Friday, July 16, 2010

LPP First Draft...

Freedom, not banishment.

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El BLOQUEO esta del Carajo!!!

Cuban economist Emilio Dopico Morales recently defected from Castro's fiefdom. He estimates that remittances to Cuba from the U.S. totalled almost $2 BILLION in 2009
Combine the $720 million in sales to Cuba last year from fat-cat U.S. farmers ...and amigos--that puts the U.S., (the country that BLOCKADES Cuba...remember?) right behind Venezuela and Red China in doing business with Cuba!
We will certainly look for the hyper-learned folks who staff the multifarious Think-Tanks and disseminate their insights, wisdom and sagacity on Cuba throughout the MSM to bring this datum to light during their next MSM interview.

Rivera believes release of prisoners is unilateral decision Cuban Government

  • EFE
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  • Santander (Spain ) | 1 hour |
Cuban dissident Raul Rivero said today that the release of political prisoners is " a unilateral decision "by the Government of Cuba has not been influenced by discussions of the Spanish or  the Catholic Church.
Speaking after delivering a Efe conference at the International University Menéndez Pelayo City  Santander (north), Rivero defended the Government's commitment  Raul Castro to release 52 political prisoners in four months no means " no change. "
"It does not change and change to stay there to the image you're cooling the environment, " he said.
Rivero  asserted that " until they change the laws and the Penal Code can imprison people for expressing opinions , nothing has happened there , "and recalled that in 1999 Cuba and freed hundreds of prisoners of conscience.
For  Cuban dissident , both the representatives of the Church as the Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos , "have accompanied " the liberation process , something that should be " grateful ", but  did not influence the final decision.
In his view, the decision the Castro regime is only due to the pressure for economic crisis affecting the country and the "harassment "to which he is subjected "by the death of ( Orlando) Zapata , the hunger strike (Guillermo) Fariñas , attitude  Las Damas de Blanco on the street and the position of prisoners " .
In this regard , Rivero believes that Cuba has called Executive Moratinos as a gesture of gratitude for the six years of loyalty has  had with the government " in Cuba.
According to Rivero , the Cuban regime must make " a gesture " to show that "there will continue stifling country " , but was skeptical about the possibility of greater opening in the near future.
"This is a government that does not hear councils have become so old " , he added.
However, stated that " we must thank " that prisoners can leave the prison and that he was " happy "that some of his friends can recover " freedom " and " health. "
Raul Rivero, Award -winning World Press Freedom Prize by UNESCO, was imprisoned in his country for a year and a half accused of acting against the Cuban regime and moved to Spain in 2004 , shortly after released because of international pressure .

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The  Cuban dissidents may decide if they ask for political asylum, according CEAR

Madrid, 16 jul ( EFE ) .- The Cuban dissidents arriving in Spain in recent days may decide if they apply for political asylum or subsidiary protection , as have Efe said sources of the Spanish Commission for Refugee Aid ( CEAR ).
They have indicated that , for the information available , the Government has offered them political refugees or subsidiary protection, an intermediate form for people who in difficulty in a particular country, although not for reasons  policies.
The decision, have pointed out , whether they want to apply asylum or subsidiary protection is 'personal' subjects and only for them, not for family members accompanying them,
In case of asylum, have qualified , and could not return  Cuba.
The request will be sent in the office -seekers and Shelter Interior.
Some of the dissidents, who this morning are doing the paperwork , they could begin to be tomorrow or Monday moved to Malaga , the sources of CEAR .
On this issue, the dissidents are sent to  several locations, Cuban Spanish Federation has denounced as "nonsense "that want to " scatter "them and voice, because the Red Cross can not serve them all in Madrid , according to this organization.
A spokeswoman pointed out that this is not about normal immigrants , but are assured, political exiles, They have not had the opportunity to stay in Cuba once released :  freedom is " highly conditional . "
He added that they are not willing to shoot away seven years in prison in Cuba, or to be told that talk in Spain of the situation in Haiti.
"One of the choices they have made in coming here is discuss this issue , the spokeswoman said . They want to go to Europe to talk about  conditions in Cuban jails , that people do not let misleading because the Cuban regime is broken and is economically looking for any way to wash your image. "
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Cuban ex-convicts : release or exile?
Los excarcelados en una rueda de prensa en Madrid, España
Convicts in a press conference in Madrid , Spain
© Reuters

The dissidents are glad to be out of prison Cuban , but some do not feel free , but " exiles . " The  first friction arising between the Damas de Blanco : some of the relatives of the released "are selfish positions " , said one of its leaders , Laura Pollan .

