Monday, July 19, 2010

Pacheco dissident arrives in Malaga where write about the Cuban regime
Malaga , July 19 ( EFE ) .- Pablo Pacheco, one of eleven dissidents Cuban exiles in Spain, has arrived in the afternoon to Malaga city in which it hopes to "begin a new phase "of his life with her  Oleivys woman and her son Jimmy for 12 years of age and from which write on his blog and in two books "for Cuba to be free. "
Pacheco,  has arrived by train from Madrid to Malaga , said the reporters that his intention is to settle in the city of Málaga with  his family , to legalize their "state of international protection "and find a job to support his wife and son " even sweeping streets. "
Pacheco has said it expects that Spanish government meets its pledge to validate academic titles  dissidents to his wife to practice as a physician in Spain.
Respect  him, has said that what he likes and knows how to do is write and going to "seize " the proposals on his blog " Voices behind bars has received from both Cuban exile and Spanish .
It  further stated that she plans to continue two books that began in prison, where he was sentenced to 20 years in what is known as the Black Spring of 2003 along the so-called " Group of 75 "formed by opponents of the regime of Fidel Castro.
One book -ha announced , will be "a real complaint about the prison system Cuban and the other will have the loving relationship he had with his  wife during the time that has remained in jail.
By Efe reported to Red Cross sources , Pacheco and his family will time in a migration center that institution in Calle Fernando Road Malaga , where they will stay "until  who know the city and find their permanent settlement . "
In regarding the inability to stay with the other ten Cubans released in Madrid , Pacheco has assured journalists to maintain contact with them because " it is easy to communicate mobile phone "and that his priority now is not himself but the Cuban political prisoners still in prison.
On the future of their country , said that "from the first moment "that left Cuba for Spain knows that "while the Government communist Havana " will be impossible to return , although it occurs "as  worse " to any family members staying there.
Two other families of Cuban dissidents morning from Madrid travel destination  Malaga and other two will Cullera ( Valencia) and La Rioja.
The Pacheco dissident arrives in Malaga where you will enter on the Cuban regime
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The U.S. Interests Section in Cuba calls and then canceled a meeting with relatives of political prisoners


Section U.S. interests in Havana and later called suspended a meeting scheduled for Tuesday morning with some of the relatives of political prisoners belonging to the group of 52 opponents to be freed as part of the agreement reached Raul Castro's government with the Catholic Church , which has been endorsed  Spain.
One of the Ladies in White , Berta Soler , the wife of prisoner of consciousness Angel Moya, Europa Press reported that an "officer "of  Interests Section explained that "the meeting will not be able to be " because it "found no local to house a group of people " . The meeting was postponed to a date not yet determined.
U.S. diplomats quoted members of the Ladies White and relatives of political prisoners without specifying details of the issues would be addressed. " They called to tell us  We had a meeting , but nothing , not told us or what or what  would talk , "said Soler said by phone .
An unknown number of people who had been summoned to this meeting was the first U.S. involvement in the process of release of 52 dissidents jailed during the  called Black Spring of 2003. Las Damas de Blanco said a dozen relatives were summoned to the meeting to be held in a place that was never specified.
About 15 political prisoners have rejected the possibility of travel to Spain as have 11 other dissidents who came to Madrid last week by Minister intermediation Affairs and Cooperation Miguel Angel Moratinos. Some have reported  refusal directly to the Archbishop of Havana , Cardinal Jaime Ortega, while those who have not yet received the offer have advance that they are unwilling to leave the island because feel " banished " .
Soler said her husband was sentenced to 16 years in prison , has made clear that " will not come out "of Cuba and reject this proposal if Ortega contact with him as he did  with prisoners who are already in Spain. "He told me not want to go to Spain, which wants to stay in their homeland, " he said.
The eleven dissidents who were released last week came  Madrid "as a sport and not as migrants, because a migrant is entitled to leave of his people, they did not, " he recalled. To Soler these releases are part of a strategy regime " to get out of the dissidents. "
"This has been an outrage , a madness , prisoners  trampled when they put the prisoners in 2003 and now trample to get them out of the country needs to pass out, " Soler reported .
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Tomorrow come to Spain nine other political prisoners Cuban

