Saturday, December 11, 2010

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As Repressive As Always

Saturday, December 11, 2010
From AFP:

Dissidents' wives protest outside Cuban prison
Female relatives of jailed political dissidents held an unprecedented protest outside Cuban prisons, angry that the island's communist government has not met its pledge to release 11 political prisoners.

Meanwhile, some 50 political dissidents were briefly arrested late Thursday and early Friday in different parts of the country to prevent protests on International Human Rights Day, said rights leader Elizardo Sanchez.

"These are preventive detentions, lasting just a few hours, but still unacceptable," Sanchez said.

The women, belonging to the Ladies in White group, marched carrying flowers and chanting "Freedom for the prisoners! and "Zapata lives!" -- a reference to Orlando Zapata, a dissident who died in February after an 85 day-long hunger strike.

The women marched unopposed outside two prisons and the national Directorate of Prisons.

While the women were not harassed by government supporters at the prison, late Thursday members of the group were surrounded and heckled by a crowd in downtown Havana.

Under a deal brokered by the Catholic Church, President Raul Castro agreed in July to release 52 of the political prisoners.

Of those, 40 agreed to emigrate to Spain with their families and one stayed in Cuba, but the remaining 11 are still in jail and refuse to be exiled.
The agreed-upon deadline for their release expired on November 7.

"Some prisoners were released but in essence, nothing has changed," said Ladies in White leader Laura Pollan, whose husband Hector Maseda is one of the jailed dissidents.

"The regime remains as totalitarian and repressive as always," she said.

The World's Most Prominent Political Prisoners

Friday, December 10, 2010
In commemoration of International Human Rights Day, Freedom House -- together with Foreign Policy -- has put together a list of 15 of the world's most prominent political prisoners (in addition to Nobel Prize winner Liu Xiaobo of China).

It includes such inspirational figures as Nikolai Avtuhovich of Belarus, U Gambira of Burma, Hu Jia of China, Nasrin Sotoudeh of Iran, Haitham Al-Maleh of Syria and Thich Quang Do of Vietnam.

It's entitled Planet Gulag -- please click here and read all 15 stories.
Meanwhile, there's only political prisoner on the list from the Western Hemisphere:
Dr. Oscar Elias Biscet
Óscar Elías Biscet, a physician, is the founder and president of the Cuba-based Lawton Foundation for Human Rights, which advocates for a peaceful transition to a multiparty democracy and the release of political prisoners. Arrested and sentenced during the "Black Spring" of 2003, Biscet is part of the "Group of 75" activists who were punished for defending human rights and democratic values.

This July, the Cuban government announced its plan to release Biscet and several other political prisoners. But after releasing 41 individuals into exile and allowing one detainee to stay on the island for humanitarian reasons, Cuba failed to meet its Nov. 7 deadline for releasing all 52 prisoners. The 11 who remain in prison -- including Biscet -- have refused to accept exile from Cuba.

Ladies in White Attacked Again

From Argentina's Momento 24:

On Human Rights Day, the Ladies in White were attacked
According to what Europa Press reported, "Las Damas de Blanco were attacked on Thursday by dozens of government supporters after they marched through the streets of Havana to celebrate the Human Rights Day."

The same agency adds, "The women left the house of Laura Pollan, one of the leaders of the group, with white gladioli and copies of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights United Nations in hand with the intention to gather at 18:00 on Thursday about Martin Luther King Memorial in Havana."

"However, shortly before reaching the statue of the American pastor about 80 people began to surround the ladies with the intent to disrupt the march. 'They shouted slogans like "Viva Fidel!, Viva Raul!, Viva Cuba libre!, Here's you respect human rights!' Reina Luisa Tamayo said, mother of a prisoner of conscience Orlando Zapata, who died last February."

The woman, who denounced the attacks they suffered when they tried to escape the siege that they had undergone said "We know they were secret police agents of the government because even though they were dressed in plain clothes, sometimes we see them with military uniforms, because we know them."
"A huge mob surrounded us and started to beat, repression was very big and very violent against us, we marched peacefully. They told us horrendous words, there was shoving, hair pulling, kicking and stomping."

