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GLOBAL CAMPAIGN FOR "immediate release" of opposition leader CUBAN BISCET OSCAR ELIAS
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Oscar Elías Biscet habla con la prensa en esta foto de archivo, antes de ser encarcelado en el año 2003.
Winnie Biscet, daughter of Cuban prisoner of conscience Oscar Elías Biscet, launched an international campaign to demand the immediate release of her father, sentenced to 25 years in a supermax prison  security.
`` We absolutely release,''said Winnie, 22. `` And  so we are opening a website and blog. I want people know not only as a patriot, but also as a father.''

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Winnie also send a letter to President Barack Obama seeking help and denouncing abuses against Biscet. Until Wednesday, he had collected over 300 signatures.
`` I miss my father terribly. I fear for their health and their security. But I support his position, his continued resistance to tyranny and its strong commitment to freedom and human rights for all Cubans,''the letter said. `` Please, sir President, join us in this fight and do it publicly, to Quesu  Aque help support all the people of the world aware of this injustice.''
Exile organizations like Historic Cuban Political Prisoners joined the call for unconditional release. Rodolfo San Román Rodríguez, president of the group, said the release  ineligible to leave the country.
`` We will fight for him, a freedom without exile,''Rodriguez said.
Biscet is one of at least five political prisoners who are refuse to leave Cuba in the context of the ongoing releases, which began after talks between the Catholic Church  of the island and the government.
Locked up since 2003 in prison in the Eastern Combined Havana, Biscet, 48, is one of the most critical dissidents Cuban government. Opposition activity began in 1986, shortly after graduating in Medicine.
In November 2007, former President George W. Bush awarded the Presidential Medal in the absence of Liberty.
Biscet gained international fame when he released a document deplores the indiscriminate use of Rivanol Cuba, a drug to induce abortions.
To join the humanitarian campaign visit and

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