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 British warship sails into Havana Bay on official visit

The first British warship to visit Cuba since before the 1959 revolution sailed into Havana Bay on Monday, where it was greeted by a Cuban Navy band playing "God Save the Queen."

HMS Manchester enters Havana's bay
HMS Manchester enters Havana's bay beside the colonial-era Morro Cabana fortress Photo: REUTERS
With its colours flying and bright red Sea Dart missiles poised on deck, the destroyer HMS Manchester pulled into port opposite Old Havana, the historic centre of the Cuban capital, at the start of a five-day visit to the Communist-led island.
The ship's officers were to meet with their Cuban counterparts to discuss collaboration on counter-drug and disaster relief operations in the Caribbean region.
The last time a British warship stopped at the island was in 1957 when the frigate HMS Bigbury Bay visited Havana.
At the time, a rebel insurgency led by Fidel Castro was under way and on Jan. 1, 1959, it toppled the government of dictator Fulgencio Batista and took power.
At the height of the Cold War, Mr Castro transformed the island into a Communist state and took on the Soviet Union as Cuba's top ally, which cooled relations with the West.
On Monday, the Cuban Navy greeted the ship with an honour guard carrying both Cuban and British flags, and with the band that played both national anthems.
The Manchester's visit, said Commander Rex Cox, may signal greater collaboration is at hand.
"The Royal Navy hasn't been here for 53 years, but we very much hope this is the start of many more warships coming back," he told reporters aboard the 462-foot-long, metallic grey ship.
Meeting with the Cuban Navy and government officials will give the Royal Navy "a better understanding of how counter-narcotics operations are run in the northern and western Caribbean," Commander Cox said.
"We can start to talk about how we do things and actually learn how they do things," he said.
Cuba: another reform, another failure
Source Writer in the field indicated   

By Carlos Alberto Montaner

Raul Castro is committed to ensuring that Cuban communism is efficient and  productive. His reforms are not aimed at creating freedoms political and economic, as expected the most deluded, but to save and revive the socialist model of planned economy, led by  wise and well-intentioned bureaucrats of the party, which predominates State ownership of the means of production, now accompanied by cooperatives and private microenterprise a thin tissue, also subject to the overall objectives of the State and under the strict government surveillance for the accumulation of wealth is not excessive. In other words, the same monster, but slightly mutated.
To accomplish his goals, Raul has released a 32-page document entitled `` Policy Guidelines economic and social,''which will be the focus of discussions until the Sixth Communist Party Congress convened in April 2011. Nothing substantive political tests. Nothing questions essential to the dictatorial system that keeps the Cubans in a increasing poverty for more than half a century. The discussion is limited the purely economic issue.
It was predictable. Raul is not an ideologue. Not even considered a political. It looks like a manager. It is considered a pragmatic sort, organized, able to assemble a team, assign responsibilities, establish timetables and goals to meet  tough. He has always seen his brother as a superior being brilliant, smarter than him, but chaotic, arbitrary and clumsy in the choice of his subordinates and unable to develop long-term plans term. Fidel thinks that there had been no revolution, but estimated like many Cubans, that because of Fidel and his outbursts anarcolocos revolution is a disaster.
Raul believes he can fix this mess. It would be his big win personal jurisdiction in the secret he has with his brother. Throughout his life has been a second son, an appendage at times humiliated  Maximum Leader (Raúl is called, softly, the Minimum Leader) but this is his historic opportunity to win that battle intimate painful and prove he can succeed where the other failed miserably.
Although economic reform is the goal of medium and long term  political. Raul knows that the failure of government material is such that hardly survive the regime when he and Fidel not in front of the barracks. Almost no one believes in system because, as he escaped Fidel, `` does not work.'' To transmit commands authority within institutions Party and prevent the collapse post mortem, Must be legitimized the ruling class by providing food, shelter, drinking water, communications, electricity, transportation, clothing, health, education and least fun.
So far they have managed to survive thanks to the charity Soviet first, and then to Venezuela, but Hugo Chávez is a kind unpredictability can be gone tomorrow, as happened with the USSR. The  Cuba's communist system has to be self-sufficient, especially if maintained in order to enthrone the dynasty, leaving the power Alejandro Castro Espin, Colonel services intelligence and son and right hand of Raul.
ut all this is a fantasy. The reform of the productive apparatus fail, as happened with the other six with earlier government implemented over more than fifty years. Raul believes  the system unless the state-held companies become  effective and have benefits. The methods will operate Communists, but will judge their performance categories capitalism. That is nonsense. He wants companies to produce each  more with less and less, which is the essence of productivity capitalist, and so within two years unemployment will launch  one million three hundred thousand people, a quarter of the force work, unable to see that the original sin of the model Communist lies precisely in the state-owned media production and the existence of a central planner handled  by bureaucrats who determine the prices artificially and crush   creativity and entrepreneurship in society.
Raúl assumes that the Communist model is based on ideas correct yet poorly executed. Die without understanding that huge gaps of real communism is the natural consequence of crazy ideas of Marx, Lenin and the rest of the leaders. And is too old to learn nothing.
Sunday, November 14, 2010 23:50 S: El Nuevo Herald / Cuba Libre Digital, simultaneous translations LPPNEWS FrontLine Results

November 17, 2010

Cuban Blogger Yoani Sánchez Receives CEPOS Award (Morning Roundup)

Top News
: Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez, author of the blog Generción Y, won an award from the Danish Center for Political Studies (CEPOS) on Tuesday.
CEPOS said that Sánchez's blog "demands the right to exercise her freedom of expession to criticize contemporary conditions in Cuba," French wire service AFP reports (link in Spanish).
"Despite great personal sacrifices, Yoani Sánchez has demonstrated surprising bravery by expressing her personal and honest opinion about the society in which she lives," said director of CEPOS Marin Aagerup.
According to her Twitter account (@yoanisanchez), Sánchez requested permission to leave the island to receive the award earlier this week and will receive the answer from Cuban authorities today. She said she has been denied permission to leave the island eight times over the last three years
In Other News:
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-- Roque Planas

November 16, 2010

Diaz-Balart bids good-bye to the House

After 18 years in Congress, Rep. Lincoln Diaz-Balart delivered his good-bye speech on the House Tuesday night. He said he (fot1) leaves "with a sense of duty fulfilled, having given my all to the people of the 21st District of Florida, who have honored me by electing me and reelecting me to nine terms in Congress.
"My most profound satisfaction comes from having given my all, each and every day, to my constituents," he said.
And he noted that he'll continue to push for democracy in Cuba:
"As a private citizen, I will work to help the freedom fighters inside Cuba, who are resisting the brutality of the Castro tyranny with ultimate courage and patriotism; they are my heroes."
To his colleagues, he said, "those who have helped me, and those who have opposed me, thank you. Thank you for the honor of having been able to serve with you."
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Who is @miamiheraldcuba?

Miami Herald online editors are on the hunt.
They are looking for the identity of @miamiheraldcuba, the Twitter identity of someone who regularly posts Cuban Colada blog items. It's not me, prolific blogger Renato Perez, El Nuevo's Juan Tamayo, or Colada's newest scribe, Roque Planas from NYU.
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