Listen to statements by the former prisoner Ricardo González Alfonso.
Listen to another of those released , Julio César Gálvez.
The  arrival in Spain in the first prisoners of conscience released by the government of Raul Castro divide the emotions of the Cuban dissidents.  Some are happy to " get out of hell and paradise, " but others feel banished. On Thursday , two prisoners came to  Madrid, bringing to 11 convicts . Not only do they have different feelings, but also the rest of the movements dissidents.

Omar Moisés Ruiz Hernández was one of the first prisoners to arrive at Madrid and he is satisfied with having gone to prison Cuba after all these years. "I can say I came out of hell for paradise. I know some people have said to us that this place is not  is the best but in the conditions under which I was after be in a cell six feet long for 11 more prisoners . I can not complain , we have opened the door and not costing us anything, " Spanish newspaper said World.

Everyone agrees relief out of prison , but some are not satisfied neither free in legal limbo in which found . Cuban dissident Luis Milan thinks so. He said on arrival  you can not "feel happy "despite having been placed in freedom and being in Spain with his family . "If we have to ask  permission to return home , is that we are not free , we are not immigrants, but we are refugees , "agreed another released , Julio César Gálvez, at a press conference .

In the joint communiqué they issued did not forget prisoners left on the island: "We demand the release of all prisoners are "they said. Now they face a new form of struggle , from exile.

"You can also make anti-Castro from exile , however it as are representatives of Cuban political prisons in Europe and beyond may denounce the outrages of the regime whenever they want, " said opposition journalist Guillermo Fariñas.

" There are many who are going to continue the fight , including those who stay here in Cuba, as my husband ( Angel Moya) does not accept migrate, " said Berta Soler , one of the leaders of the Damas de Blanco , a relevant group of relatives of political prisoners every Sunday march in Havana to demand the release of their relatives.

Concentrated with other families in a hotel in the Ministry of the Interior,  the expected travel to Madrid, Moraima Leon, wife of political prisoner Arturo Perez, said it would seek ways to support from exile to the Ladies White and " do everything we can ":" Because we will be happy when  release them all, " he said.

However, since the first cracks have emerged among its members. Laura Pollan , who leads the group, has spoken out against  views of some of the relatives of prisoners released reviews calling it the " outside " . "I have said Pablo Pacheco wife , one of those released who traveled to Madrid, is reporting that should go away the Ladies in White. It is seen that is a very selfish person . One sees that her husband is now free Spain, "he said.

A bad sign for a fight that the dissidents believe that has not just begun . " Until they change the laws and the Code Penal allowing imprison people for expressing opinions , there has not passed anything " from Spain found the famous opponent Raul Rivero.
Article published Friday July 16, 2010 -         Last updated on Friday July 16, 2010
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LPP Archive...

Cuba curbs tobacco harvest as cigar sales fall

Headshot portrait of Cuban premier Fidel Castro lighting a cigar, 
New York City, 1959  
Even Fidel Castro has given up cigars for health reasons
Cuba has been forced to cut its tobacco harvest in response to a fall in demand for its famous Cuban cigars.
This year's harvest of tobacco leaves is down 14% on last year, according to one of the country's state-run newspapers, Guerrillero.
"There was a reduction in planting due to limitations on resources caused by the economic crisis," the report said.
Sales of Cuban cigars fell by 8% last year, while production has fallen even further.
Falling sales have pushed down production by even more. Last year, Cuba produced 73 million cigars for export.
That compares with the 217 million made in 2006.
But part of that reduction comes as Habanos, the company that produces and sells the cigars, runs down its stockpiles.
The hand-rolled cigars are a major export for the Caribbean island, although they are limited by a long-running US trade embargo.
Spain is the single biggest export market, where the recent introduction of a smoking ban has hit consumption.
Falling airline passenger numbers has also hit duty-free sales.
                Castro returns to his cassock


