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Obama assails GOP, promotes new jobs program

Obama Set to Unveil New Tax Cuts Play Video ABC News  – Obama Set to Unveil New Tax Cuts
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Barack Obama AP – President Barack Obama, leaves Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland for a trip to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, …

MILWAUKEE – A combative President Barack Obama rolled out a long-term jobs program Monday that will exceed $50 billion to rebuild roads, railways and runways, and coupled it with a blunt campaign-season assault on Republicans for causing Americans' hard economic times.
GOP leaders instantly assailed Obama's proposal, and many Democrats will likely be reluctant to approve additional spending and higher federal deficits just weeks before elections that will determine control of Congress.
That left the plan with low odds of becoming law this year. Jim Manley, spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada, cautioned, "If we are going to get anything done, Republican cooperation, which has been all but non-existent recently, will be necessary."
Administration officials said that even if the program somehow won quick congressional approval, it would not produce jobs until sometime next year. That means the proposal's only pre-election impact may whether voters interpret it as a serious effort by the White House to boost the economy and create jobs.
In remarks prepared for delivery to a Labor Day speech in Milwaukee, the president said Republicans are betting that between now and Election Day on Nov. 2, Americans will forget the Republican economic policies that led to the current recession.
"These are the folks whose policies helped devastate our middle class and drive our economy into a ditch. And now they're asking you for the keys back," Obama said.
The president said Republicans have opposed everything he has done to strengthen the economy.
"They think it's better to score political points before an election than actually solve problems," he said.
He added, "Even as we speak, these guys are saying no to cutting more taxes for small business owners. I mean, come on! Remember when our campaign slogan was "Yes We Can?" These guys are running on "No, We Can't," and proud of it. Really inspiring, huh?"
Republicans made it clear that Obama can expect no help from them.
Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky said the plan "should be met with justifiable skepticism" because it would raise taxes, while Americans are "still looking for the 'shovel-ready' jobs they were promised more than a year ago" in the $814 billion economic stimulus measure.
The House Republican leader, John Boehner of Ohio, added "We don't need more government 'stimulus' spending. We need to end Washington Democrats' out-of-control spending spree, stop their tax hikes, and create jobs by eliminating the job-killing uncertainty that is hampering our small businesses."
Administration officials said the initial $50 billion would be the beginning of a six-year program of transportation improvements, but they did not give an overall figure. The proposal has a longer-range focus than last year's economic stimulus bill, which was more targeted on immediate job creation.

Hurricane watch issued for coasts of Mexico, Texas

Tropical storm Hermine Reuters – Tropical storm Hermine is seen in this satellite image courtesy of the National Hurricane Center. REUTERS/National …

NUEVO LAREDO, Mexico – Mexican authorities urged people to move to shelters while officials in Texas distributed sandbags and warned of flash floods as Tropical Storm Hermine headed toward the northwestern Gulf coast on Monday.
It is the second major storm to hit the area this season. Hurricane Alex roared ashore there in June, killing at least 12 people as remnant rains drenched a wide swath of northeastern Mexico for days.
Hermine could approach hurricane strength before making landfall early Tuesday in a sparsely populated area about 50 miles (80 kilometers) south of Matamoros, a city bordering Brownsville, Texas, according to the National Hurricane Center in Miami.
A hurricane watch was issued for the area from Rio San Fernando, Mexico, northward to Baffin Bay in Texas.
The cattle-ranching region is one the most dangerous in Mexico's turf war between two drug cartels. It is the same area 72 migrants were killed two weeks ago in what it believed to be Mexico's worst drug gang massacre to date.
Mexican emergency officials urged people living in low-lying coastal areas to move to shelters, but there were no immediate evacuation plans.
"We urge the general population to be on alert for possible floods and mudslides," said Salvador Trevino, director of civil defense of Tamaulipas state, where Matamoros is located.
On the Texas coast, emergency officials readied pumping equipment and distributed sandbags in Cameron County, said John Cavazos, the county's emergency management coordinator. He said they are also suggesting that people in recreational vehicles in county parks along the coast should move.
He officials are worried about flooding because the ground is already saturated from earlier rains. Some areas could get up to 12 inches of rain, he said.
"Anyone living in ... an area that's known to flood, they need to take some precautions," Cavazos said.
Frank Torres, emergency management coordinator for Willacy County, said officials are preparing sandbags and making sure people know a storm is coming.
"It just popped up out of nowhere," he said. "We're anticipating some flooding. The good thing is it's going to blow through here very quickly."
No evacuations had been ordered in Texas.
A midday Monday, Hermine was located about 85 miles (135 kilometers) northeast of La Pesca Mexico and 140 miles (225 kilometers) southeast of Brownsville on Monday morning, and was moving north-northwest near 13 mph (21 kph).
The storm's maximum sustained winds strengthened to 60 mph (95 kph).
Heavy rain is predicted with northeastern Mexico into south Texas getting 4 to 8 inches (10 to 20 centimeters) with as much as a foot in some places.
Associated Press Writer Jamie Stengle in Dallas contributed to this report.

