a result of the position of Moratinos. "
On management of the Church in Cuba, the dissident said that "and it is good That the Church Do What it does, to Defend the Persecuted , and is part of Their tradition. "
Finally , Ricardo Explained That the "Progressive "and "progressive "should feel a contempt for Profound the Cuban Dictatorship weitere Because the country is behind, "That the So-Called Progressives support to dicutadura where not only no rights  Respect for individual freedoms or makes you think That the real heart of the Spanish left Democracies Is Not , But by the dictatorships , and the proof Is That They Have 50 Years Defending That system, and it has ITS not changed position one .
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Miguel Soria - Cope - Spain