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November 18, 2010

November 17, 2010

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Please pray, and more, for Hilda González, mother of Cuba hero Oscar Elias Biscet

75630_1606548196323_1014693029_31707666_1919249_n Sra. González and family
From, an update on the mother of Cuban prisoner of conscience Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet:
Hilda Gonzalez, mother of Dr. Biscet is critical in bed suffering from chronic depression because she is doesn’t know the fate of her son. Ironically, tomorrow, November 17, is her birthday.
Biscet, the best known prisoner of conscience in the Castro gulag, is one of 11 prisoners still in jail because of their refusal to accept exile as a condition of their release. Except for 36 days in 2002, Biscet has been a prisoner since November 1999 because of his opposition to the communist dictatorship.
You can pray for Sra. González, but there is more you can do for her, her son and the rest of his family: Read and sign this petition asking President Obama to meet with Biscet's daughter, Winnie.

Repression and harassment of women accompanying Reina Luisa Tamayo...

Human Rights / Witness

The following is the testimony of  Martha Díaz Rondón arrested on October 31, 2010 in Banes, Holguín, Tamayo, along with Queen. Martha Díaz Rondón was stopped in the cemetery  Banes Oct. 31 at 10 o'clock in the morning and released on November 1, 2010 at 9 pm.

By Martha Beatriz Roque

Holguin, Nov. 5 / We brought in a white one guaguita * lieutenant colonel and three others. We released here and every one for your home  A Naoky, Gertrude, Daniel Mesa Cantillo, Ramon Reyes Oramas, Juan Oriol Verdecia (my husband) and I the speaker Martha Díaz Rondón.
We were brutally beaten, brutally beat us all, we boarded the buses with blows, that was all that we were up to Reina. That is if we beat Reina expect us.
We were humiliated, stripped me forced me to take off my knickers and do squats in front of guards. We saw the guards as they had  open, that they did here in Banes, Ojeda Gertrudis Suarez, Dulce Maria, Barbara Prado Portal to another girl, Maritza Cardoso Romero de Moa, that was a humiliation.
We undressed and we were watching the guards themselves, we said, "Hey shut the doors that are watching," but were Hence, Police and State Security, who looked upon Incidentally, when we were doing and then doing caching squat. Were some women that city prisons, mulatto "Grandon" who were directly banging.
A Gertrudis gave her chin and is inflamed, we picked and keys made us, we dropped the men and women that was great what they did to us and humiliated us.
However that in training, we did the same, I stripped  I did remove her shirt and everything and do squats and get off the pants, they treated us badly, badly.
We were a warning letter to apply dangerous crime or Gag if we continued to support 88 Reina Luisa Tamayo  Danger progress. We said yes we would follow, then told us that we were advised that we imprison warning letter.
We put a pad on the stomach for the smell to catch us, we  took the handprints, the ten fingers, we measured, we weighed and threw us photos
Banes led us to Pedernales in the town of Holguín.

* Small bus. Editor's Note
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MOSCOW  - Russian state oil company Gazprom Neft was associated with other companies to explore offshore fields off the coast of Cuba in the Gulf of Mexico, announced on Wednesday.

Gazprom signed an agreement to acquire 30% of a project operated by Petronas, Malaysia, to explore four blocks submarine few tens of kilometers (miles) from the U.S. mainland.

The Russian firm said in a statement that shareholders fund  the project in proportion. The agreement shall enter into force after its approval by the Cuban authorities.
Alexander Dyukov, director of Gazprom, said the agreement enable the company to expand its geographic reach and strengthen its global market position. He added that the plans will promote company growth and increase production.
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Military and police officers leave the area where ... 

Military and police officers leave area

Military and police officers leave the area where a Cuban passenger plane crashed in Guasimal, Cuba, Friday, Nov.5, 2010. A Cuban airliner flying from the eastern city of Santiago de Cuba to the capital crashed Thursday night with 68 people aboard, including 28 foreigners, state media reported. There was no immediate word on whether any survived.… Read more »
(AP Photo/Javier Galeano)
U.S. criticizes Cuba and Venezuela for issue of religious freedom
News | World
WASHINGTON (NTX) .- U.S.  today criticized Cuba and Venezuela in the report on religious freedom in the world that publishes annually the State Department.

About  Cuba said that the Constitution recognizes the right to practice religion and many religious groups have reported improvements, but said that 'in law and in practice' the government maintains restrictions significant.

He noted that most groups have reported ability to recruit new members, religious activities  and charitable and repair their temples, but face difficulties in obtaining building permits for new buildings.

Some  members reported harassment, the report said, but indicated in May this year, the Cuban government and the Catholic Church began talks to end the harassment group Damas de Blanco.

Those talks were extended to address the situation of political prisoners in Cuba.

With  on Venezuela, the report said the government respects general religious practice, but they attribute to the authorities intimidation and harassment of critical areas.

Cited also that after the Israeli attack last June against a flotilla Gaza humanitarian, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez called Israel  a 'state genocidaÆ, but said it was not' the enemy of Jews.

Venezuelan authorities in 2009 arrested 11 people, including several policemen, and vandalism against a synagogue.

The  Venezuela's National Assembly passed a bill that would ban religious education in school, even in private schools.

Venezuela  and Cuba were summoned with other countries that have reported violations, improvements and positive developments, which also includes Afghanistan, Myanmar, China, Egypt, Eritrea, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kenya, Laos and Malaysia.

This list also includes the Maldives, Morocco, Nepal, Nigeria, North Korea, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Somalia, Sudan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan and Vietnam.

The countries mentioned in the report as' concern including 'are Myanmar, China, Eritrea, Iran, North Korea, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Uzbekistan.

U.S. Secretary of State indicated that religious freedom is threatened by regimes authoritarian, extremist groups exploiting sectarian tensions and intolerant sectors that marginalize religious minorities.
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Fidel Castro says that today's empire is unsustainable...The same CD...

Cuban leader's message to students

He confessed he was surprised the timeliness of the ideas in the meeting that five years  later, are more current then, as many were related the future

Cuba. The leader of the Cuban Revolution Fidel Castro said Wednesday that like five years ago when delivering a speech to Cuban students in their day today think that the empire can not sustain its infamous system and increasingly More people are less afraid to rebel.

During a meeting he held with a representative of the Federation University Students (FEU) and the Education Media (FEEM) of the Havana, Fidel Castro recalled the meeting five years ago with young people  Island where called to be protagonists of the future revolutionary  Cuban.

"I knew, however, that the speech raised hives given the time we were living against a powerful enemy increasingly threatened us, blocking our economy and is adamantly tried to sow discontent, promoting the violation of laws and illegal departures from Cuba, depriving it of a reserve young workforce, cultural and technically well prepared, " said.


Also recalled Commander on that occasion said that the revolution could be destroyed, the all you can never do is the rule and only internally can be completed.

While the Cuban leader confessed that surprised by the timeliness of the ideas that 5 years later  are more current then, as many were related to future, and the facts has been behaving as they were intended.

"Only  today, with the available knowledge on phenomena such as climate change, economic crisis that goes beyond any above, the dangers of war and the derivation of imperial power toward fascism, demands of young students up dedication and effort in the ideological battle, "he said

In his meeting with Cuban students, Fidel Castro cited much Speaking at the Aula Magna of the University of Havana November 2005 where he also touched issues like climate change, the unjust wars in the Middle East and other current Cuban  then.
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