Message From Banished Political Prisoners...

Monday, September 6, 2010
Last week, senior officials from Spain's ruling Socialist Party (PSOE) -- once again -- visited with the Castro regime.
As has become the PSOE's common practice, pro-democracy and human rights activists were marginalized from all meetings.
In response, a group of Cuban political prisoners recently banished to Spain issued a poignant declaration.
Here's an excerpt:

We, political prisoners who have been banished to Spain, were imprisoned for defending peaceful dialogue amongst all Cubans as a civilized way to achieve the political, economic and social rights that Cuba's totalitarian system has denied its people for over 50 years.

Only the Spanish Socialist Party (PSOE) and the Spanish government seem to see changes in the state of lawlessness that the Cuban people are subjected to. To confuse the banishment of political prisoners that has taken place to date with a process of democratic opening is an insult to the legitimate right of all Cubans who seek to build a free and reconciled society [...]

Unfortunately, some political sectors in Spain and its government want to endorse "changes" based on their wayward bet, without rights for the Cuban people, recognizing the island's repressive forces as the sole interlocutor.

They are converting the current military junta into the economic mafia of the future.

  Happy Labor Day


Of  Frank Ferrer part of the interview is motivated by Manuel Prieres his statements made in a video on you tube path public art in Cuba and red of his brother Pedro Luis Ferrer and as he did not necessarily conform to the truth . Needless to say that  the length and width of the interview will be to prioritize the professionalism and mutual respect. All depending on siding formal and official histories and pursue the " Real Story " extremely rough and difficult on the facts and stories an experiment in red. In this case both agreed . A small technical problem was some disadvantage to the respondent toward the interviewer . But a final is not of much importance this: Things will get clear of this reporting.

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September 06, 2010

Cuba encourages foreign-funded marinas

From the magazine Sail World USA:Cruising sailors are being sought as part of Cuba's push to increase its tourism income. New rules governing the building of marinas by foreign investors promise an upgrade to the available facilities along the coastline of the island country.
The Cuban State Council has issued a decree allowing 99-year leases on state-owned land to be provided to overseas investors for residential construction. This is important as the financial viability of any marina-related development would need things such as condominiums to make then work.
Cruz "With the objective of developing regions that today are virgin, a policy was approved that permits real estate development associated with tourism, fundamentally golf courses, marinas and other complementary tourist investments," Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz told a news conference at the annual International Tourism Fair in Havana.
To date Cuba has one internationally known marina and two golf courses. There are already a series of projects in various stages of development, including new marina capacity. [...]
Foster & Partners is one of the groups reported to be creating a development for a British-Spanish group at Bahia Honda in the western Pinar del Rio province. As well as golf courses, the development will include a marina with at lease 200 berths and almost 2,000 condominiums.
Developments are also planned Varadero and Jibaco, both to the east of Havana, by Canadian and Spanish investors.
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Racing mogul prefers Vegas to Homestead saying 'North Cuba' is not the proper venue

Ollen Bruton Smith, chairman of Speedway Motorsports, would like to see the NASCAR Sprint Cup Series finale raced in an American city.
(fot2) Like Las Vegas, whose franchise he owns. Or Atlanta, whose franchise he also owns. Definitely not South Florida, where the finale has been raced since 2002, at Homestead-Miami Speedway.
"If you're going to do a championship, you've got to do it at the proper place, and I don't think North Cuba is the proper place," Smith said Saturday in Sparta, Ky., quoted by Sporting News and ESPN.
Too many Cubans in South Florida, maybe?
"I was just speaking the truth," Smith said later, by way of explanation. "I thought it was a compliment based on location."
By the way, auto racing has not been staged in Cuba (northern or southern) for more than half a century.
–Renato Pérez Pizarro.
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Golf developers eye Cuba