The Government refuses to grant political refugee status and claiming  the most it offers is the International Assisted Protection .
HO EDITORIAL .- As announced on Saturday and Foreign Minister  Cooperation Miguel Angel Moratinos, will arrive Tuesday morning to Spain nine other political prisoners , accompanied by half hundred families. Upon arrival you will put under the so-called Assisted International Protection scheme (PIA ).
The Spanish government 's intention is that within three to  four months all of the group of 52 prisoners released by Cuban dictatorship has come to Spain have permission work and residence. The Spanish authorities shall provide all including the recognition of the qualifications they have obtained on the island help in accessing the labor market .
The Spanish government expected in the coming months count by " hundreds "Among former prisoners and family, people who come to our country after the agreement ratified week  Days in Havana, during the visit of Minister Moratinos.
The dissidents released from prison , they offer images as your humble hostels accommodation in the outskirts of Madrid, while accused of genocide like Rwanda's president enjoyed a luxurious hotel in the capital continue to insist that its release is not confused with "liberation" and call for its consideration as political refugees. But the executive, which initially announced that they would be given the status of migrant says that all they can offer is the protection status assisted international , who will be on 28th July.
Some Cuban dissidents who are housed in a Madrid hostel soon leave the capital . Two of them, Omar  Ruiz and Pablo Pacheco, confirmed to Europa Press that will leave the week  next to Malaga .
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Spain: Cuban dissidents feel ' cheated 'by government Shoemaker

July 19, 2010

LIMA | The eleven former prisoners  Cuban political exiles who came as Spain in the past days reported today that they feel "cheated" to what they consider Failure by the government of José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

"The  Spanish government has not fulfilled its commitment to consulting legal and financial assistance for maintenance and rental housing . So far only the Spanish Red Cross has offered help, " said Julio César Gálvez , told that reproduces the German news agency DPA .

The  dissidents returned to emphatically reject a change in the "position common " European Union (EU ) to Cuba.

"Our exit Spain should not be considered a gesture of goodwill, but as a  desperate act of the regime in the urgent search for credits any kind , "they said in a statement read by Galvez in Madrid hostel in which they are staying.

"They should know what  happens within the island before deciding the future of policy  Europe to Cuba, for its part said Ricardo González Alfonso , who asked to go to Parliament to explain.

As  remember, since his arrival in Madrid, the criticism of the dissident Spanish government has been steady. Last week said no feel free in Spain , not knowing where they stand .

By Furthermore, also expressed opposition to be sent to different the country. "I 'm not leaving here, "said Galvez. "The government Spain can not fool the prisoners. "

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Cuban dissidents ask the EU not flexible policy towards the island

The eleven Cuban dissidents released last week and welcomed in Spain asked this Monday  European Union (EU ) not to change its policy toward the island from the lack of progress towards democratization.
Ricardo González, disidente cubano
Ricardo Gonzalez read a statement in which the former Cuban prisoners are asking the EU to continue to sign with Cuba.

In a statement read at the hostel in Madrid  which are free , the group says that " the Cuban government has not steps that demonstrate a clear decision to move towards democratization. "
"Our arrival in Spain should not be considered a gesture of good faith, but a desperate regime in urgent search for credit of any kind, " the statement said read by Ricardo Gonzalez on behalf of all his companions.
"For this reason , we call on member states European Union not to weaken their demands for democratic change  in Cuba so that all Cubans can enjoy the same freedoms of European citizens , "he continues .
Cubans and counteract the position of Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who argues that the EU should relax their common policy toward Cuba to understand that dialogue with the Havana is the best way to create change .
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The UN " welcomes " the release

On the other hand, the UN Secretary General  Ban Ki -Moon welcomed the release of prisoners in Cuba, took time to ask for advances in respect for human rights.
We hope that the Cuban authorities take further conciliatory steps
Ban Ki -moon , Secretary UN General
" Last week in Madrid, I could talk to Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Angel Moratinos, on what happens in Cuba and said he welcomed some very encouraging news , " he said.
"We hope that the Cuban authorities to take more  conciliatory measures , establishing the rule of law and respect  human rights. That is a fundamental principle of the Charter United Nations . That's what I encourage , "he continued .
This Tuesday is expected to reach Madrid others  nine opponents of the government of Raul Castro.
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" Misled "

Meanwhile , Julio César Gálvez , one of the dissidents who are in Madrid , claimed he was " tricked " by the Spanish government , which he said has not met all commitments.
Galvez said that before embarking to Madrid, the Spanish embassy officials in Havana written undertaking to provide legal advice and assistance economical to rent a house.
According to Gálvez, so far "only the Red Cross Spanish "has fulfilled its promises.
Speaking to BBC World, described Galvez their status as " legal limbo . " "We are processing a status refugee but still do not know our situation. "
Cuban dissidents have a pending meeting with senior Foreign Ministry officials , in which seek a possible move to the province of Alicante.
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