Using Children as Tools of Repression

Since adults no longer listen to the Castro regime's absurdities, they've resorted to forcing children to yell insults at dissidents.

According to Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez, middle and high school students (including her son) in Havana are being sent to specific locations to protest against the Ladies in White and other dissidents.

The teachers are telling students that whomever doesn't show better have a very good excuse.

Sanchez correctly suggests UNICEF's intervention against forcing children to serve as the regime's "ideological agents."

We won't hold our breath. 
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Vatican worried about a "bloodbath" in Cuba, according WikiLeaks

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The Holy Sede expressed its concerns to U.S. diplomats because the economic and political tensions that could lead to a  "Bloodbath" in Cuba and insisted on ending the embargo on the island, as revealed by WikiLeaks.
So he did know the charge of Cuba issues in the Vatican, Monsignor Angelo Accatino at a meeting  with the head of the U.S. mission, Julieta Valls, as revealed diplomatic cables released today by the "New York Times and Spanish "El Pais".
At the meeting, which also participated in charge of political affairs, Rafael Foley, Accatino conveyed Vatican's concern for "the disastrous economic situation the island and the political tensions could lead to a bloodbath. "
Accatino  said it is necessary to "dialogue, however unpleasant it" with Cuban authorities and considered that "America should not be a hostage to domestic policy, "referring to the maintenance of "Counterproductive embargo" to the U.S. has submitted to the island fifty years ago.
Regarding the situation in the region, Accatino suggests that the new Fidel Castro in Latin America is not its successor, his brother Raul, but the president of Venezuela, Hugo Chávez, because it "has the oil revenues to finance the revolution Bolivarian. "
The bishop asks the United States to "avoid actions  unilateral against Cuba "because it believed" can be used by  the brothers Castro and Hugo Chávez as a political weapon.
Any  such action "will play for the hard core of the regime United States portrayed as inherently hostile, "he says.
For Moreover, it considers "unjustified" the action taken by States States to include Cubans among the visitors to be subject to special supervision.
"Although Cuba is a State sponsor of terrorism poses a real threat to States U.S., "says Accatino their partners, according to the diplomatic note.
In  cables sent from the Vatican, U.S. diplomats  also talk about their perception of the Roman institution and is referring to tensions over the sexual abuse scandal children that came to light in 2002.

Brunet Prize 2010 recognizes the "courageous" of the Cuban blogger Yoani Sánchez

The jury notes that with his blog speaks for thousands of people silenced by fear
In his articles, this dissident described with "subtlety and irony, the contradictions between everyday life and official reality"
Mary Olazarán - Saturday, December 11, 2010 - Updated at 04:16 pm

La filóloga y bloguera cubana Yoani Sánchez nació en la Habana hace 35 años.
The philologist and Cuban blogger Yoani Sanchez was born in Havana 35 years ago. (Efe)
PAMPLONA. Your blog Generation Y receives thousands of visits per month and his articles are filled with post. None came from Cuba since the Castro regime decried this website in March 2008. They managed to silence the voices of the Cuban people but were unable to Yoani María Sánchez Cordero. The linguist writes short stories in the newspaper reporting "the thousand and one stories surrounding the life of any Cuban who has the usual materials shortages and hardships of the island, and the constant problems the lack of freedom causes them." A task that, according to the International Jury of the Jaime Brunet, has made him deserving of this award that recognizes the promotion of Human Rights and has a value of 36,000 euros. (Continue reading click here)