By McClatchy Newspapers
Monday, September 6, 2010 -
Golfers use a practice area during...
Photo by AP (file)
Golfers use a practice area during the Montecristo Cup Golf Tournament in Varadero, Cuba.
Hoping to lure golf-playing tourists to Cuba - and eventually even U.S. golfers - the government will allow foreign investors to lease state lands for 99 years instead of the previous limit of 50 years.
The extension is expected to make Cuba a more attractive place for foreign developers, who already have detailed plans for at least four golf resorts with seven courses - including a $1 billion project.
Some foreign investors have been reluctant to commit to the projects because the 50-year limit was too short and risky, said Antonio Zamora, a Miami lawyer who researches Cuban real estate issues.
“I think most of them will be OK with the 99-year leases, although others have told me they will not do it” unless they can have full ownership rights to the properties, Zamora added.
Cuba’s communist government has kept tight controls on foreign investments, but a withering economic crisis is forcing it to seek new financing abroad and expand its tourism industry, one of its sources of revenue.
The Official Gazette recently published Decree Law 273, signed by Raul Castro on July 19 - allowing 99-year leases on properties for foreign investors though the government continues to own the land. The previous limit set in 1987 was 50 years, though renewals were allowed.
Still unclear are many issues, such as the right to sell or inherit the properties built on the leased state lands.
The Cuban government owns the overwhelming majority of the land on the island, though some Cubans who owned small properties before the Castro revolution in 1959 have been allowed to keep them.
But the decision by Castro, who also has been allowing small but growing doses of private enterprise by Cubans in hopes of improving the economy, could give a quick boost to tourism development plans.
The U.S. Congress is considering legislation that would lift the ban on tourism travel to Cuba, and the Obama administration is expected to allow a growing number of educational and cultural trips to the island.
Tourism Minister Manuel Marrero announced in August that the government had approved the creation of 16 golf resorts, ringed by thousands of condos and villas to be sold only to foreigners. Cuba has only one 18-hole course and one nine-hole course, while the Dominican Republic has two dozen.
Foreign developers are already well along on proposals for four golf resorts on Cuba’s north coast, including the estimated $1 billion La Altura mega-project in Bahia Honda west of Havana.

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 Monday, September 6, 2010 12:2
The Committee Norwegian Nobel Peace Prize 2010 for the application engineer Oswaldo José Payá Sardinas , Coordinator National Christian Liberation Movement .

The  Cuban civilian leader Oswaldo José Payá Sardinas is a Democrat consistent commitment to the culture of violence and hatred.
He has consistently worked heroically without fanfare ; inspirational selfless patriotism and sacrifice , respect and protecting the integrity of the human race by changes peaceful in Cuba through non-violent and peaceful action .
Being  just a student, publicly and peacefully Payá raised his voice, as honorable vindication of Cuba and the Cubans against the military invasion of the heroic Soviet army in the spring Czechoslovak land  1968. So it was confined to three years in camps forced labor.
Lay committed to their Catholic faith, defended the Cuban National Ecclesiastical 1986, the right to freedom  religious of the Church, persecuted and silenced during those decades.
Compiled in the late eighties , the newsletter independent " People of God " while organizing the Christian Peña Thinking Cubano.
Fundo, in 1988, the Movimiento Cristiano Liberation, for claiming in a novel way between us, doctrine peaceful , humane and civilized citizen rights and human commitment to the democratic exercise of freedom; promoting reconciliation and peace among Cubans. Educating the people in individual responsibility and the joint participation  all for the establishment of the rule of law.
Payá has been manager and developer since 1989 civic campaigns in dialogue National , the Transition Program and the Varela Project , welcomed and supported by tens of thousands of citizens. Forum also Cuban -inspired initiatives include integrating and dialogue.
He has been recognized with international awards including "Homo Hominis "of the People in Need Foundation ( Czech Republic ), the trophy - Averell Harriman ( United States ) of the Sakharov Prize  European Parliament 2002. Several times he has been nominated for Nobel Prize  Peace . He is Doctor honoris causa by the Universities of New York  and Miami
Its human and political solidarity with all prisoners Cuban policy has always been unconditional. Also with all peoples and people in the world fighting for their rights inalienable.
The private and public decency distinguishes Oswaldo José Payá Sardinas .
A  ask your committee : it is awarded in recognition of a life committed to justice and peace in support solidarity to the cause of freedom , reconciliation and peace throughout  the Cuban people , the Nobel Peace Prize 2010 to our brother civil strife , the engineer Oswaldo José Payá Sardinas