Recent developments have taken place in Cuba generate more  questions than answers, and the few questions that can be closing are largely the result of speculation supported in pins , hence the risk of trying to act as augur in the case.
If accepted as axiomatic that Fidel and Raul are dinosaurs of the same egg , which they see personal sovereignty is not possible , it is difficult grasp the fact that the newspaper Granma refer  the hunger strike Guillermo Fariñas, alluding to the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo and deal with political issues with the bishops of the  Catholic Church in Cuba.
What motivated the Castro government to meet with representatives of the Catholic Church ? In five decades of dictatorship, leadership the revolution had never held a meeting with other Cubans  discuss matters of the island , much less address the situation of prisoners  political , because not officially exist.
From the perspective of a totalitarian regime to talk , discuss, Trading is something that is off the agenda , so it is questionable why he chose as a partner to an ideological enemy with which it  There are possibilities of reconciliation.
Certainly the attitude of the Cuban bishops during these years predation gives space for accusing him of collaboration with the dictatorship,  but this meeting this hierarchy beyond the Church because the philosophical differences between them are irreconcilable.
The meeting was with the Church , rather than Jaime Ortega y Alamino, although it 's been represented. Moreover, when the dictator substitute  decides to report on the decision to release a number of prisoners, nothing new in the Island of Dr. Castro on laws where  to imprison citizens , next to the Chancellor sat Spanish Cardinal .
Something happens that this time the prisoners were not given away to a foreign dignitary , as has happened many times . Moratinos had been an ideal repository , however , was convoy by an entity of spiritual values opposed to those of government.
What happens in Cuba, following speculation that the Church has   become a partner , for a government that knows of symbols take risks to create more confusion among his supporters? He went bowlines ideology, never existed, or seeks survival new clothes covered with a power structure falls.
For decades, the power did not recognize the Catholic Church. To be more be crushed and placed in the path of extinction. Now seeks an alliance against nature of the system , it added , no  gives property. It is so necessary international support and  precarious internal balance that the Castro regime is willing to take  an ordeal that you wash your face , although it includes the shadow of cross.
Another valid question is whether the chancellor 's insistence impertinent  Moratinos to produce changes in European Union policy towards Cuba is the result of his government has knowledge that there  a current within the insular nomenclature favors changes that they want to support.
Will the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero information privileged - remember the incident in Havana with agents Spanish secret services - that is a dissenter in the  power racing to change, because it fears the collapse dogmatism  horror castle of Castro and `` are all without fish nor lemon ''?
s clear that the nation is broken and the system exhausted, suggests that conflicts of interests and contradictions they close to disaster, but also holds much weight in check the decision to the death of Orlando Zapata Tamayo , hiking the Damas de Blanco and Guillermo Fariñas strike , among other factors so far the regime had ignored.
Moncada generation is bad history , but their heirs can  wanting to take the dowry, including power, therefore it can be consider the existence of a group of generals and doctors favors an adjustment to do more drinking and a corrupt regime unworkable.
It is a matter of conscience , but they appreciate that political and economic controls stifle any management increasingly them public , worried that their economic interests resulting affected if the sequence is broken , are willing to avoid it possible disruption to end all its prerogatives.
Friday, July 16, 2010 10:23 
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Castro's 8 holes...

Fidel Castro makes fourth public appearance in week

Cuban revolutionary leader continues high-profile visits as he warns against climate change and the threat of nuclear war
fidel castro aquarium
Former Cuban leader Fidel Castro stands with trainers at the national aquarium in Havana. Photograph: Reuters
Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro has made his fourth public appearance in just over a week, visiting the National Aquarium of Cuba, a pet project of his when he was still president, a state-run website reported.
The report, which also ran on Cuban television, included numerous photographs of the casually dressed, white-haired Castro watching a dolphin show, chatting to aquarium workers and visitors and posing for pictures with admirers.
One of the workers was veterinarian Celia Guevara March, daughter of Ernesto "Che" Guevara, the Argentine who fought alongside Castro in the Cuban revolution.
Castro asked her about her family, the report said.
His visit included a couple of comments about his current prediction that the world is on the verge of war.
"The world lives between two tragedies – te sea mammals for long periods under water.
Castro remembered his own experience as a diver and said in those days he could hold his breath for more than two minutes.
In one photograph, he posed with two of the dolphin trainers, both young women, his arm around one, holding the hand of another.
"Working with women is very good, and much safer," he said.

BP is encouraged by early results from Gulf well

  • This image taken from video provided by BP PLC at 14:27 CDT, shows
 that oil has stopped flowing from the new 75-ton cap atop the site of 
the Deepwater AP – This image taken from video provided by BP PLC at 14:27 CDT, shows that oil has stopped flowing from …
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