OPPOSITION | International Day of Human Rights

Cuba marks Human Rights Day with the arrest of dozens of dissidents

Courtesy Telemundo.
Un grupo de jóvenes se manifiesta en la calle contra los grupos disidentes. | APA group of youths seen in the streets against the dissident groups. | AP
Between 30 and 50 dissidents and activists have been detained by Cuban police on Friday, trying to celebrate the International Day Human Rights, opposition sources confirmed to
As the leader of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights National Reconciliation, Elizardo Sanchez Santa Cruz, a large number of  arrests were made on Thursday to prevent dissidents from joining the demonstrations of protest.
Around the University of Havana, hundreds of students  Faculty of Law was crowded on the steps and Area, with the aim of make a countermarch response to a likely hike in the Ladies.
In several places in Havana, the mood was tense and it showed bustle of students and workers mobilized to counter marches planned by Damas and other organizations of the emerging civil society.
"From 11 am are here. We were told our mission is to contain and give it a deserved response to provocation mercenary groups, "said a university student.
Other parts of downtown, likely venues of dissident groups according to the authorities are watched or taken by young in party plan and music downloads.
This is the case Villalón Park, where many young people, to the tune of  government slogans and songs of the Nueva Trova, participated at an event reminder the next World Youth Festival and Students to be held in South Africa.
At the same time, local activists and opponents, including Dr. Darsi Ferrer, had pointed out in the park holding a rally in  commemorating the 62 anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Outside the city

Outside of Havana, was reported several acts of repudiation and arrests, according to independent journalists and those of Villa Clara Holguín. At Guantanamo, the opposition had Néstor Rodríguez Lobaina plans to conduct a recall in a square in the eastern province.
Through Twitter, Martha Beatriz Roque reported that the  Damas de Blanco were divided into three groups, to manifest the entry of the prisons where political prisoners are still 11 of the Group of 75, including 1580.
It is customary for the Cuban authorities prohibit, Suppress and arrest those who try to hold on 10 December in public places.
"Legally there is no violation of law. Cuba is a signatory Universal Declaration. Therefore, there is inconsistency legal procedures, "says Larisa Diversent, independent counsel.
The Cuban government does not recognize the opposition, The accusing them of "being of service to America." That is one of the reasons why the human rights activists are not can demonstrate publicly. In addition, the government considers that Cuba fully respecting human rights.
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A little Cuban repression
Of Luis Ayllon(The 11/12/2010at 18:53:05 on Cuba, 28 Hits)
How the Castro regime is to celebrate the World Day Human Rights is violating its citizens. With this practice, which both like the Cuban authorities, to implement what they call "pre-criminal dangerousness ",  amounts to something like telling someone: "As I get in nose that you are committing a crime, you do not stop to do it. " O Whether you almost have to thank. According to the complaint Elizardo SanchezSpokesman of the Cuban Commission for Human Rights and National Reconciliation (CCDHRN), have been arrested in recent days between 40 Ø50 opponentsTo avoid that could lead  a concentration.

Simultaneously  Damas de Blanco, demonstrating the presence of two Cuban prisons asking the release of dissidents still imprisoned, eleven of "Group 75 ", who refuse to leave their country for Spain to get out of prison. Previously, Damas de BlancoAdmirable in its work in promoting democracy in Cuba, had to bear the threats and attacks by supporters of the dictatorship.

Meanwhile, journalist Guillermo Fariñas, Seems resigned to not to travel to Strasbourg to receive Andrei Sakharov Prize in favor of freedom of conscience, which granted the European Parliament. The famous and desired Carte blanche arbitrarily granted by the regime on its citizens allow them to leave the country, has not arrived, nor does it appear that he will arrive. Nor, blogger Yoani Sánchez, Which has won several awards in Europe and, as she says, with humor, will appear in the Guinness World Record of awards and not included.

Also  coinciding with the Human Rights Day several groups Cuban exiles, and dissidents on the island as well as former prisoners of conscience, have launched a campaign for the abolition of the death penalty in Cuba on the occasion of Human Rights Day. Although it takes time without applied, is still relevant in a society that for decades has  been called to despise life and worship of death "with get as "Patria o Muerte" or "Communism or Death", according to the complaint the Christian Democratic Party of Cuba, Based in Miami.

With this background, the contacts between representatives of European Commission with Cuban leaders to establish a new relationship, should not prosper. Nothing essential has changed in Cuba, Nothing that warrants a change in the European approach to the island.

Moratinos initiative to modify the European Common Position, view with great suspicion that it was even within his Ministry, Castro hits the closure. Already said himself Javier Solana to this newspaper:Cuba must do more to release prisoners ". At least, she should stop arresting those who did not support the ideas of the regime.
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