The undersigned members of the 75 prisoners of conscience imprisoned in the spring of 2003 we join the proposal our brothers who have gone into exile in Spain and their families to make possible through the channels match the nomination of Oswaldo Jose Paya Sardinas, leader Christian Liberation Movement, the Nobel Peace Prize
August 27, 2010
We signed
Víctor Rolando Arroyo Carmona
Alfredo Domínguez Batit
Leonel Grave de Peralta
Claro Sánchez Altarriba
Prospero Gainza Agüero
Alexis Rodríguez Fernández
Nelson Moline Espino
 Thank you for your attention, also signed :
1 .- Regis Iglesias Ramirez. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
2 .- Ricardo González Alfonso. Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
3 .- Angel Moya Acosta. Human Rights Activist . Cuban political prisoner
4 .- Arturo Suárez Ramos. Human Rights Activist . Cuban political prisoner 23 years
5 .- Rafael Ibarra. Democratic Party November 30 . Cuban political prisoner 16 years
6 .- Julio César Gálvez. Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
7 .- Antonio Díaz Sánchez. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
8 .- Juan Carlos Herrera Acosta. Mov. Youth for Democracy . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
9 .- Catalina Cano Vergara. Lady in white. Exile
10 .- Velasquez Yamile Batista. Lady in white. Exile
11 .- Omar Rodriguez Saludes . Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
12 .- Arturo Pérez de Alejo. Human Rights Activist . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
13 .- Jesus Mustafa Felipe. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
14 .- Omar Pernet Hernández. Human Rights Activist . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
15 .- Marcelo Cano Rodríguez. Human Rights Activist . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
16 .- Marlene Gonzalez. Lady in white. Exile
17 .- Adolfo Fernández Sainz. Current Liberal. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
18 .- Fabio Prieto Llorente. Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
Ubals 19 .- Manuel Gonzalez. Human Rights Activist . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
20 .- Juana Mercedes Mustafa Elias. Lady in white. Exile
21 .- Mercedes Elias. Lady in white. Exile
22 .- Jorge Luis González Tanquero . Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
23 .- Gonzalez Melissa Gonzalez. Lady in white. Exile
24 .- Antonio A. Villarreal Acosta. IDF. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
25 .- Silvia Aguado. Lady in white. Exile
26 .- Irene Viera Filloy . Lady in white. Exile
27 .- Mayelin González Bedia . Lady in white. Exile
28 .- Velasquez Yamilka Batista. Lady in white. Exile
29 .- Ada Moraima lion Sabina. Lady in white. Exile
30 .- Blas G. Reyes Rodriguez. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
31 .- José Ubaldo Izquierdo Hernández. Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
32 .- Alfredo Manuel Pulido Lopez. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
33 .- Celia T. ( Shelyn ) Rojas. Freelance journalist. Exile
34 .- Gisela Sanchez Verdecia . Lady in white. Exile
35 .- Lester Gonzalez Penton . Human Rights Activist . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
36 .- Eduardo Diaz Fleitas. Human Rights Activist . Cuban political prisoner .
37 .- Alejandro Gonzalez Raga. Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
38 .- Berta Bueno Fuentes. Lady in white. Exile
39 .- Fernandez Efren Fernandez. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
40 .- M. Ysel Acosta Obregon. Lady in white. Exile
41 .- Alida Viso Bello. Lady in white. Exile
42 .- Hernández . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
43 .- Pedro Pablo Alvarez Ramos. Trade unionist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
44 .- Luis Milan. Human Rights Activist . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
45 .- Hernandez Lisandra Laffita . Lady in white. Exile
46 .- Mijail Barzaga Lugo. Freelance journalist. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
47 .- Belkis Barzaga Lugo. Lady in white. Exile
48 .- Belinda Barzaga Lugo. Lady in white. Exile
49 .- Gladys Lugo. Lady in white. Exile
50 .- Jose Luis Garcia Paneque. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
51 .- Ricardo Silva Gual. Christian Liberation Movement . Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
52 .- Manuel Vazquez Portal. Former Cuban political prisoner
53 .- Yamilka Morejon. Lady in white. Exile
54 .- Roberto A. San Martin. Former Cuban political prisoner in the U.S. Refugee
55 .- Pablo Pacheco Avila.Ex Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
56 .- Ramón Raúl Rivero Castañeda. Former Cuban political prisoner . Exiled
Adelaide 57 .- Blanca Reyes. Lady in white. Exile
58 .- Víctor Rolando Arroyo Carmona. Cuban political prisoner
59. -Alfredo Domínguez Batit Cuban political prisoner
60.- Leonel Grave de Peralta Cuban political prisoner
Claro Sánchez Altarriba 61 .- Cuban political prisoner
Prospero Gainza Agüero 62.- Cuban political prisoner
63. -Alexis Rodriguez Fernandez Cuban political prisoner
64. -Nelson Moline Espino Cuban political prisoner
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Virtual Heroin ...

The  Cuban elections Yoani Sanchez was one of the 60 heroes to break free press censorship in his country through internet  

The  International Press Institute 
(IPI ), based in Vienna , elected 
Yoani Sanchez as one of the
60 heroes 
of freedom of the press, 
recognized the challenge of Cuban blogger 
restrictions imposed on the
island and defend freedom of expression.
The author of the blog Generation Y has attracted the attention 
of the Cuban regime and the international community by the critical content 
of your site, blocked in Cuba since 2008, explain El País and 
the agency AFP. The statement noted that Sanchez IPI represents a 
future that power the Internet can be used to promote freedom of expression.
In an interview with AFPThe blogger said that the award of the IPI is a "
stimulus "and a "protective shield "on his objective 
of breaking censorship in Cuba.
The list of recognitions of the IPI also includes Mexican journalist
Lydia Cacho. / translate LPPNEWS Front Line

Can Cuba survive a zombie invasion -- movie?

Published: Sunday, September 05, 2010, 3:31 PM

Mexican makeup artist Cristian Jauregui, left, works on the mold of the zombie mask of Claudia Calvino, Cuban co-producer of the film 'Juan de los Muertos' or 'Juan of the Dead' in Havana, Cuba, on Wednesday. Part horror show, part social satire,

HAVANA – What would you do if your entire city was taken over by flesh-eating zombies and communist leaders insisted it was nothing but a plot by U.S-backed dissidents to destabilize the government?
If you were the protagonist of Juan de los Muertos — "Juan of the Dead" — the first zombie flick ever shot in post-revolutionary Cuba, you'd figure out how to make some cash out of the carnage.
Part horror show, part social satire, the soon-to-be-shot movie has the backing of a Spanish production company, a green light from Cuban authorities and a budget that dwarfs most big-screen offerings from the island.
And its irreverent humor — one blurb for the film proclaims: "Fifty years later, a new Revolution has begun" — could make Juan of the Dead the next big thing in Cuban cinema, and give it a real chance at global success.
It is the second film by 34-year-old writer-director Alejandro Brugues, who says his idea was to tell a story that was authentically Cuban — but within the logic of a camp zombie flick. Closest to his heart, he said, is a quintessential island knack for making ends meet, whether by keeping a rusty '57 Chevy on the road for half a century, or finding a way to feed a family on a salary of $20 a month.
Locals even have a saying for how they will overcome the constant hurdles that are part of daily life on this cash-strapped, crumbling island: "I'll invent something."
"We Cubans have had to deal with a whole series of problems in the last 50 years," Brugues told The Associated Press, an allusion to the decades of economic hardship and isolation that have followed Fidel Castro's 1959 revolution, particularly since the collapse of the Soviet Union.
"We have become accustomed to resolving problems on our own and finding a way to survive. So I was thinking, 'How would a Cuban survive a zombie epidemic."
As Brugues spoke, makeup artists in another room were transforming actors into blood-soaked zombies, a process that can take up to five hours. A gruesome zombie head lay on a table alongside multiple cups of coffee and cigarette butts, and a producer was testing out the believability of a detached, latex hand by sneaking up on unsuspecting production assistants and tapping them on the shoulder with it.
Preproduction got under way this week, with shooting slated to start in late October. the filmmakers hope to release the movie in the spring or summer of next year, and plan to role it out at several film festivals before showing it to a wider audience.
The movie's plot is simple: A 40-year old layabout named Juan finds a zombie floating in the water while fishing off the coast of Havana. The zombie attacks but Juan makes a narrow escape, only to find that the undead are all over the city. State-run media blames the whole thing on government opponents backed by Cuba's archenemies in Washington, but Juan knows better — and comes up with a plan.
Together with his sidekick, Lazaro — described by the filmmakers as "just as lazy, but twice as stupid" — Juan puts out the word that he is open for business.
Has your grandmother been turned into a zombie? Is your uncle stumbling about with blood coming out of his mouth?
Juan and Lazaro promise to get rid of your undead loved ones for just 15 Cuban convertible pesos ($16) a pop, and to clean up the mess for an extra 20 ($21).
The duo are making good money until they find themselves the only non-zombies left in the city, with the rest of the population having either fled or been infected.
The movie is backed by Spain's La Zanfona Producciones, two Spanish television channels, the government of Spain's Andalucia region and the state-run Cuban Institute of Art and Cinematography. It has a budget of $2.1 million, most of which is going to special effects that have to be added in Spain because the technology is not available in Cuba.
"Clearly, it is a very small budget for an international zombie movie," said Claudia Calvino, the film's 27-year-old Cuban co-producer. "But that's a lot of money for a Cuban movie."
Another co-producer, 34-year-old Inti Herrera, said most Cuban films are made for less than $300,000. He said that the makers of Juan of the Dead are hoping to produce something that has a professional feel to it which can be enjoyed by audiences everywhere — even the United States.
"We really hope it comes out and is shown widely in theaters there," said Brugues. "That is definitely our idea."
Brugues says part of the movie's message deals with whether one should stay and face problems or get out of town when the going gets tough — a politically sensitive topic in a country divided between those who have lived through the revolution for better or worse, and those who have left for exile in South Florida and elsewhere.
But he insists the film is not political.
"I want people to have a good time at the theater," Brugues says. "And I promise liters and liters of blood."

Cuba prepares for a new population and housing census in 2012...

EFE, 06/09 17:50 CET
El más reciente censo tuvo lugar en 2002 y reportó que en ese momento residían en la isla 11,177.743 millones de habitantes en 3,534.327 viviendas. EFE/Archivo 
The  most recent census took place in 2002 and reported at that time residing on the island 11177.743 3534.327 million in housing. AP / File

Havana , Sep 6 (EFE) .-  Cuba is preparing to conduct a new census of population and housing  September 2012 and update the data of this investigation population , reported the official newspaper Granma.
The most recent census took place in 2002 and reported that  currently residing in the island 11177.743 million in 3534.327 Housing .
The research includes the territorial distribution  population , its composition by sex and age, skin color , level  educational sectors, where he works, and other vital elements , so that requires careful preparation of several years.
Also renew the reports on the status of property, its technical condition , equipment and services supplied to the population of the island.
The complexity and volume of census data Population and housing require gathering involves not only the Office  National Statistics (ONE), but the entire society, and becomes " a task of government , "says the publication.
The paper recalls that after the Cuban victory of the revolution in 1959, the island has made three censuses population in the years 1970, 1981 and 2002.
To date a total of 17 censuses in Cuba,  the first in its history was made in 1774 and recorded a population of 171 620 inhabitants.
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Cuba seizes 1.6 tons of drugs in first half

  • 12 foiled international drug trafficking operations
The Cuban Interior Ministry , said authorities arrested 12 couriers and seized over one ton of drugs

HAVANA, CUBA ( 06/SEP/2010 ) .- The Cuban authorities seized 1.6 tons of drugs -cocaine and marijuana " , arrested 12 couriers and discovered a drug network that used an agency parcels and remittances of Miami, reported Monday the Ministry of Interior.

"In the air border operations were thwarted 12 international drug trafficking , which secured 7.1 kilos of drugs, arrested 12 foreigners , "the report quoted by the official newspaper Granma, without specifying nationalities.

The newspaper quoted only a Dominican who bore in his body 951 grams of cocaine , destined for the United States, and an Ecuadorian who was traveling to Russia and who had surgery for emergency expelled less than half of the 84 capsules ingested.

" It was discovered a network of organized drug trafficking from the United States , which used their agency involved parcels and remittances in Miami to try to introduce marijuana concealed in containers of cereal, " Granma said , without specifying details.

The police also arrested a boat with 541 kilos of marijuana from Jamaica and the Bahamas, and arrested its three crew Bahamians .

According to the Ministry of Interior, drug seizures dropped to 1.6 tons , cocaine and marijuana , in the first half , about 2.2 tons seized in the same period of 2009. " Diminishing the numbers, not threats , "said Granma.

Cuba is on the route by sea and air of drugs between South America and the United States , usually carried in aircraft and released north of the island, which is picked up by speedboats.
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